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by Tobias Grant

Part 96: Post-Intermission

: Yeah, then Elche and her crew brought us here.

: Have you seen any of the others?

: No, we haven't...

: Still, there's a pretty good chance that Fokker, Amuro, or others could be here.

: Flying battleships aren't a common sight here, so the Argama would stand out a lot.

: It's a safe guess that most of those who were present got sent to this time, huh.

: Even still, things in North Ameria are rather different from how they are in Gallia.

: Blue stones? What're those?

: You don't know what blue stones are?

: Boy, you guys are real fish out of water, huh.

: What about the Innocent?

: I've only heard about them being on this continent through Jamil.

: Are you guys under their rule, too?

: Rule? Are you kidding? As far as we're concerned, they're just another group with an army. Of course, they have been showing a lot of movement lately...

: Is that because of those Moon Race guys coming from the sky?

: Huh, so our continents do have some things in common.

: That's all well and good, but these Breaker guys waltzing into our territory... They're horning in on us Vultures' turf, it's a real pain in the ass.

: (It looks like Gallia and North Ameria have totally different cultures. On Gallia, it felt like another world, but here it's not all that different from our time... And here, they're digging up mobile suits we don't even recognize... Why is the world so sharply divided...?)

: Well, let's save the minor details for later... I've taken a liking to you boys. What would you say to working on my ship?

: (.........)

: (.........)

: Alright, count me in!

: Wh-whoa, you can't just agree to it that easily...

: We've got no new job prospects, so this works out perfectly, doesn't it?

: I envy your simplemindedness.

: What!? Okay, hot shot, what would you rather do!?

: (.........) Hmm... I must admit this world's secret has piqued my curiosity. Roybea Count me in, too.

: Okay, so how about you guys?

: It's better for friends to stick together, so no objections here.

: That settles it, then!

: So, Miss... Where are we heading now?

: Hmm, let's see... I'd like to learn more detailed information...

: The Freeden?

: Is there a problem with that?

: E-er, not really...

: Okay, then let's get a move on.


: (Tifa... I... Will things be alright like this...?)

: !

: I'm Judau Ashta.

: I'm Elpe Puru. Nice to meet you!

: Your Gundam's a pretty nice piece of work. Still, what surprised me the most was...

: (.........)

: Hm? What's wrong?

: (.........)

: (.........)

: ! How did you know? (Don't tell me this kid's the same as Tifa...?)

: Well, it's the same for me...

: (.........)

: I'm looking for a little sister I've been separated from all my life...

: (Puru......)

: If you're worried about her... If you know where she is, you should go see her!

: (.........)

: After all, in this world, you never know if you'll be able to meet someone again, right?

: (.........)

: Thanks, that's just what I needed to hear!

Garrod runs off...

...Followed shortly by the GX blasting off.

: Wh-whoa... H-he took off in that Gundam...

: (.........)