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by Tobias Grant

Part 97: Pre-Intermission

Pre-mission Adjustments

Xabungle 1

speed | 102 -> 106

Limit | 305 -> 335

Now after seeing this you may be asking me, "Why are you wasting all of your cash to upgrade a grunt suit?" A couple of people in the thread have made mention of a secret you can get if you sell a fully upgraded suit to the Bazaar. I figured that I might as well get it done now while I still have the cash.

Now I have access to some of the bast parts in the game! The parts will do the following:

Ultra-HP Thruster: Speed +35

Overlimiter: Limit +50

Buildup Parts: MaxHP +2000

Reinforced Armor: Armor +300

Mega Generator: Max EN +150

Spirit of Steel: Armor +250, Speed +30, Limit +40, All weapon hit rates +35%

All of these are good parts, and the Spirit of Steel alone is worth emptying your pockets. However, In the spirit of fairness, I won't be using these parts until about Mission 30.


: She's fine now. However, she said something troubling...

: Did something happen, Tifa?

: ...I had a dream...

: A dream?

: A sketchbook and pen, please...

: Alright, I'll scrounge something up for you.


: How could he take the GX and run like that? I wasn't even done analyzing it yet!

: ...It's alright. I think he'll come back.

: Why do you figure that?

: He had the eyes of someone very forthright. As soon as he realizes who he's supposed to protect, he'll come back here, I'm sure of it.

: Uh-huh... You're starting to sound like Tifa. Could you be a Newtype too?

: (.........)


: A mobile suit with butterfly wings... It couldn't be...

: !

: So it's back in the land of the living...

: ...Even the GX-9900 was kept in operable condition. It's not that strange to see that mobile suit still on the Earth.

: But... Unlike the GX, the Turn-A is a one-of-a-kind machine. I find it extremely hard to believe that it could have survived through that disaster...

: (.........) Still, it does merit looking into.

: (.........) Tifa, do you know its location?

: ...A southern town... A southern town with a stone statue.

: Southern... That would mean in the direction of the Sunbelt region. But those who live there... They're neither Civilians, nor Innocent.

: ...Head for that town immediately. If that were to fall into Breaker or Moon Race hands...

: Yeah... It would mean a repeat of the same tragedy...


: But showing up out of the blue like that...?

: Ropet, what are the results of your analysis?


: So, that means it came from space?


: Maybe it's these people who supposedly live on the moon...?

Jamil enters the room

: What is it?

: Captain, it would seem that an object resembling a space battleship has made landfall in the southern portion of North Ameria.

: ! What's its position?

: According to the Freeden's map data, it's near a town called Vicinity.

: Vicinity... That's close to the location Tifa gave...

: Captain, are the people who made landing there...?

: Yes, they're of the Moon Race. It looks like they've really begun Operation Homecoming.

: Operation Homecoming?

: Yes. The people living on the moon aim to return to the Earth, their motherland.

: (Return to Earth...? Can the Spacenoids of this era not accept life in space...?)

: Sarah, Shingo. Have the Freeden depart immediately. Our destination is Vicinity.

: Roger that.

: All hands, to battle stations. We may end up in combat with the Moon Race.

: Roger. Freeden, lifting off!


After this, the rest of the intermission is just a very quick summery of what happened over on the Turn-A side (Moon race has landed, Kihel and Diana switch places, Loran is in a dress, etc etc...) So I will just be skipping most of it to get to the fight.