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Sweet Home

by Miketopus

Part 7: Chapter 8

I just took this so you guys could see the "after" image of that blood fountain scene. Now then!

(The Lake:
(I know it says Western Garden, but screw that. It's a lake.)

Up there is the "Ax". It's not a weapon, oddly enough, but an item. You see the brambles just to the left of the bushes near the lake? Ax demolishes those. No, you can't use the Mallet. No, you can't go around them. No, you can't even light them on fire with the Lighter. The Ax is the key.

Fortunately, we have those Gloves from earlier. As long as you use them before entering these thorny patches, you won't take damage with that party. Otherwise, it's a good way to take 10 damage a step. I'd already used them before entering the thorns, but the first person to do so will say this line no matter what.

Over there we can see Shovel and Gloves. The Gloves are useful if you want both teams to go around the area safely. We'll get to the Shovel later.

Ask and ye shall receive, Asuka.

So, that's where the Logs come into play. They're unbreakable two-panel Woods that can only be used in five places in this level. Technically you only need three to proceed, but what kind of LPer would I be if I didn't show you everything in this game?

Grave's big brother, the Corpse. He can inflict Curse on party members, and he doesn't hit too terribly hard, maybe around 20 or 30 damage. Fortunately, he's only got about 150 HP, which is around half of what the Maniac has. One decently charged Pray attack can kill him. At 57 experience each, it's easy to level up here.

This beautiful fellow, on the other hand, is trouble personified. Not only has he done upwards of 70 damage to me per hit, he can also cause Fear (For obvious reasons). At 62 experience each, you're better off hoping you come across Corpses. Fortunately, Ghouls do seem to be pretty rare here; I fought maybe one for every three or four encounters.

Anyway, after grabbing the Gloves, we need to go north of the Ax for our next crossing.

Corpse: Don't break it...

...Pervert. Let's head west of this undead deviant.

Log number three.

The optional fourth Log spot.

Corpse: F-Lite... Jinbi...

I'm fairly sure this guy is talking about an enemy we'll be meeting later on, but I honestly can't remember.

The final required Log, and the fifth and final Log.

Hmm? Okay, well I'm sure we can fit a third in the middle or...

Okay, okay, settle down.

You won't need any more than two people for this part anyway. The lake is small, and I never encountered anything on the open water.

I send Asuka and Taro because... well, I won't miss them as much if they die.

More on that later.

South leads us to the Shovel island. We'll need that Shovel.

Okay, let's take care of this little puzzle.

Well, at least it'll be a short climb.

I find it worth pointing out that this little monument was in the Sweet Home movie as well, but it appears very early on. Taro knocks it over by accident while he's going to the generator room, which unleashes the wrath of Mamiya. Way to go, Taro.

Asuka: Is the baby buried here? The earth looks soft and loose.

Asuka, you aren't thinking of... are you...?

Asuka: Used Shovel...

For the love of...!

Asuka: You dig... But can't focus...

What do we do when an obscure nothing stops us from doing something simple? Why, Pray, of course!

Asuka prays the shit out of that grave.

Asuka: You dig furiously... The tower crumbles!!

Well, it looks like Asuka took a grenade to the dead baby burial grounds. I'm sure this won't piss off the psychotic ghost mother at all.

(Use Look before exiting the screen, or you'll have to do this part over again, Pray Points and all.)

Asuka: Something is inside.

And that's the Low Key in a nutshell. Don't leave the Shovel here, by the way. Believe it or not, we'll be needing it later.

Since I have a few Tonics lying around the area and I likely won't be getting back to some of them if I don't use them now, I decide to grind for a little bit. Here's the result:

How's that for survival horror?

Next time, keeping things Low Key! (Har har.)