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Part 8: Chapter 9

This'll be a short update guys. Mostly because I don't think it's fair to cram a lot of animated gifs with other screenshots. Also, if someone knows a way to make gifs with a smaller filesize, please let me know and I'll edit these ASAP.


On the way back out, I make a point of grabbing that Pipe. After a bit of item rearranging, I'm all set.

Mura: Great! Follow me! I will show you the basement.

I have a good feeling about this guy.

Mura: Hurry up!

Fine, fine!

From this point on, whoever has the Low Key goes with Mura. No, the party doesn't go with them, just the character. In this case, our lucky party member is Akiko.

Aw snap.

Akiko: What happened here?

Mura: Give me a sec!

For some reason, "Mura" can push those statues we've been seeing.

Mura: ...her baby. Now she's in an uproar to find her child. The baby's body is supposed to be in the basement, but nobody can find it. Now let's move it!!

He likes to move it move it! He likes to-


Yamamura was also in the Sweet Home movie, and his role is largely the same. Ironically enough, Akiko is the first one to meet him in the movie, and he comes after the group to explain what's going on in the house.

As far as Mamiya's motives, there's a slight discrepancy in the stories. In the game, as was just explained, she only went berserk after somebody dug up her baby for... some reason or another. In the movie, she was a constant danger until Yamamura sealed her up with the Memorial Tower. When Taro accidentally broke the pillar, Mamiya was able to exert her will once again.

Yamamura's strength is also similar in the movie. He is able to focus to such an extent that he can do superhuman feats of strength. He demonstrates this in the movie by squeezing a bottle of liquor until the bottle bends in the middle. So, his statue pushing is somewhat understandable.


I'd like to add that while we're following Yamamura, we don't have any encounters. However, the menu is also disabled. So is pausing.

Some unobtainable goodies in this room.

And a Fresco.

Well, let's follow Yamamura some more.

Akiko: Dead end?

Yamamura is freaking epic.

And so we have a shortcut back to the Mirror room.

Something just off screen tackles Yamamura quickly. Somehow it evades my screenshot powers, too.

If Yamamura was powerful enough to push statues... what the hell is powerful enough to push Yamamura?!

Mura: Forget... me... The... The basement... Ugh...

So, we've got Akiko alone and a solid four screens away from her party. Well, not quite alone... she's still got the Shiv.

See you next update.