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Sweet Home

by Miketopus

Part 10: Chapter 11

(The Basement:

The basement is rather dangerous for a number of reasons, but thankfully it's pretty simple. This door right here can't be opened with the Key.

I'm really not sure if the Pipe has an important use, so I leave it here in favor of the Wood. Sometimes it's okay to dump key items as long as they're someplace easy to get to.

The FireX is useless against these flames. There's no way to cross them without getting severely injured just now, but we'll fix that shortly. So, the door-

Oh nonononononononono


Madman is just like Man, but he can inflict Fear for obvious reasons. They're only worth 60 experience, but they're also weaker than Ghouls.

Anyway, that door opens with the Key.

A Fresco, FireX, and Mace. Since a FireX works on the flames in this room, there's really no reason not to use it when there's a spare lying right there.

Emi, Mace. Mace, Emi.

Fresco: 5-10 The Gem is guarded by a statue.

Well, there's the statue. So, how do we get past it? There's no blood fountains nearby, and Kazuo's not burly enough to budge this statue.

The Wraith decides to pay us a visit just before entering this room. It's basically a slightly tougher version of the Bane/Wisp. However, it has a new attack: It can blow a gust of wind and force one party member out of the battle. This teleports them to a random location similar to the wisp traps. It has fairly low accuracy, thankfully, and doesn't do any actual damage. 70 experience per Wraith.

Oh, hey, treasure. Two Forks and a Mace. Forks are very powerful, so we'll be grabbing those and-


Guh, this is a very busy gif. Basically, not only do you have to dodge wisps, but flames slowly fill the room. Obviously, I fail a little at this junction. However, Kazuo and Akiko are now the proud owners of Forks!


North of the unassailable statue is a locked room. So where is everyone? Emi got blown to the four stones entrance to the basement, which is a brief walk, and Asuka and Taro are still hanging out close by.

That's better.

This room's flames are directly proportional to the ones in the previous room. If you come in here first, there's probably nothing to worry about. Even if the entire room is filled, though, FireX works here. Again, no reason not to use one with another lying nearby. Also, Wood doesn't burn.

Note, Fresco, Wood, FireX.

Also, blood apparently.

Note: Takashi, The Diary Key is in the coffin. I'm badly wounded...

Kazuo: Is this person still alive? Amazing!

Fresco: 5-5 I thought it was over after the suicide...

We're going to take a bit of necessary damage here.

Also dumping the suspicious-looking Tool temporarily for more Wood. We'll need that Tool again later, however, so it's best to keep it close at hand if you can't carry it with you.

Just a tunnel over here.

Just a man(!!) in here. Is he going to try and kill us like 99% of the rest of this place?

No, thankfully.

Man(!!): Do you have one for me? (Yes/No)

Why yes, I believe one of my characters did keep that Shovel from earlier. (Yes)

Man(!!): Hey! Stinking liar! Humph!!

Oops, I guess it's not with this party.

Let's try this again. (Yes)

Man(!!): Great! Here it comes!!

I like the sound of this.

Well, we're dead.

Hmm? Asuka seems okay.

The basement is fairly small, so even with the affected terrain it's simple to get everyone back together. I just send Kazuo around to-


There we go. Let's try that nearby open door.

A truckload of skeletons and a Note. Awesome.

Taro: A child's skeleton...

Taro: The cruelty...

Looking at the skeletons will simply say one of these lines.

Note: Kenji, I found this diary page: The child fell into the incinerator. Insane, Lady Mamiya did the same to other kids.

Well that's... pretty fucked up, actually. This is another moment when the game and the movie sync perfectly, since that's what Mamiya did to the children she captured in both.

Next room.

This is a little better. Tonic, Fresco, Note, Rat. The rat is harmless.

This random trap is not. Taro ducks and avoids it.

Note: Shogo, Takashi is very injured. You must find Lady Mamiya's room. Check the 2nd floor.

Taro: Just like us! We have to end this.

Not sure why they think finding psycho-bitch-ghost's bedroom will do anything, but whatever.

Fresco: 5-24 The blue fire... Pray with the gem in hand.

That gem again, huh? Guess we should go back to where that statue was.

You can go back to where that man was digging, but there's nothing there. Even the Shovel is gone.

Huh. Okay. Well, where'd he wind up?


Well, that's a piece of good news. And the Key works here, too.

Kazuo catches back up and leads the way. Time for some Wood.

Gem and Flash Knife. How good is the knife, you ask?

It's acceptable.

So, back to that blue flame.

Kazuo: Used Gem...

Poof. Also note that this is perhaps the one time we don't have to Pray even though it says we do.

We finally have to use the Low Key on this door.

A doll and... incinerator.

And as we get closer...

I didn't think transcribing would convey just how creepy this is. We can't do anything with the incinerator, so let's check out the other end of the room.

Again, the Low Key is used to open these doors.

Coffins, and a big wisp.

I think it says "The coffins..." but that ghost is being an attention whore.

You can Look at each coffin to get to this screen. Each one is different, however. We're starting from the far left of the row.

Oh dear... (Yes)

Oh. Well, that's bad, but it could be worse. Let's try the next coffin.


Ugh. Fortunately, Akiko is in the party, so using the +Kit immediately takes care of that little problem.

The next coffin...

Ah, there we go. Diary Key.

This is the coffin after the Diary Key, by the way. Just throwing that out there.

Coffin number five?


So, there's a door nearby. Let's try it.

A mine shaft? Seems empty.


I murder the Skeleton in one round. It tried to blow me away, and failed.

Note: Takashi, My job is done... Head to the veranda... You must get more power... To push the statues... I wish I could go with you...

Kazuo: Unfortunately, the rest is illegible...

A little further in, we find the end of the blood trail. Along with two bloody writings and a skeleton...

Bloody Writing (E): Takashi... Kenji... Etsuko... Never give up!!

Bloody Writing (W): It's illegible...

Kazuo: A skeleton... He must've written the notes... How sad...

And then we come to the end of the mine shaft.

Kazuo: A mine cart that fits only two...

You can ride this cart the same way as the boats on the lake, but there's no point in doing so.

And then, we come full circle back to the beginning of the basement, Diary Key in hand.

Next time... the journey to Mamiya's bedroom.