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Sweet Home

by Miketopus

Part 12: Chapter 13

All right, finally. A bit of a short update that covers a lot of ground. Assuming anyone still reads this thing.


We don't find Mamiya further up ahead.

Talking reveals this enlightening information. So let's Look instead.

The corridor appears to be guarded by a Hork, from Dragon Warrior... let's Look again.

Taro: He speaks...

Hork: Who goes there? I serve Ichirou. By his order none shall pass.

I tried all the items in my inventory at this point, and none of them had any effect. Let's go back to the Knight room and try some of those doors.

North of the Hork hallway, there's two more doors. The one on the right won't open, but the one on the left opens with the two keys.

Further north in this room we find...

An obligatory statue puzzle.

Taro: Three statues with open hands.

I tried a lucky guess at this point and used a Blue Candle.

Kazuo's got another one. Let's bring him over here.

We're short a candle, however, so we'll have to come back.

Back to that recently unlocked door. There's another door north of it just off-screen, but it won't open either.

Oh boy! Ice! And a Tonic. I send each person through one at a time so they can slide to the wooden floor on the left.

At the bottom we find more deviant bodies, and a door that Emi's Key unlocks.

Well now. Jade Ring, Fresco, Cut Axe, and two Picks.

Fresco: 6-25 When the two meet... FLASH! It's yours...

This is a very, very vague clue, but it's meant to be used with another Fresco puzzle. Remember this one?

Fresco: 6-17 A man awaits his master's rings.

We had already found the Ruby Ring in the previous update, so hopefully the Jade Ring will complete the set. Especially since two rings take up as much space as two picks, apparently.

MURA COMES OUT OF... oh, you know how it goes.

Emi: Yamamura!! You're safe!!

Mura: You've done well... Now, enter her room by the lower right door. Good luck! Now go!!

The room, post-sacking. We'll be back here for a very obscure reason next update. Also note that the Pick does, in fact, make the ice in the previous room non-slidy.

So, monkey-face. In order to get past him, it's required to put both rings on the lead character of your party. In this case, I gave them to Asuka.

Kiss the rings, bitch!

Asuka: Used 80 pray points. The rings are singing!! He speaks...

Hork: Ah! Is that you, sir? I've done as you asked. None have passed. Farewell good sir!

Hork took the rings and went to ugly people heaven.

Up ahead is... well, the real deal. Mamiya.

In response, Mamiya chucks Asuka and co. against the wall so quickly that I can't even screencap it.

Mura: Be brave! She's up ahead! Return to your sleep Mamiya!

Words can't properly describe what happens next. So, I recorded a video:

Yes, this does happen in the movie, and it's even more disturbing. Goodbye, Yamamura.

This is Mamiya's room.

And... there's Mamiya, actually. Oh dear.

(Fade to black)

Asuka: I must've been knocked unconscious. Oh! The fireplace!

The fire in the fireplace has been extinguished. It's now an entrance.

To... another underground level. Stellar.

Hey, aren't we forgetting something?

Kazuo: hay guys where r u?

Meh, can't be that important.

Survivor stats:

Tune in next time for some spelunking! And also, extra-dimensional couches.