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Part 51: CH50: The Old Lady's Still Better

CH50: The Old Lady's Still Better

So you know who we haven't caught up with recently? Our little abusive family.

If I'd spent time talking to them immediately when they appeared, we'd have met them in Velanik (the place where everyone is starving).
: That's wonderful, Joey! I'll have to make something extra yummy as a reward.
: You seem to enjoy treating your younger brother like a toy for your own amusement.
: Hey, Hubert, come on...
: Haw! Look at the mouth on you! I'll have ya know, Joey here is his own man! Now dance, Joey! Dance for your life!
: Yes, sir!
: Bigger! Faster! More!
: Yeeeees, siiiiiir!

: I see wings on Joey's back!
: You have a new idea! How wonderful!♪
: Come on! There's no time to waste!
: Kaaaaaz!

: Y-Yes, sir!
: Um, I think there's...something wrong with me... I'm seeing double. Or triple? Or something.
: I see many Fiery Joes as well.
: You do? Oh, thank goodness. I thought it was me...
: I actually know a similar skill.
: Let's begin!
: Right away, sir.
: Okay, Joeys. Give me some fire!

: R-Roger that, sir!
: So why did Kaz become a globetrotting blacksmith?
: Because he burns with a desire to be the best artisan in the world.
: That's a tall order.
: You know it!
: Keep it up! Joooeeeyy!

: Dude, they're totally excited about this.
: Final stretch! Here...we...goooooo!
...Finally! It's the knife of my dreams!
You there! Who among you can wield a knife?!
: (Um... Do I have to?)
: A knife user, eh? Then I hereby present you...with THIS!
: ...Thank you?
: You did it, Kaz!
: This brings us one step closer to our dream.
: We're almost ready to launch Dark Wings! Get ready, world!
The knife we get would be about obsolete at that point in the story, Zhavert sells a better one.

Oh, here's Pascal's costume we got last time. It seems alpine themed?

Skit: The Smell Test

: Huh?
: Fendel is short on cryas, which means I haven't had a hot bath in way too long!
: I know, right? It's hard on me too.
: It should be! You smell horrible!
: Oh, really? Do I? *Sniff sniff*
: Um, what are you doing?!
: I smell fine for 12 days!
: I think I feel sick...
: *Sniff sniff...*
: I hate to even ask, Asbel, but what are you doing?
: All this talk is making me wonder if I smell, too. It doesn't seem that bad, but it's hard to tell. I don't smell that bad, do I?
: Lemme check. *Sniiiiiiiiff!*
: That does it. I'm getting some of the Captain's cologne.

Also while we're here some of the barflies mention a strange crash site to the southwest. Mysterious!

: Obviously. Are you here by yourself? Where are your siblings?
: I dunno. They went out I guess.
: Can I ask you something, Fiery Joe?
: My angel can ask me anything!
: Why do you like being spanked? Doesn't it hurt?
: Yeah, it hurts. But it's the best way for Kaz to be inspired. If he knew a better way, I'm sure he'd take it. Just like I know Annie's cooking is terrible. ...And so does she, honestly.
: But why would you continue to put up with such pain and humiliation?
: So we can all be together.
If Kaz becomes the best blacksmith in the world, and Annie becomes the best chef, we can stay together!
: Must they be the best in the world for you to stay together?
: Well, technically I suppose not. But see, we each have a dream.
: You said something earlier about "Dark Wings"?
: That's it. It's the name of the shop we want to open. If we do that, we can be together forever!
: That's...actually really nice.
: So you suffer as you do for the sake of a dream.
: Oh, it's not all suffering. Sometimes it can even be fun, in a weird way.
: It is not easy being a younger brother.
: Hey, are you a little brother too?! That's great! Maybe you can be my mentor! All right, I gotta go find Kaz and Annie now. See ya around!
: I'm not sure that's a healthy relationship.
: Eh, it worked out in the end.

Skit: Tall Tales

: Asbel, Pascal is behaving strangely.
: I'm not surprised.
: Okay, rude guy! And with me in total freaking agony over here and everything!
: If you don't mind my asking, Pascal, what is the matter?
: Well, the thing is...
: Yes?
: I seem to have stopped growing!
: I...see. Um, and exactly how old are you, Pascal?
: I'm 22! So like what should I do, Little Bro?!
: Perhaps you should discuss it with the Captain. After all, he's quite...tall.
: Oh, right! And he couldn't be that tall if he wasn't still growing! Aw, thanks, Little Bro! You're a lifesaver!
: Okay. What the-
: Please refrain from any further comment.
: I'm starting to get a little worried about you, Hubert.
: OK yeah that was great.

: Hey, do they look... different to you?
: Hmph!
: Peh!
: Oh man. Oh man...
: Now that you mention it, something does seem a little wonky.
: What's wrong, Fiery Joe?
: Um, Kaz? A-Annie?
: Joey?
: Hold a moment.
: I think they're fighting.
: Fine! You're right! My cooking IS like eating from the floor of a barn! But still, how could you say that?! I'm trying my best, Kaz! I really am!
: Okay, yeah. I shouldn't have run my mouth off like that. But it's your fault! Why aren't you any better after all this time?!

: Aw, what's the point? We should just quit now. We're not even real siblings.
: Heeeeeeeeavenly!

: Come on, let's all sit down to eat and make up! I just got some new inspir-
Huh? Where'd they go?
: Annie just ran off that way.
: For real? Crap!
Dude, what now?
Yeeeaaarrrggghh!'s done. Here. Take it.
: I'm not supposed to take gifts from weirdos.
: Well, tough! I've got business to attend to!
: I think he went to look for his siblings.
: Do you think they can patch things up?
: They'll be fine. Right, Asbel?
: I'm pretty sure they will be, yeah...
If you do all the scenes as they first become available, this one is right after Hubert reconciles with the rest of the party. We get a scarf (I have no idea how you blacksmith a scarf, it's not even made of metal).

This is the point where we're back doing them at the appropriate times. They've somehow gotten into the Lhant guest bedroom.

: I see you're all friends again. I'm glad.
: Oh, yes. Kaz searched high and low for us.
: If I may ask, what are you doing here in Lhant?
: This is where we're gonna open Dark Wings! I mean, once stuff settles down.
: How about it, Asbel? Do they have your permission?
: What do you mean?
: Asbel is the lord of this town. ...Wait. Or is it Hubert? I can't keep that straight.
: Either way.
: Oh, wow. So you're in charge of everything, huh?
: Not...everything, per se. It's complicated.
: Well in that case, we've got something you should see.
: Joey! Annie! Prepare yourselves!
: Hee hee! Once you see this, you'll beg for us to set up shop here!
: There's nothing like the bond shared by siblings...
: Make me proud, you two! This is Dark Wings' very first job!
: Here we go!

: And a-one, and a-two...♪
: Ooh, we're cooking with charcoal now!
: Here I go!

: There's gotta be someone in the world who can use it, right? Go find them!
The sword is described as "A greatsword that chooses its wielder. It seems to be searching for someone in particular." This is for a very special inn request.
: My food really will take you to paradise this time. It's a legendary dish.
: Um...okay?
: You've accepted it? Good. That means you've officially taken our bribe.
: What, what?!
: Don't worry, We'll keep it on the down-low. But in exchange, we'll be using this room as our new HQ.
: Now wait just one minute! Your bribes are certainly not adequate compensation for taking over our home!
: I get to live in my little brother mentor's house? Hurray!
: Oh, for the love of...
: Good to see Hubert likes this plan.
: I do NOT like this plan.
: I'll come see you again, Fiery Joe.
: Ah, my angel! ♡ I eagerly await your return!
: Asbel eventually got them to use their own building, but he had to pay for it.

We get some Mabo Curry.

: I'm glad to see you all again!
: Are they still spanking you, Fiery Joe?
: Hee hee!
: How did you like the mabo curry, everyone?
: Um...
: Come to think of it, I've never had mabo curry before.
: I know that, Joey. That's why I'm making it today. I assume you'll all have some as well?
: Why not? I like living on the edge!
: We'd be glad to accept.

: It's delicious! ...Pretty spicy, though.
: *Munch, crunch* Oh,'s good! The spice level is just right!
: It is good, but it's a strange dish once you think about it.
: I was thinking the same thing. Does it really need the mabo tofu?
: Oh, here we go...
: Look, I'm just wondering why this dish exists in the first place.
: I don't follow you.
: Curry is curry, you know? It's a complete dish by itself. I just think it's strange to throw mabo tofu in on top of that.
: Dude, you're thinking about this all wrong. Just pretend you added curry to your mabo tofu!
: Hehe.
: I'm just saying, if you're going to put something in your curry, it should at least GO with curry.
: Like pickled vegetables?
: You're just a curry purist, my brother.
: Is mabo curry an official member of the curry family, Annie? Or is it an outsider?
: That's a good question.
: Mabo curry exists as both mabo tofu AND curry.
: That's not very helpful.
: The recipe originated years ago, before Joey was even born. We were lucky enough to get our hands on some top-quality tofu.
: But later, Annie and I got into a big fight over what to have for dinner.
: Let me guess: One of you wanted mabo tofu, and one of you wanted curry?
: You got it, sister! Eventually, our mother settled the fight by?
: W-Wait! Did you say...mother?!
: Yup. Our mother was the first to mix mabo tofu and curry together.
: So that's where it came from?
: Yes! ...In our home, at least.
: Our poor mother died shortly after Joey was born.
: And in all that time, I've never forgotten the taste of her mabo curry.
: It truly was the best thing we've ever tasted.
: And I always knew I'd make it for Joey someday.
: Aw, you guys...
: The mabo curry you're having now is every bit as good as Mom's. It's home-cooking at its finest!
: It's the taste of family.
: So this is how Mom's cooking tasted... *Sniff*
: Did you hear that, Asbel?
: Yeah. The taste of family. I guess it has a reason to exist after all.
: This makes us part of the family, Asbel. Eating together makes a family. Right?
: That's right. So let's be sure to eat it together again.
: *Slurp, munch, horf...* ...Ohmigosh, this stuff is AMAZING! I could eat it for the rest of my life!
: We should sell it in some kind of special container so it stays hot! People would love that!
: That's a great idea.
: A wonderful idea! Say something else, Joey! I'm starting to see wings sprout from your very words!
: Will you do the honors, Kaz?
Heeeeeeeeeeavennnlyyyyyyy! Hee hee!
And that's finally it.

: They checked out a mysterious crash site, wondering if it could give them any insight into Lambda to help counter his mental assault.

: It's a shuttle. And it looks just like ours.
: Looks like it crashed here a long time ago...
: This ship...
: Do you recognize it, Sophie?
: I feel like I've seen it before.
: Say, Sophie... Do you remember things from before you met us?
: I don't know. Sometimes I think I do, but then I'm not sure.

: Who's there?!
Isn't that...?
???: ......
: It's a child...
: He's a mess... Hey, what happened to you?

: That voice sounds... Hold on, lad. Are you a humanoid? What are you doing here?
: Are you okay? Do you feel sick?
: You want me to take a look? Here, lemme just...

: ...Wha?
: He's going to explode! We have to defeat him!

This is kind of a weird fight. Most people advise using the lowest possible difficulty, but fuck that. Chaos all the way.

He doesn't do anything to fight back at all.

This is the key.

When he reaches zero hp, he falls over clutching his head and starts flashing red.

Kaboom. Keep in mind this is with an all-divide. Sophie just ate a 60k+ hit. Asbel survived only due to blocking.

If you're both unlucky and dumb you can end up here right after fighting Emeraude without knowing what's about to happen, then get sent back to your last save. But that'd be pretty silly. Who could possibly do something like that?

:That's right. It's the humanoid we saw in the Fodra records.
: So this is where he ended up. But why was he trying to avoid humans?
: He must have had terrible experiences...
: Not to mention the whole mutual-destruction thing.
: It's a miracle we survived.
: Sophie?
: I'll never forget you. I promise. Asbel, I want to make a grave for him. Is that okay?
: A grave? Um...yeah, sure. Of course.
: We'll help you.
: Thank you.

If you check the grave, it makes your active character salute.

Skit: Belated Apologies

: Oh, really?
: This place certainly brings out the interesting stories. So this must be where you fought Lambda.
: No. He was gone by the time I arrived. But this is the place where I began my search.
I...I'm sorry.
: Why the apology?
: If I had stopped Lambda back then, none of this would have happened.
: C'mon, you don't need to apologize for crap like that!
: Yeah, Pascal's right. Don't worry, that's ancient history.
: If we're apologizing for the past, I've got one: When you were my student, I used to roll dice to determine your test scores.
: You SHOULD apologize for that!
: C'mon, guys.

I lied about finishing our location search earlier, we've got Turtlez HQ!

: But it's not morning.
Turtlez Bozz: Youz must be the new guyz, yeah? Okay, here ya goez.
: What's this?
Turtlez Bozz: It's a businezz application. Just fillz it out and your contract with uz Turtlez'll be good to goz.
: Actually, we didn't come here on business...
Turtlez Bozz: Oh, is that so? Then howz can I help yaz? Wait, lemme guess: Youz wanna be Turtlez, yeah?
: We desire no such thing! In fact, we only came to this place by accident. It's a bit of a long story...
Turtlez Bozz: I seez. Soundz like youz been on some crazy adventurez!
I don't suppose youz ran into a Dark Turtlez durin' your travelz, did yaz?
: Dark Turtlez?
Turtlez Bozz: Yeah, that's right. He's alwayz slackin' offz, or up to no goodz, or doin' whateverz, ya knowz? Guy just won't change. Drivez me nutz.
: ...And you'd like us to do something about him?
Turtlez Bozz: I want youz to fix him up all proper-like!
: Us? Really?
Turtlez Bozz: What, no goodz?
: No, it's just that-
Turtlez Bozz: Please! I'm beggin' yaz! I'll makez it worth your whilez!
: How exactly will you do that?
Turtlez Bozz: You helpz me, I helpz youz. This here's our legendary Turtlez Flute.
: The legendary Turtlez Flute?! The flute that brings Turtlez running no matter where you are?!
: Really? Anywhere?
Turtlez Bozz: That's right! Just one tootz on thiz flute and we'll dropz everythin' to attend to yaz! No special contractz or red tape or whateverz. All above board!
He ain't kidding.
: That's quite the prize.
: Um, yeah, but it would be irresponsible of us to accept it without-
Turtlez Bozz: Still not enough? Geez, my momz ain't this tough with her gravy! All right. I'll even throwz in a free costume. Your girl there'll love it, yeahz? And deferment feez? Fuggedaboutit!
: ...Deferment fees?
Turtlez Bozz: C'mere little lady, try thiz on. I guaranteez you'll love it.

This is the Gothic Lolita costume. I'm not certain if it's better or worse than Sophie's default.
: ...That was fast.
: How do I look?
: Sophie, you're adorable! It looks great on you! Don't you think so, Asbel?
: Uh, yeah I suppose... All right, all right. We accept your offer.
Turtlez Bozz: Wonderfulz! Right now, we got no ideaz where he's at, so you'll just have to trackz him down. Good luck. Make him seez the error of hiz wayz!
: Unfortunately they didn't track down the guy for a long time. And that was a pretty crazy story.

Skit: Sup, Peoplez?

: The Turtlez sure seem busy.
: Are Turtlez human? Or are they...ya know? Turtles.
: Well either way, they're clearly...people. ...Right?
: Then why don't they call themselves "Peoplez"?
: Ohhhhhhhhhhh!
: ...?
: ...?
: What? I'm done talking.
: Um, you are?
: I don't think I'll ever understand you, Pascal.
: Nobody can.

: Richard gave it to me when we were kids. It's supposed to be proof of our friendship. It's a royal ring, so it's probably pretty valuable.
: King Richard's ring? Fascinating. ...May I see it?
That's it. That's the key of the sacred sword.
: This ring is the key? Are you sure...?
: Sorry, I'm confused. This ring is a key now?
: According to legend, there is a key in the shape of a ring that can unleash the power of the Eleth Sword. Without the key, the sword will never leave its sheath.
: Asbel, let me ask you something... Did Richard carry a sword that he kept in its sheath?
: ...No, I don't remember anything like that. When we were kids, he just carried around a small knife.
: The sword is passed down among royalty. With the situation as it is now, it's likely no one knows where it is.
: A shame. I would have loved to set eyes upon the Eleth Sword...
: A legendary sacred sword that can never be unsheathed...
: That reminds me of your early academy days. Your sword always looked so awkward on you.
: I was still a student myself in those days. But I remember you as a little brat who swung his sheathed sword with total disregard for all around him.
: H-Hey, come on! That was a long time ago. I barely remember...
: It's probably too much to ask that his old sword is actually the legendary sacred sword.
: Hah! Now that would be quite a story. Although... What happened to that sword, anyway?
: Hmm... What the heck did I do with that old thing...? Oh, wait. I remember. I sold it to a Turtlez for 1,000 gald so I could repay my tuition.
: ...What a waste.
: I was determined not to accept any help from my family. But I feel stupid about it now. I mean, that sword might have been a memento of my father...

: So of course having a sacred Eleth sword would be super helpful, and they just learned where the Turtlez HQ was...

Turtlez: When that happenz, we don't sellz it to the public. Instead, we keepz it nice and safe right here.
: Asbel, remember what you said about the sword you had as a child...? If it's truly a memento of your father, you should see if they still have it.
: I don't know, Captain. It's been a long time, and I...I don't want to get my hopes up.
Turtlez: Did you once sell somethin' to a Turtlez? Waz it...preciouz?
: It was a sword encased in a sheath.
Turtlez: C-Could it be...? Youz just wait there, yeah?! I thinkz we haz it!
: Really?!
Turtlez: Don't go anywherez!
: Now aren't you glad we asked? Although I'm surprised the Turtlez knew what you were talking about.

: That's it! That's my father's sword! It's just like I remembered it.
: We would very much like to have this sword. How much is it?
: I sold it for 1,000 gald at the time...
Turtlez: Well, az it turnz out...
: Is there a problem?
Turtlez: Well, we shoulda caught thiz earlier, but we just found out somethin' 'bout this here sword. Seez, it's actually a treasure that's been passed downz through Windor's royal family, yeah?
: Are you saying we can't have it?
Turtlez: No, we'll sellz it to ya! In fact, had ya asked me yesterdayz, I would've given it up for 1,200 gald. But now that we knowz how valuable it iz, we gotta ask for a little more. Like, about 100 timez more.
: A hundred times?!
: ...You're going to charge us 120,000 gald?
Turtlez: Hey, the price comez from the big man at HQ, yeah? It's outta my flipperz.
I tried to talk the bozz down, but he wouldn't hear it.
: What do you want to do, Asbel?
: Well...
This is Dad's sword, but...
We need to pay 120,000 gald, and we've got that easy.
Turtlez: Wonderfulz! Pleasure doin' businezz with yaz!
: You must be happy to have this memento of your father back once more.
: I am.
Turtlez: By the wayz, you might already know thiz, but apparently that's some kind of legendary sacred sword or whatever.
: Really? Are you absolutely certain?!
Turtlez: But ya can't take it out of itz sheath unlezz ya have a key.
: ...Richard's ring!
Turtlez: That ringz?! Impossiblez!
: No, it's true. That ring is the key to the sword.
: So if I put the ring on the sheath...

: It's...rusted. It's completely rusted through.
: Well, I guess that's not totally surprising. I'm just glad we got it back.
Turtlez: If I waz youz, I'd ask around the Windor royal family, yeah? They might knowz a way to restore the sword to itz former glory.
: I can't ask Richard...
: Duke Dalen is a distant relative of the royal family. Perhaps he would have an idea. At the very least, he'll want to know we found it.
: I suppose if it originally belonged to Windor royalty, we should let someone in Barona know.

So apparently you CAN get it without paying, I had no idea.


Sorry! You ain't gotz the gald!
Come again when youz iz ready, yeah? We'll hang onto it for yaz until then.
Wait a momentz.
Bozz? What iz it?
I owez a debt to these peoplez.
What do you meanz?
*Ahem* Well, uh... It turnz out today iz actually yesterday.
Oh? OH! I...I getz it! That's right! Today iz yesterday, so today's price don't take effect until tomorrowz!
Are you...sure? 120,000 gald is...well, it's a lot of gald.
What's happening?
They're going to sell the sword to us at yesterday's price.
1,200 gald? Really?
Actually, don't even worriez about the 1,200. I'll writez it off as bein' stolen. 1,200 gald lossez are a part of any merchant's life.
That's right, bozz! All right, go on. Take it while we ain't lookin'.
But...I can't do that.
...Geez, thiz kid's really bustin my shell here. Hey, we got some itemz left to procezz, yeah? Hurry up and take care of that now.
Right! ...But do ya thinkz you could helpz me out, bozz? It's tough doin' it all alone!
All rightz, but just this once.
...Asbel, perhaps you should just shut up and accept their generosity.
You're right. Thanks, Turtlez.
Hold a moment. That sword... I don't believe it. Isn't that the legendary sacred sword?
This sword?! Are you sure?!
Get the ring out!
If I try applying it to the sheath...
It's...rusted. It's completely rusted through. We should ask someone from Windor about this.
Duke Dalen is a distant relative of the royal family. Perhaps he knows how to bring the sword back to life.
At the very least, he'll want to know we found it.
Okay, let's head for Barona Castle!

Skit: Single Entendre

: Uh oh. This sounds serious.
: I just think it would be nice if you guys would help manage our inventory occasionally.
: When did we acquire so much stuff? We should just throw away everything we don't think we'll use.
: But someday we might toss the exact item we need.
: That's why you should help with the organizing! You probably haven't noticed, but I've been handling our inventory this entire time!
; Maybe we should just use more items?
; I'm serious!
: It's alright, Cheria. I'll help you.
: You'll do it with me? That's great! Thank you, Asbel.
: Heh.
: Captain! That's not what I meant!

: There's something we'd like to show you, Duke Dalen. ...Go on, Asbel.
: By the heavens...
: Do you know this sword, sir?
: That's the sword King Ferdinand gave to Lord Aston twenty years ago. So it's come to you, eh, Asbel? Be sure to take good care of it.
: Actually, sir, that's not the whole story.
: While it's true this sword is a memento of my father, it also appears to be the legendary sacred sword.
: ...Legendary sacred sword? The mean the Eleth Sword, Excalibur?!
: We believe so, yes. But there is a problem...
: So the blade has rusted, eh?
It seems even this sword cannot resist the march of time.
: Still, it would be a waste to leave it like this. Duke Dalen, we came here in the hopes that you might know of a way to restore it.
: Supposedly, the sword was forged at the time of Windor's founding. But I'm afraid I don't know who made it, or what process they used. If only the Amarcians truly existed. ...They might know how to restore it.
: The Amarcians?
: It is said that Windor's first king was a friend to the Amarcians. It is also said that it was he who wielded this sword.
: Asbel, why don't we try showing this sword to the Overseer? She knows more of this world's history than anyone.
: You're right. She's probably our best hope. Let's head for the Amarcian enclave!
: The Amarcian enclave? ...Your knowledge continues to amaze me, Asbel Lhant. Before you leave, I would tell you about how Lord Aston was presented with that sword.
: Oh...?
: It was twenty years ago, and Fendel had just openly invaded Windor's rightful territory. At the time, you see, our territory ran all the way up to where Velanik is currently located. Anyway, King Ferdinand quickly assembled the lords and began planning a counter-offensive. King Ferdinand himself came to lead the men. And both my father, and yours, were by his side. However, Fendel had the advantage in both numbers and position, and soon Windor's army was beaten back to Lhant.
: Dad served King Ferdinand? I didn't know that.
: He did more than serve. Along with my father, he saved the king's life more times than can be counted. In recognition of his service, my father, a distant relative of the royal family, was awarded the title of duke. And your father was presented with that sword.
: So that's how he got it... So then why did Richard have the key for its sheath? Legendary or not, what good is a sword if you can't use it?
: Your father refused the ring. He felt that was too much power to be given one man. However, he swore to retrieve the seal if the king, or his people, were ever in danger. Do you understand, Asbel? Do you see why he entrusted the seal to the king?
: This sword is a symbol. It's a way to protect both Lhant and the royal family. If Dad was alive now, he would want to save Richard. And so do I!
: Well said! And as such, it is imperative that we restore that sword and rescue His Highness. Hurry to the Amarcian enclave, Asbel!

: ......
: The Overseer says you have brought something she has not seen in a long time. She asks if that is truly Excalibur.
: It is. But as you can see, it's rusted through. Do you know if there is a way to repair it?
: She says she does.
: Then may we ask her assistance?
: This weapon will be a great help in the fight against Lambda.
: She says you will need the Argo Iris to repair Excalibur? Ah! It looks like you already have it.
: You mean this?
: Exactly. With this, we can repair the sword! Please wait here. The Overseer says she will repair it herself. She hasn't done something like this in 50 years!
: Oh wow. Thanks so much!

: It is finished.
: I've never seen such a brilliant gleam! Thank you so much, Overseer. You too, Poisson.
: I'm glad I was able to witness the Overseer's work firsthand. I think she enjoyed herself. Didn't you, Overseer?
: ...... ...I did indeed.
: Sh-She spoke?!
: Sh-She can talk?!

So no duh Excalibur is a pretty sweet sword. This is its stats compared to the Rare Sword that I purchased way back before my first fight with Hubert for cheesing things purposes. This is actually competitive with Asbel's "Ultimate" weapon.

If you don't have the Argo Iris (it dropped from one of those special minibosses in the Shaft), you get this instead.


She says in you must find the Argo Iris. Unfortunately, we don't have it here.
Does she know where we can find it?
I'm sorry, but not even the Overseer herself has ever seen it. She doesn't know if it even exists in this world anymore.
What if we go to Fodra?
No. There is no hope of finding it on a world without eleth.
Oh? For true?
What is it?
Apparently the Argo Iris was formed when Lambda was storing up power. The Overseer says that you may be able to find it somewhere near him.
Somewhere near Lambda, eh?
All right. If we manage to find it, we'll bring it back here. If that happens, will you repair the sword for us?
The Overseer agrees to your proposal.