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Part 52: CH51: Sidequests and Sdragons

CH51: Sidequests and Sdragons

Skit: Music Makers

: Well, we're surrounded by a sea of ice, so that might be a little difficult.
: AH-CHOO! ...Damn, it's cold.
: There's no need to get so upset.
: Ah-choo!
: Ah-choo!
: Whoa! Right there!
: What is it?
: You three! I need you all to sneeze again at the same time!
: What? Why?!
: C'mon. Just do it! And drag out the sneeze this time!
: Come on. It clearly means a lot to her...
: Aaah...
: Aaah...
: Aaah...
: Here it comes...
: ...Aaaaaaa-chooooo!
: ...Aaaaaaa-chooooo!
: ...Aaaaaaa-chooooo!
: You did it! In perfect harmony!
: That was in...C, wasn't it?

Here's a quick look at the Gothic Lolita costume in action. I hate how they gave her "Zettai Ryouiki" with this costume. That's a Japanese fandom term for... Fuck it you don't want to know and I wish I didn't.

: There's something carved on it.
: "My beloved Lorelia. Rest in peace."
: A grave?
: Kurt must've done this... But wait...don't tell me...
: Captain?
: I'm sorry, but... I need a moment alone.
: Aw, how come?!
: Please.
Exit party.
: Lorelia... I've found you at last. So Kurt buried you, huh? I never knew he had feelings for you... That's just like him. He left his dreams to me, ensuring I can't go to be by your side. That's why I still can't be with you... I feel pathetic. I had so much I was thinking of telling you, but now I don't know what to say.
I'd best be going. I'm sure it's cold down here. But please hold out just a little bit longer. This is the place that's closest to our dreams...
Actually, I suppose there is one thing I need to say to you, Lorelia. Wherever you are now, please don' off with Kurt, okay? I'm tired of him always getting his way.
We get Malik's "Unable to Die" title, which gives him his level 3 Mystic Arte. Now I get to annoy you all with a series of images of it (not this update though).

Skit: It Happens to Everyone

: Do you remember?
: I remember that Hubert hid behind Cheria pretty much the whole time.
: I...I did no such thing!
: That's right! And then Asbel scared him and he peed his-
: Huh? Come again?
: This is a private conversation! Just go away!
: Heh...
: You too?! Look, it happens, all right! It happens to everyone in their childhood!
: Not me.
: Lies! How can you stand there and utter such lies like that?!
Anyway we're retrieving a model ship for an event coming up.

: Niferum... In flower language, it means "forgetfulness" and "sleep".
Let's plant these bloody rose seeds. They remind me of a gald-hungry thief...
Let's plant these Jack-in-the-pulpit seeds. It seems like they'll attract bugs.
Let's plant these nameless flower seeds. Nameless... Just like me...
Now we wait for everything to bloom.

Turn in that model ship.

: What was the model doing down there?
: One time, before you two were born, your father and I had an argument. I was young and petulant, and so I stole his favorite model just to spite him.
: And then you hid it under Barona? Good grief, Mom, it's dangerous down there!
: It didn't used to be. I stole it while accompanying your father on one of his business trips to Barona.
: Lord Aston brought the model with him?
: Oh yes. He adored that model, and simply refused to part with it while he was still working on it. Your father nearly missed his own commendation ceremony because of that stupid thing.
: Commendation ceremony?
: What are you talking about?
: Oh, he once received a commendation and a royal sword from the previous king.
We've got the sword back.

: I'm Asbel Lhant.
Envoy: Sir Asbel, it is my pleasure to inform you that you have been awarded a royal commendation.
: Wait, me?
: Oh, that's wonderful, Asbel!
Envoy: I also bear a message from Duke Dalen himself. ...Ahem!
"During our king's absence, I would like nothing more than to hold a celebration and raise the spirits of the people."
"However, in this unfortunate age, we simply cannot spare the time for such an event."
"I have therefore elected to hold an informal ceremony celebrating your new title of Honorary Knight."
Will you accept, sir?
; It would be an honor.
: Oh, Asbel! Your father would be so proud of you!
: The heck is an Honorary Knight?
: In a word...nothing.
: What do you mean?
: It's just a title. It doesn't come with any special status or authority.
: So it's, like, a royal pat on the head?
: Something like that.
: Don't be silly! This puts you one step closer to your dream.
: Thanks, Cheria.
: Oh, I just remembered! I still have the clothes your father wore when he received his commendation. I'm sure he'd want you to have them.
: Thanks, Mom.

Costume get!

Back to Katz Korner to turn in some requests.

: Hey, who's the Katz?
: Beats me. Maybe it's the request client?
: That's me-ow! You can call me Mr. Sleepers.
: ...Did you need something?
: You be quiet, meow!
: What's with this guy?
: Spin around and let me take a look at you, meow.
: Huh? Why?
: MEOW! It's the customary fashion check, of course! Now hurry up.
: H-How's that?
: Now what do you say, meow?
; Um... Could you please rate my outfit, Mr. Sleepers? ...How's that?
: Those clothes don't suit you at all! I mean, you ARE still in your teens, meow?
: H-Hey!
: You may think the military look is all hip and cool, but no, no, no. Not for you. You need something that better suits your youthful appearance, meow.
: I am a military officer! And you're just some-
: Calm down, meow! That's why I put the request up in the first place.
: Whatcha mean?
: Here, I designed these clothes just for you. Go put them on, meow.
: Wh-What are you doing?!
: Don't you worry, meow. ❤ I'll be right beside you.
: Hey, where'd they go?
: ...I'm sure they'll be back soon?
: What's taking them?
: Maybe we should check on them...
: Come on out now, meow!
: I'm...a bit nervous. I don't usually wear clothes like this...

; Whoa! Lookin' good, Little Bro!
: Y-You think so?
: Wow, Hubert, it's like you're not even you!
: Uh, thanks?
: I call this theme "Modern Youth"! ...Probably should have called it Meow-dern Youth, but whatever.
: Are you sure you don't mind just giving me this outfit?
: Of course not, meow! But there's one condition... Crouch down, please.
: O-Okay...?

: Eeeeee!
: What just happened...?

: You're a problem too, meow!
: Who is this...?
: Excuse me, but who are-
: Mr. Sleepers! I'm your client, meow.
: What did you want with us?
: Quiet, meow! ...And it's not "us." It's you!
: M-Me?
: Spin around and let me take a look at you, meow.
: Um...
: MEOW! It's the customary fashion check, of course! Now hurry up.
:'s that?
: Now what do you say, meow?
: Um... Could you please rate my outfit, Mr. Sleepers?
: Those clothes suit you since you're young, meow.
But, are you wearing them in formal situations too? Because if so, me-YOW!
: W-Well...
: You've got it all wrong, meow! You think your youthful good looks'll just cover up any fashion faux-pas?
: N-No! I just...
: Come with me-ow. I'll give you a thorough looking-over.
: B-But...
: That's why I put the request up in the first place!
: Where are we going?!
: Never mind, meow! Just come with me!
: They're gone.
: Oh, I'm sure they'll be back soon...
: What's taking so long?
: Maybe we should have followed them...
: Come on out now, meow!

Both of the costumes incorporate their countries' logos. I like this costume much better than Cheria's default.
: What do you think, Sophie?
: It's really cute, Cheria!
: It feels great, too!
: That's a good look for you.
: I call this theme "Innocent Maiden"!
: Are you sure I can have this?
: Of course, meow! ...Er, on one condition. There was a boy who carried a sword with you, wasn't there, meow?
: You mean Asbel?
: I want you to leave him here, meow!
: ...Wha?!
: ..Wha?!
: So where is he, meow?
: No! I'm not leaving Asbel with you!
: You're a stubborn one, meow! What does he mean to you, anyway?
: Well, um... He's kinda...
: Gya! Just spit it out already, meow! Ugh, never mind! Just... Just... Meow!
: He's certainly a strong-willed little guy, isn't he...?
: I'll say...

: Who needs a shark fin, anyway?
: It's for cooking. ...Isn't it?
: Isn't it?
Katz: Well, meow, I plan on eating half of it.
: And the other half?
Katz: I wait for the other half to grow, meow.
: (To...grow?)
: ...Psst! Shark fins don't grow, do they?
: ...I'm pretty sure they don't, no. And can you even eat those?
: Ooh, I see!
: You see what?
: Sophie, does being little bother you?
: Not especially. But sometimes I wonder why I'm so small.
: Yeah, so we need a device that makes stuff bigger!
Katz: Meow you're talking! We could make some huge shark fins that way, meow!
: Hmm... So if I clink-clinked this... And gave a little chunka-chunk to that...
: Wait, can you really make a machine like that?!
: What? No way, man. That's impossible.
: But, you made it sound like you could...
Katz: Yeah, don't get my hopes up like that, meow!
: I think Pascal could make one someday.
: I wouldn't put it past her...
: Aw, gee you guys! Hearing you say that makes me feel like I can actually pull it off! You know, I think I'll give it a shot after all.
Katz: Great! When will it be finished, meow?!
: Well, it's tricky. I'd guess, like, a thousand years from now?
Katz: Um, I'll be dead by then, meow. Ah, well. I may as well give you this while you're still fired up, meow.
: All right! Let's do this thing!
: Yeah! Asbel? Cheria? You too!
: Y-Yeah!
: W-We can do this...!
: I can't hear you!
: O-okay...
: I guess she really did mind being small...
: Ha ha!
: Hee hee!
: Stop laughing and cheer already!


Now we should have flowers.

: Me too!
: You really like flowers, don't you, Sophie?
: I do now. They make me happy when they bloom.
: That's great.
: Hey, what's that? There's something shiny there.
: It looks like some kind of seed...
: Hmm... I don't remember you planting any seeds like this.

: You're from the item shop, right? Do you know what this is?
Item Vendor: My my. I never imagined I might see this. That, young lady, is the seed of an incredibly rare plant.
: Did you hear that, Sophie? That's great! You should plant it right away!
Item Vendor: Don't be too hasty! If that's what I think it is, it could be difficult to care for. You'll need to keep an eye on it every single day.
: What do you want to do, Sophie?
: ...Will you take care of it, mister?
: Are you sure, Sophie? These are your flowers, after all.
: Yeah, and this one sounds pretty rare...
: I'm sure. As long as this flower blooms and makes everyone happy, I'll be happy too.
Item Vendor: That's a fine attitude! I promise to take very good care of it. It should bear fruit when it's ready, so be sure to come over to the shop then.
: Thank you for taking care of my baby!
: Your baby...?
: Hee hee. I guess you're like its mother, huh?
We've got to wait some real time for this to finish, so you won't see what we get this update.

Skit: The Mystery Seed

: What for, Cheria?
: Till now, there's never been enough flowers to really call this a flower bed. It makes me happy.
: Then you're welcome!
: Ha ha!
: In a little while, we should go ask about that seed we gave to the item merchant.
: He said the seed might be something rare. And if that's true, it's all thanks to you, Sophie!
: Thanks to me... Yes, let's go see!

Skit: ...And Back Again

: That came from nowhere.
: I was thinking about how strong we've become without really noticing. The last time we were here, even a single monster was a major struggle.
: We traveled the world and even flew to a new one. That would toughen up anyone.
: And we got a lot better at swimming, too!
: What did I say about telling people that story?!
: (Another tale of which I wasn't aware...)
We're here retrieving a piano tuning fork Cheria dropped while we were swimming through this place.

Skit: Where Credit is Due

: Yeah, that's true. And yet everything still seems to be running smoothly.
: And who does Barona have to thank? Maybe...oh, I dunno...ME?!
: Actually, this is Dalen's work.
: Once again, what goes on in that head of yours?

: It's a high key, so it should be easy to fix. You mind waiting while I take care of it?
: Boy, that brings back memories. You used to play that song for me all the time.
: My mom taught it to me.
???: You want to hear a secret, Cheria? I've only ever played this song for your father.
: ...She was so beautiful. Do you remember her?
: Um, not really, no. ...Sorry.
: It's okay. The only thing I remember anymore is her face. I can't remember what she sounded like, or smelled like, or...anything. If I think about it for too long, it makes me really sad.
: It's not your fault. You were so little when it happened.
: I used to remember all kinds of things about her. But now...
: Cheria...
: Remember seven years ago when you, Hubert, and Sophie all left? I was so lonely, Asbel. You have no idea. I didn't know what to do with myself... It was just like when my mom and dad died.
: I'm sorry, Cheria. If I hadn't been so selfish, maybe...
: ...I wrote you letters, you know? But I could never work up the nerve to send them.
: Why not?
: I didn't want to think about what would happen if you didn't write back. I knew you weren't really the letter-writing type, you know?
: ...I can't argue with that.
: I just don't want to lose anyone else. I don't want to have anyone else disappear from my memories...
???: I play it for him because I'm too shy to tell him how I feel. So I let the song speak for me.
: Don't worry, Cheria. No one else is going anywhere.
: Then...will you... Will you stay with...
: ...?
???: It tells him the words I yearn to speak. It tells him that I love him.
: What I mean is...
: Uh, Cheria?
: N-Never mind. Just forget it.
: Are you stopping already?
: You know what? Now that I think about it, there was this robe my mom gave me years ago. I think it might prove useful.
: Oh, uh...okay. That'd be great...
: You have to wait here!

???: ...You're too young to understand, Cheria. But it will make sense in time...
: (Oh, Mom... I finally remember what you sound like... And I understand what you meant. ...I'm sorry it took so long. I wish I could tell him, but I'm...I'm just too much like you, I guess.
I'll play the piano again soon. Just like you taught me. ...Okay, Mom?)
: Hey, Cheria?
: Eep! Don't scare me like that.
: Sorry! I just wanted to tell you something.
: ...Well?!
: I'd write you back.
: ...What?
: If you ever wrote to me, I'd definitely write you back. don't need to worry about that anymore.
: I also don't need to write you letters anymore...
: Ah...well... I suppose you have a point...
: I want you to listen to me play again someday. ...Will you do that?
: Um... Yeah, sure, if you want.
: Hee hee. I'm going to hold you to that. Now let's get going.

They also boost recovery artes by 26%. Incidentally I thought that the title here "Emotive Pianist" is what gave Cheria her l3 Mystic Arte, but I was wrong, it's the title "Alluring Temptress" which you get from viewing the scene at the beach resort.

These are found in a chest behind the shuttle crash, I almost forgot them. I also forgot to show Asbel's version, he gets his from a chest in his room after the big "talking to everyone at night" bit.

: Anyway, they were investigating the Valkines to see if there were any clues there they could use to defeat Lambda...

: Well, that looks challenging.
: Remember Sylph? This is his boss.

This video was almost too long for Quicktime X to compress it for youtube.

It's not a spoiler to say that this is the first of three optional bosses you can fight at the Valkines. Oh, by the way, that gauge next to Cheria's portrait that nobody else has? Let's just ignore that for now. It's a mistake on my part.

Also, I wanted to play Pascal for this, but I'd broken out the legendary/ultimate weapons and she didn't have one .

It hits fairly hard (we're on Chaos, after all). His first form of special attack is an overhead tail slap.

This fight will take a while.

This is his second special, a tail spin.

Fire breath, goes from (my) right to left.

You need to be careful if you're attacking from the side during fire breath.

You might enter its hitbox like this. Note that it immobilizes you.

This happened a lot. Cheria actually got a title for casting Resurrection so many times.

Dragon Slayer is a spell Malik gets for being level 100, having a mixer capacity of several thousand eleth, or mastering a shitload of titles.

It sometimes has trouble hitting with the secondary lances.

At about half hp he starts flying into the air to shoot pulses of energy.

Which become tornadoes.

He can be knocked out of that attack by spells when he's in the air.

Oh, and he also does the "barrel roll charge" thing some fliers do.

He's a spellcaster! I'm not sure what he's casting here since it doesn't go off.

Oh and he has Iron Stance, that yellow outline around him means he can't be staggered at the moment.

I let him have this one.

IIRC Richard had that.

Took long enough.

Cheria gets a title for having all the Burst Arte titles now that she's got the Resurrection Master title from this fight.

: Speak. Why did you steal the wind eleth?
: The thief you seek is not among us.
: It was another human. A man named Richard.
: It makes no difference. I ask this of all humanity. Valkines cryas regulate the eleth born from the world's core. They are essential for all forms of life...
: ...Regulate? Are you saying that the valkines cryas are consciously preserving the eleth balance?
: In the beginning, this world was empty and without form. There was no color in the ground. No scent in the air. It was naught but wastes and dust. The valkines created the flow of eleth and allowed life to flourish.
: ...What do you mean?
: I think he means...that eleth used to remain dormant instead of traveling around the world.
: Long ago, Windor was but a barren wasteland filled with naught but the howl of an angry wind. The valkines brought water, planted seeds, and created a bond between humans and nature. With the glow of the valkines cryas now dim, the needle of time is reverting toward that past.
: That's an awesome story and all, but Richard is still the guy you're after. We just gotta get to him and set things right.
: Right. And we will. And then he and I can experience Windor's overflowing greenery together, just like we did before.
: Your determination rings true. I shall grant you this...
Hurry, humans. The needle of time must be like the great Foselos, ever turning forward...
We get a key item, "Gloandrake's Cryas".

I tried the next one, but...

I'm debating if I want to just drop the difficulty and burn through them or wait until I can come back a lot stronger.

Duplewyrm is telling me to so I will for now.

: No I don't know why they were in some family's house. I'm not sure Asbel knew either.

: What is it?
Father: It's a picture of a boy. But I've never seen him before.
Mother: That picture was there when we moved in. I think it belongs to the previous owners. Remember how there were toys and other children's items left here too?
: Didn't you get rid of them?
Mother: I kept the picture. I thought the previous owners might come back for it.
: May I see it?
It says "Justin" on the back. Perhaps that's his name.
Fahter: Come to think of it, wasn't there a young man that came by shortly after we moved in?
Mother: ...Actually, yes, I believe there was. He said something about how he needed to pick up his good-luck charm. It was all so long ago... I'm afraid I don't remember it very well.
I think there are more details you can get if you remember to come here during the child arc, but it's not a "true" sidequest and just NPC textboxes, so I didn't bother with it. IIRC it's mostly the boy wanting to run away from home.
: I used to know the old couple that lived here.
: Is this when you were a cadet?
: Yeah. They said their son had left them.
: Do you have any idea where their son may have gone?
Father: No, I'm sorry. ...Although he was dressed like a sailor. I do remember that.
Mother: That's right! He said he was leaving for another country soon. And then he said something about it being hard work because of the hot climate.
: Maybe he's working at a port in Strahta?
Father: ...Huh? Oh dear, look at me woolgathering. I'm going to be late to work! Feel free to take that picture if it interests you.
: A port in Strahta... Perhaps we should look around if we can spare the time.
: Why the sudden interest?
: I don't know. I just know that I'm curious to find out more about this person.
Turning this in will have to wait till next update, due to how big this one was getting.

Time to make some Plushies! Then sell them on ebay to total nerds... I MEAN GIVE THEM TO A SICK GIRL.

: Ha ha, what's this one?! Look at that funny face! It's so cute! What's its name?
: Um...Prince.
Hee hee! Welcome to my humble home, Your Highness! Huh? I's stuck to the bed...

: It looks like a machine...? Eeeew! I just got some blue blood all over my hand!
: It's not blood! It's just...oil.
: Eeeee! I have to fix it!

: I've got a surprise for you, Sophie! Today, it's my turn to give you a present!
: A present?
: To thank you for all the new friends you found for me! I made you a medal! Mommy said they give these to people who the country is grateful for. And I wanted to show you I was grateful.
: Thank you.
It says "Lara's Best Friend" on it.
: Yup! Because you're my first and best friend.

Papercraft medal

: It's a cat! How cute! Oh, wait. Is it a dog? What's its name?
: Um... Katz.
: Hello, Katz. Welcome to my home! Welcome to you, too, Sophie!

: It's Estelle! I know her! She's a princess who does stuff with Blas... uh...Blas-something!
: I heard of someone like that. Friend of a contractor.
: Oh? She sounds pretty cool.
: Someday I'm gonna sneak out of here, just like Estelle did. I want to travel around and see the world!

: You know, I feel pretty good today, thanks...
Um, can I ask you a favor, Sophie? Could you maybe... take me outside?
: Are you sure? It's pretty cold and snowy out there.
: I'll stay with her, Asbel. Okay?
: Sophie...
: All right. But don't do anything reckless. Promise?
: Promise!

: Are you having fun, Lara?
: Lots!

: You gonna take that, Sophie? You should get her back!
: Okay, I will.

: Hee hee hee! It's freezing!

: Be careful or you'll catch a cold, Sophie.
: Okay.
: Hee hee. I'm sorry, Sophie. I'll get you out of there right away!
: Let's head back and heat up the room.
: Good idea.

: Asbel's house is there, and my flower garden, too. It's really warm.
: I'd love to go! It sounds beautiful.
: We could plant lots of seeds and grow beautiful flowers in your garden...
Cheria's grandfather lives there too. He's really nice.
: Can we take a Turtlez Transport over to the big city?
: Yes. Barona's the closest big city, and it's really big. They have a knight academy there, too.
That's where Asbel and the others went to play seven years ago.
: I wish I could have met you seven years ago, Sophie. It would've been so much fun! I just know we would've played together all the time!

: ...Why not?
: Oh, Sophie...
: ...?
: I'm so sorry... I'm sorry for lying to you... Please don't hate me, okay?

: Did Lara's mother come back?
: Hellooo?
: There's no answer...
Middle-Aged Man: Hey! What's going on? You're not trying to rob the place, are you?
: Of course not! We're friends with the girl who lives here, and we-
Middle-Aged Man: What are you talking about? The family that lived in that house was killed in a tragic accident seven years ago. Only the young daughter survived, but she perished not long after from a lingering illness...
: ...What?
: Does that mean... you're not here, Lara?

It's hard to see in stills but Lara is transparent now.
: Deep down, I knew what happened. But I couldn't move on my own, so I couldn't leave the house... But thanks to the stuffed toys you brought me, my heart feels a lot better.
: ......
: Goodbye, Sophie.
: No, Lara! Don't go! I'll come with you! You don't have to leave!
: But Sophie, you have Asbel and the others. You can't come with me. It's not your time yet. Thank you for being my friend, Sophie. Thank you...

: ...Lara?
: Sophie, where did Lara go?
: ...Asbel.
I had no idea having someone disappear in front of you could be such a painful experience... I'm sorry I did that to you seven years ago, Asbel...
: ...Sophie.
: Cheer up, Sophie! Lara wouldn't want you to be sad!
: The whole thing kinda felt like we were dreaming, didn't it?
: It does seem rather impossible...
: But it wasn't a dream. I think she taught me something important. Thank you, Lara.
As a reward for this, you get Sophie's l3 Mystic Arte and a fairly decent weapon.

Skit: Comprehensive Care

: Even if they couldn't actually keep that little girl alive.
: It just goes to show that emotions really do control every aspect of our lives.
: I think I understand that a little better now.
: Hmm?
: Well, maybe saving people is more than just healing wounds and curing disease. Maybe you need to boost their spirits.
: Yeah, I know my health suffered back when you were being so cold to me.
: Do you have to bring that up again? Maybe you should go collect a pile of stuffed animals!