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Part 64: CH61: Family - Part 1

CH61: Family

Skit: The Mask of Justice

: So you can challenge Riot Peak and test your skill?
: Right. And also to meet Hombre Noir, the Mask of Justice.
: ...Homeboy Niles?
: Hombre Noir!
He makes his home at Riot Peak and protects the island. He invites warriors to fight so that he might instill in powerful men a desire for peace.
Whenever innocents are in peril, he leaves the island and emerges as a powerful force for righteousness!
: Yeah, but... Wait, hold on. I thought only the guardians live on Riot Peak.
: You are correct. Hombre Noir is a character based off of the Riot Peak guardian we met.
: Wait. You met the guardian?
: Well, yeah.
: Wow... I've always wanted to meet him!
: I even got his autograph.
: When did that happen?!
: Incredible! You must show it to me later.
: Why wait till later when I can show you now? It's right over there in my luggage.
: Oh, let's see!
: Uh.
: Those two sure are chummy.
: Man, I should have asked for an autograph too...

: They arrived in Yu Liberte.

: This is starting to get out of hand...
: I couldn't do anything for her.
I didn't know what to say...
: Few people would. It's a difficult problem with no one simple solution.
Right now, you need to attend to business. You can make time for Sophie later.
: You're right. Of course.
: So, Hubert? Will we see the president soon?
: Oh, uh, yes. Of course.
: Worried about the president's daughter, are you?
: Captain!
: Wait, what?
: It's nothing! It's just a little...marriage proposal.
: I never thought I'd hear the words "Hubert" and "marriage" in the same conversation.
: You're one to talk! Mother had plenty to say about you in her letters, you know!
: Don't you two have anything better to do than discuss my personal life?
: Don't look at me! Your marriage is all she can think about anymore.
: It is a sign of great trust for the president to offer you his daughter's hand.
: I know. And that's what makes it so...awkward.
If you hadn't sent that request for aid, I don't know what I'd be doing now.
: If you're this worried, Hubert, maybe we shouldn't go on.
: I'm not worried. It's just... I don't know how to approach the president, because I have no intention of accepting the proposal.
: The president is reasonable. If you speak with him man-to-man, I'm sure he'll understand.

Skit: Filial Piety

: Well, he spent quite a bit of time moping around the house.
: Was he sick?
: No, it's from when the president discovered his plan to take over Lhant. You can imagine the repurcussions he had to face as a direct result.
I won't lie. Those were tough times, but now my father and the president seem to be getting along far better than they were before.
: So all the talk about you marrying the president's daughter stems from that?
: Hmm, yes, that may be the case.
: Regardless, treasure the time you have left with your father.
You don't know how long his health will hold, and I'm sure he still has things to teach you.
: There isn't much I care to hear from that particular father.
: The more I see of men like you, the less I want a son of my own.
: Does that mean you want a daughter, Captain Malik?
: Well, I suppose I wouldn't mind an adorable little girl...
: Adorable, sure. Until she grows up and calls you a pig and tells you to stay out of her life forever.
: Hubert, does it bring you joy to crush my dreams?
: Oh, please, Captain. I'm only being realistic!
: Whether he's right or not, I do have things to report. I suppose a quick family visit wouldn't hurt...

: Mr. President.
: Hubert. Lord Asbel. My goodness, King Richard!
: What's going on? Did something happen?
: We've received word that the valkines is under attack.
: Damn! I didn't think the monsters would get here so quickly.
: Do you know something?
: We can explain everything later. Right now, we need your permission to attack these creatures.
: King Richard, I couldn't possibly ask that of you.
: Please. I insist. My kingdom owes a great debt to the courage of Strahta. I would do anything in my power to help you.
: Additionally, sir, I fear our soldiers will be no match for these monsters.
: However, we have recently acquired the power to combat them.
: Very well. If things are as you say, I will leave these beasts in your capable hands.
: Thank you, Mr. President. We won't disappoint you.
Richard picks up the "Eradication Commander" title, which gives him Accel.

: We have obstacles, but none that cannot be overcome.
: Good, good. But now, we have another matter to discuss.
I'm currently in talks to reestablish myself as a player in Strahta's political machine. The president and I had our differences, yes, but that's all behind us now.
I am counting on you, Hubert. Do not fail me!

: I fear he will be disappointed. I have no interest in marrying the president's daughter.
: Then you'd best refuse him quickly.
: I don't get it, Hubert. Why are you so against the idea?
: I'm sure he has a reason.
In situations such as these, you must be both clear and firm. To do anything else would invite disaster.
: I am aware of that, Captain. It's just...
: I understand. It must be hard to have a true love who is so... Well, you know.
: T-True love? What are you talking about?!
: Oh, come now! There's no point in denying it.
: We all know, after all.
: What?!
: I'm really confused right now.
: Don't worry about it, Asbel.
: But if you want to refuse the president, you're going to need a good reason.
: Hubert is still young. Perhaps he can claim he's not ready for the responsibility of a family.
: Yes, but married life changes reality for everyone. I don't see why that would be any different for me.
: What if you said you didn't want to marry until your military position was more secure?
: I'm already a lieutenant!
: Bah. Titles are meaningless...
: If I wished it, I could have thousands of troops at my command!
: All right, fine. Then tell him ladies at every port of call have fallen for your good looks.
: That's a terrible idea! I want to avoid a marriage, not lose the respect of the people.
: ...I'm starting to think you don't want to avoid this marriage at all.
: Well, not with these awful ideas, I don't!
: Oh, this is madness. Just tell him you're in love with someone else already!
: And if people ask who it is?
: Then tell them her name!
: Oh, yes. A splendid idea. And who would honestly believe I carried a torch for...her?
: ...I think you just admitted it.
: N-Now see here!
: I think your brother has finally figured it out. What do you think, Asbel?
: Hubert's in love with-
: Enough! We are done talking about this!
Now then...
I have no plans to marry the president's daughter.
: If she'd even have you...
: After all, I have little interest in the political ambitions of my father.
If I am to support this country in the future, I must maintain my connection to the common people. Just as...
Just as I know she will.
: Heh...
: Her maintaining a connection to the common people? Oswell's probably better at that.

Anyway we get Hubert's "Legion Commander" title from that, which gives him a special Accel Mystic Arte. If you start Accel with a maxxed-out meter, you can do a special Mystic Arte during it.

: The need for reinforcements was even more dire than they realized.

Strahta Soldier: Damn! They just keep coming!
: Come on! Let's lend a hand!

So these guys we've seen before. The only difference is that there are four of them and that Hubert is our only healer.

Hubert's Accel Mode is a rain of arrows.

Unfortunately anyone using an MA knocks you out of Accel, so we don't get to see Hubert's Accel MA yet.

Like all fights like this, killing the first one makes it substantially easier.

Not that it was hard to begin with.

Strahta Soldier: Thank you, Lieutenant.
: Assemble the remaining soldiers and hold this point at all costs.
Strahta Soldier: Yes, sir!

Skit: A Girl in Every Port

: Doing so will earn you further accolades and raise your stock. Soon the president will beg to have you as his son-in-law!
: Please, that's enough. It is not the sort of decision one should be coerced into making.
: He's right.
: But it's a truth of marriage: The higher you rise, the less your own opinions matter.
: You too, Richard?
: Oh, yes. An endless stream of Windor nobility keeps pestering me about their eligible daughters.
: I envy your array of options, Your Majesty.
: Do you now? I've heard talk that you have a beautiful girl waiting at every port in the land.
: Yeah, it's rough. Girls keep telling themselves- and everyone else-that they're my lover.
: Interesting. Might you have done something to give them that impression?
: Not that I can remember...
: C'mon, guys. This is crazy! I don't want to select a wife like I'm shopping from a catalogue!

Hello there.

Mystic Arte Video

OK so Malik's Accel causes him to instantly finish casting whatever he's casting, and then kick the shit out of the enemy until it ends with a punch. The problem is that here he activated it while immobilized

He did however successfully use his Mystic Arte. He picked that up when he kicked Yulicia out of Fendel, I forgot to mention that.

This arte is called "Tremorous Celestial etc." in menus but its full name is "Tremorous Celestial Sundering Shredding Light of Cyclonic Butchery". Yes, really.

Time for Hubert to use his too.

: At least it doesn't say "Courage" anywhere on it.
: Huh?
: Sorry, I'm reminiscing about something I wanted to forget about.

Skit: Loose Lips

: And with this, your stock will rise, the president will beg to have you as his son-in-law, and-
: Again with this? Your lips are much too loose, Captain. What sort of soldier openly discusses his comrades' personal affairs?
: Well, usually my lips are sealed, but when it's information we all share already, that's a different story.
: My affairs are not common gossip!
: Now that you mention it, I'm pretty sure the Captain spilled one of my secrets once.
: Whatever are we to do with you, Malik? We shall have to find a punishment that fits your crime.
Perhaps I should read aloud the contents of a certain love letter you wrote 20 years ago.
: I don't know where you got that, but if you read it, I'll be forced to share humiliating stories from His Majesty's childhood.
: You would threaten your king?
: There's little difference between king and subject in a place like this.
: Yes, well, let's put that aside and make for... Hey! Stop! Listen to me!

: Those new creatures are controlling the monsters Lambda left behind.
: It appears Fourier was correct after all.
: Let's do this.

WEAK! Give me a real boss fight.

Don't worry, at some point soon enough we'll have said real boss fight. Well, if you're reading this in the archives that is. There's a funny post-fight conversation there too.


: That's the last of them.

That's the ToS "two worlds" logo on the scabbard there.
: We need to find the source of these monsters before things get worse.
: Agreed. They're almost unmanageable as it is.
: Let's return to the Amarcian enclave and meet up with the girls.
Thanks, Richard.
: You look exhausted.
Are you sure it's safe to keep wielding Lambda's power like this?
: I'm fine. I'm just...not used to it. Besides, I know he's not trying to control me.
: Did he say that?
: No. I just trust that it's true.
: I don't understand, Asbel. I would never have the strength to trust him after what he did.
: It's not about strength, Richard. If anything, I have to believe in him because I'm weak.
But I suppose some things can't be helped no matter how hard you believe...
When we were kids, I believed we'd be together forever. ...And so did Sophie. But that's not going to happen. Not as long as we're all human.
: Asbel...
: We can hope and pray and believe all we want, but it doesn't change a damn thing.
That's why I don't know what to say to her...

: Asbel needed a solution though.

: A moment, please. I need to relay our report for the president.
: So what's Fodra like?
: That's right. You haven't been there before.
: Well, it''s sad, actually. It's withered and desolate and everything's dead.
: And that's where Lambda came from?
: Yeah.
: You are conflicted.
: Can't hide anything from you, huh?
You heard what Sophie said...
: Protos Heis was designed to destroy me.
That was the entire purpose for her existence.
And now that purpose is gone. It's no wonder she's malfunctioning.
Without purpose, she's little more than an empty, soulless doll, doomed to be alone for all eternity.
Quite tragic, really.
Your human life is limited. How can you hope to save Protos Heis from her solitude?
: Well, I...
: Your worries grow with each passing moment.
Can you find an answer in the midst of such despair?
I look forward to watching your fragile little mind scramble for an answer.
: Alone for all eternity...
(I remember how I felt when Dad died. If I hadn't recovered from that...
I thought I'd lost everything, but then Sophie was there for me.
It made me happy. It was like being part of a new family.)
: (A family...)
: Thanks for waiting. Let's be on our way.

Skit: Where Friendship Goes

: I wonder if Sophie's gonna be okay after this...
: Asbel?
: Richard, when someone dies, that's the end of their friendship. ...Right?
: Are you thinking about Sophie?
: Yeah, what happens after we pass away? We would just end up becoming some distant memory for those left behind.
If everything ends up disappearing in the end, what's the point of all this?
And where would that leave Sophie? She would end up being all alone, without any of us to support her.
: Asbel? Let's not worry about such things now. That day is far in the future.
: You don't know that! We could die tomorrow, or even today!
: Asbel, calm yourself. Even if that happened...
: All we can do is value the time we have with Sophie. That way, a part of us will remain in her heart after we're gone.
: Do you really think so?
: Yes, I truly do. Now come on. Let's go see Sophie.

: Asbel was still uncertain of his plan up to their return.

: We were able to dispatch the monsters there. However, more could appear at any moment. It's time for us to strike at the source.
: Y'okay! Then lets boogie off to Fodra as soon as we can.
: Hey, Sophie.
Look, I'm sorry. I wish I could promise to be with you forever, would just be a lie. I'll die before you and there's no getting around it. But there's still plenty of time for us to deal with life together.
: Together...
: I've given this some thought, and if you want a family, I think we should give you one. From now on, your name will be Sophie Lhant, and I'll be your father.
: Sophie...Lhant.

: So you're adopting Sophie into the house of Lhant?
: I'll take care of her. Just like my father took care of Hubert and me. Even now, his memory helps me in hard times.
So I hope my memory can do the same for you. Although I have to admit, it feels a little weird being your parent. ...You used to be bigger than me, remember?
: It's not weird. It's...happy.
: Well, if you're Asbel's daughter, I guess that makes you my niece.
: So you're gonna be Uncle Little Bro! Now you just need to find Sophie a nice aunt!
: What?!
: This gives us all the more reason to eliminate the monsters and secure our future.

: They can never promise forever.
Do not trust their ambiguous words.
: Who are you?
Why did you say that?

: The whole "talking in a time stop" thing is kind of a dick move, ma'am.

Anyway, we get Sophie's "Sophie Lhant" title which gives her Accel.

Skit: The Greatest Gift of All

: The one on the right.
: Y'okay, but what about these two?
: Left.
: What are you both up to?
: I heard that everyone gave wedding presents to Fermat, so I figured I need to give her something too.
: Hence you're tinkering with the machines?
: Yep! I made a bunch of presents!
This one's an Automatic Shoulder Massager. That one's an Automatic Egg Cracker. And this one's an Automatic Bread Kneader!
: Those aren't very romantic presents for a newlywed.
: Really? Aw, man...
: I... didn't really get the chance for that, but I'd imagine I'd have preferred practical things.
: long as you put your heart into it, I'm sure anything you had in mind would suffice.
: Anything?
: Yes. In fact, all you really need to do is show up and grace her with that radiant smile of yours.
: Pascal, let's go see Fermat. You can show her your radiant smile.
: All right, it's decided! Let's go right now so I can give her my biggest bwa-ha-ha grin!
: No, wait a moment! Not the bwa-ha-ha- *Sigh* Too late...
: Well... Then again...
To have a chance to gaze upon even the worst of your smiles...
: Heh.

Skit: A Frightful Kindness

: Thank you.
: Sophie, are you cold? I'll get you a blanket.
: No, I'm okay.
: Sophie, are you tired? It'll be a while before we reach Fodra. You should try to get some rest.
: It's okay. I'm not sleepy yet.
: Sophie, if anything ever troubles you, please feel free to talk to me about it.
: Thank you.
: Captain... Pascal... Everyone is being overly nice to me.
: I'll be nice to you too, Sophie! Gimme a hug!
: Pascal, stop. Everyone, come here.
Your fawning over Sophie is freaking her out. For heaven's sake, think about what you're doing!
: I-I'm sorry.
: Sorry, Sophie.
: It's okay. It made me happy. Thank you everyone.
: We're done here. DIS-PERSE!
: Hrmph!
: ...It's not like that, Captain. But I do get scared when everyone's nice. Because I know it will end one day...