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Part 8: Update 8

Update 8

Video Record

: Here it comes! This time we should be okay! Tenebrae! Call the winged dragon!
: Go, my minion! Strike!

: The garuda's barrier has disappeared. Now's your chance!

The Garuda has a new move.

The move is called "Fire Bolt" but it charges forward leaving a trail of sparks.

While we're here, is it just me or is combat in this game really floaty? It took me a little while to notice exactly what happens (at first I just thought I had trouble facing the right way), but it feels like we're sliding around. I don't think it's worse just because we're fighting a flying guy, Hawk felt the same way. I kept getting myself or the boss bumped out of alignment for my combos.

: Lady Marta, hurry and perform the ritual before another one comes.
: Right.

The ritual isn't very impressive, animation or visuals wise.
: So that's the Maiden Ritual.
: Our friend performed the ritual the last time I was here.
: Friend... One of Lloyd's friends.

: Oh!
: This didn't appear the last time.
: Ratatosk's core on Marta's forehead glowed. Maybe that has something to do with it.
: A Centurion's core must be somewhere nearby if Ratatosk's core reacted in such a way. It seems the combination of the ritual and the core had an effect on the stone dais.
: Whatever. If we can snag a Centurion's core while we're in there, all the better.
: You sound like you're going to rob the place.
: She does, doesn't she?

Skit Video: Fishing for Compliments
: So, what did you think of my performance?
: Well, It was first ritual I've seen ever seen, so I can't really say.
: No, I mean-- You're supposed to say I looked cute, or that I was mesmerizing. Even if you don't really mean it. Never mind.
: I'm sorry. It was really cute and mesmerizing, too.
: Yes, that sounded quite sincere.
: Forget it! I didn't really want a compliment from you anyway.

Skit Video: Memory
: You looked relieved.
: Well, I'm through performing that silly ritual. I've never been good at memorizing little details like that.
: But, you did manage to remember it.
: Yeah, but now I've forgotten it.
: Already?!

Video Record

: I sense a Centurion's core here. It seems to be the Centurion Ventus.
: Great! If you can sense Ventus, it must mean Lloyd hasn't gotten it yet!
: Lloyd? Why would Lloyd come here?
: Oh, right. We still haven't told you about the attack on Luin.
: What do you mean? I've been trying to find Lloyd. Please, tell me!
:Okay. Here's what happened.
: Blah blah Lloyd is evil for no reason.
: So Lloyd is actually going around collecting Centurions' cores?
: Colette, Lloyd was your friend, right? You really haven't heard anything from him?
: No. And now you're both saying that Lloyd attacked you both and ordered the Church of Martel to strike Luin. I can't believe this.
: We wouldn't lie about this, Colette.
: Yes, I know that. That's why it's so unbelievable.
: Thinking about it now won't resolve anything. Right now, we are here to stop the terrible winds in town.
: And get Ventus' core if we can, right?
: Exactly.
: Colette, if you still can't believe us...
: No, it's not that. It's just I want to believe the two of you and Lloyd as well. But maybe Tenebrae's right. What we need to do now is search this place and help the townspeople. We'll have plenty of time to think about what's going on with Lloyd once we're done with this.
: Colette, you really believe us? Even though Lloyd is your friend?
: Well, both of you are my friends, too. I believe my friends.
: You don't mind being my friend?
: Why would I? I'm your friend because I like both of you.
: Thank you. I made another friend! I can't believe it.
: Hey, I never said you were my friend.
: Oh, that's right. But that's okay. I still think of you as my friend.
: Perhaps this would be a good time to ask that you start calling me by my actual name?
: Ventus, eh? What was that guy like? The Centurions we know so far are pretty snarky.
: Honestly I have no idea.
: Wait, what?

Skit Video: Tenebie Part 2

: "Hate" might be too strong a word. I simply feel it gives the wrong impression.
: And Tenebie's no good either. Well, how about Tenby?
: Hmm...
: What about Tennie, or maybe Trae?
: *sigh*
: I vote for Braebrae!
: That's cute!
: Yeah, I like it!
: In that case, let's just stick with Tenebie.

Skit Video: Target of Affection

: Were you thinking about Lloyd?
: No, it's not that. I promised myself I'd save thinking about Lloyd until after all this is sorted out.
: I don't think you'd need to be so strict about it.
: I'm sorry.
: By the way, Colette... If Lloyd is that important to you, does that mean the two of you are--
: No. It's not like that, really it's not.
: But how could Colette possibly like someone like Lloyd?
: Why do you sound so heartbroken?!
: Um...
: Fine, you know what?! Well, I do love you, but I hate you!
: I guess being a target of affection is difficult.
: You're enjoying this, aren't you?

: It seems to be a switch device for the Sorcerer's Ring.
: What's that?
: I believe it changes the function of the Sorcerer's Ring. Please investigate it.
: That went way over my head. I'll just investigate it.

Here you have to hit the bells with wind in the same order they played at the entrance. Easy.

Information: Choose the truth from the two gates and proceed. The truth is always far and steep.
Essentially this means that when we get to the forks up ahead we have to take the longer path.

Video Record

: It looks similar.
: Similar to what?
: When I was on the journey of world regeneration, I went to a place called the Balacruf Mausoleum. These ruins remind me of it.
: I wonder if they are related? Maybe we should go and have a look around?
: Lady Marta, I admire your curiosity, but I think we should stick to the task at hand.
: Tenebrae, sometimes you're just no fun at all.
: Yeah. He's pretty stuffy.
: Are you saying that I am a stick in the mud?
: Don't worry, Tenebie, you don't have any mud on you.

Skit Video: Balacruf Mausoleum

: If memory serves, it should be on an island to the northeast of this town.
: But isn't it strange how two places so far apart would be so similar?
: When the worlds of Tethe'alla and Sylvarant were divided, the mausoleum was located just outside of Asgard.
: Actually, even before the world was split in two, a large kingdom existed where we now stand. The similarities in style between the two locations demonstrate just how vast that ancient kingdom truly was.
: So this place might be connected to the Balacruf Mausoleum somehow.
: It is certainly possible.

Skit Video: Stick in the Mud

: I can't believe he's still thinking about that.
: I honestly don't see any mud on you. But what's wrong with mud, anyway? Everyone gets a little dirty now and again.
: I don't think he meant that sort of mud.
: Well then, what sort of mud did he mean?
: No, listen. There was never any mud to begin with.
: Oh! So was it more of a muck? Or maybe a slime?
: So now I'm slimy?
: I have to say, I prefer mud to slime myself. It's easier to clean.
: Well it would depend on where the slime came from.
: Yeah, but think about your fur. Slime would stick to it, while mud would just wash off, no problem.
: Someone, anyone, please, make it stop.

Skit Video: Old Fashioned?

: I guess I just feel like they work well together. It seems to be working, so I figured I shouldn't fix what wasn't broken.
: You're pretty conservative. It's manly, in a way, but maybe a little old fashioned.
: You think so?
: Oh, I quite disagree. Emil is the quintessential hip young fella.
: Did he just say "fella?"

Video Record

: Emil, I'm counting on you.
: I'll do my best.
: But there sure are a lot of monsters here. You think it's because of Ventus' core?
: Oh yeah. Centurions in the core state can't control their powers, so they can attract monsters without meaning to.
: Correct. I suspect the garuda we encountered on the stone dais was drawn by Ventus' powers.
: But once Marta hatches the core, Ventus would wake up and all of that would stop, right?
: Exactly.
: It's scary, but I'll do my best. Courage is the magic that turns dreams into reality.
: What's that? Is that a Centurion oath?
: Oh, no. It's just sort of a mantra of mine.
: It has a nice ring to it.
: Do you want me to add "Come on, you're a man! Speak up!" too?
: Hey, don't be a jerk!

Skit Video: Come on You're A Man

: Well, I'm not very manly to begin with, so when I hesitate, or have trouble making up my mind, it's something Marta says to encourage me.
: Emil, you're not supposed to tell other people about that!
: But it's true.
: That's enough!
: What did I say?
: Never mind. Just try and be more like I imagine you to be, okay?
: Heheh

Skit Video: Fruit Everything

: Wow, it's so cute!
: I thought I'd make a fruit cake. There's also a fruit salad, some fruit juice and--
: Do you have anything with a little more substance?
: Oh, sorry. What would you like?
: I dunno, maybe a steak or something.
: Okay! Leave it to me! One apple steak, coming right up!
: On second thought this will be fine.
: Apple steak? Seriously?
: You'd be surprised, it's quite good. A lot of modern vegan dishes were first made by Colette.
: No way! Getting the nutritional balance right with vegan eating is complicated and tricky.
: Colette's got a bit more going on upstairs than you'd expect. Anyway, would you like to try some? It's yummy! I could whip you up a batch in a jiffy!
: ...Yummy? Jiffy?
: What?
: ...nothing.

Here we have the control panel for a statue that shoots arrows.

You enter combinations to shoot arrows at switches. One of them opens the exit to the next level.

Most proper dungeons have a Katz in them to let you go do quests, and a trader to buy and sell from. The save point on the left is greener than normal save points, and refills your HP/TP when you touch it.

This floor, you have something that triggers when you walk on that bar in the entryway...

The doors open...

And you have to run against the wind dodging gusts.

Also the floor here falls away when you approach, making you go around.

Skit Video: Stubborn

: Okay, that was random. No, not really.
: You have to admit though, you've had that same weapon equipped for a pretty long time. There's plenty of other weapons. Why not try something different for a change?
: I guess I like the feel of a weapon I've gotten used to. It's easier to fight with. It's not stubbornness, it's dedication.
: What if you had a favorite pair of shoes you wore every day, and I said, "Why not try a different pair, and spice up your wardrobe?"
: Yeah, but why stop wearing whatever shoes that makes you feel comfortable?
: Yep, you're stubborn all right.
: What's so wrong with being a little stubborn?
: Nothing. I was just thinking it'll be tough once we're married. That's all.
: Heh... eh heh heh...
: Man, if they actually did get married...
: Hoo boy.

Also, the doors will close if you take too long.

Also also, escaping takes a bit longer now (without the skill to boost it) and it might actually be faster to just kill this ultra-weak trash.

Skit Video: Loyal

: I'm more loyal than you might think. To my equipment and to you too.~
: Huh?! When did this become about me?

Join us next time for what we find inside the chamber and a hilarious plot "twist" that really should have been pointed out sooner.