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Part 15: Update 15

Update 15

BTW I'm going to leave a link to the dungeon video from the last post here, since it didn't go up with the update and I had to edit it back in.

Video Record
That video has basically 75% or so of the update in it.

: Here we go again.
: Again? So then I guess you've already seen my sister in Ruin Mode?

: Raine's an absolute menace about ruins, ancient civilizations, and stuff like that.
: I'm not a maniac! I'm a researcher!
This line sounds particularly "off" to me.
: Yeah, right, right. Anyway, she always gets like this when she sees ruins.
: Hey, that's just like Emil when he's in his "Ratatosk Mode."
: Wait a minute I'm not sure those two things have much to do with each other.
: Marta! I want to see the ritual for hatching a Centurion. Perform it!
: R-Right!

: Ignis is now awake.

: Uh, is Raine...
: Don't ask.

: And I should get stronger too, right?

For some reason the game seemed to lock up here for a bit, causing me to panic. It was just taking a while to load off the disc though.

I guess I was too late.

: Emil, wait! Alright Lloyd Irving! Tell us! Why are you trying to collect the Centurions' cores?
: Marta and I are doing all of this in order to save this world! We have to find all of the Centurions' cores so that we can wake up Ratatosk.
: Please! Give us Lumen's core!

All right that's enough. Hand over Ignis' core.
: Marta, let's just take back the Centurion's core by force! Why even try to reason with this murderous man who killed innocent people in Palmacosta in cold-blood?!

Yup, stayed stuck here too for a bit.

: Come on Lloyd! You have to tell them! Tell them that you didn't attack Palmacosta. All of these rumors about you. You didn't do any of that stuff, right?!
: Come on Lloyd! Please answer me!
: Yes, Lloyd. Is there something you can't tell us? What is it? Or perhaps the rumors about you are true.
I don't have to answer you. Now then hand over the Centurion's core! If you refuse me, I won't hesitate to take it by force!
: What the fuck is wrong with Lloyd?
: Paranoia and dumb are a painful combination.
: But Lloyd. Why?

: This is for those you killed! Die!

: Wait a minute! Lloyd, wait!

: Ahhh!
: This doesn't look good. That monster is blind with rage.
: Damn it. Here it comes!

So we have a showdown with the "invincible" fire-tree at last.

I'm not sure if that buff belongs to him or his adds.

These guys cast fire spells.

Genis is better at it though.

Let's fix that real fast. And yeah, if I wasn't playing a new game plus Genis would be limited to the first-tier spells, which kind of sucks considering he was dropping Meteor Storm like it ain't no thing two years ago.

Speaking of Meteor Storm he had started casting it before I turned it off. In this game it's fire-elemental rather than non-elemental. I'm afraid I'm not sure what the status effect on Emil is, since it didn't match any of the specific-ailment bottles I had. FAKE EDIT: Actually, it's Virus Sick. My NPC allies with Auto-Item used up my Virus bottles auto-curing it from me. Don't ask me to explain what virus actually does (I think in Final Fantasy games it prevents you from getting XP?) Sick drains your TP like Poison drains your HP. Thanks, Admiral H. Curtiss!

I don't think there's ever been a boss fight in any Tales game where you want to beat the boss before his no-name adds.

Butt stomp attack!

Flame breath!

Boiling lava blister attack.

Unnamed spinning sick-inflicting attack?

The new Absolute is pretty cool-looking.

This is called Mind Blaze but I'm not 100% sure what it does. I'd say it buffs casting (it buffs SOMETHING) but this guy doesn't seem to cast very much.

This guy has a lot of HP for this point in the game, I'm overleveled a fair bit and all but it still takes forever to kill.

: That monster--It must have followed us all the way from the entrance.
Despite being totally stationary until now.
: Yeah I think you're right. Lloyd ran off when he heard its roar. Damn it!
: It may be too late, but let's go after Lloyd.
: Right.

Skit Video: Ratatosk Mode
: Ratatosk Mode, huh? It can't be easy making a pact that changes your whole personality on top of giving you new powers.
: Indeed. I'm sure Emil has his hands full simply controlling the power he receives from Ratatosk, which is why he often can't control his own emotions.
: Then, he's just like Raine when she's in Ruin Mode, giving in to her desires, unable to control her maniac urges--
: OW! That hurts!
: Just like me? Could that mean he has another self sealed away inside him? If so...
: What's wrong?
: It's nothing.

Skit Video: Real Ruin Mode
: No! Such an invaluable cultural treasure. These poor ruins.
: Here comes Ruin Mode.
: Raine truly is a multi-faceted individual.
: Are you really that upset that the ruins are ruined?
: Woah! Emil! Careful what you--
: Of course I am! Do you mean to say you're unaware of the cultural, the historic, the scientific value of the Triet Ruins?! Listen closely. The Triet Ruins first came to prominence two regenerations ago, when the spirit Efreet summoned his hellfire, and--
: Oh great, we're in for it now.

Skit Video: Believe in Him
: So I guess Emil really has it in for Lloyd, huh?
: You still believe in him even after you saw how he behaved?
: Here's what I think: Lloyd wouldn't be doing these things without some reason.
: I guess.
: I had a friend I failed to believe in at the final moment, when it mattered most. That's why I've gotta find Lloyd and hear what he has to say. I won't give up until I've talked with him. We'll see if my trust in him holds up after that.
: Is he talking about Mithos?
: Yeah. Honestly I think he gave Mithos as fair a shake as possible, and that the brat didn't deserve any more than he got.
: I'm jealous of you, Genis.
: Huh?
: I could never do anything like that. Confronting someone that you know has changed. It's too much for me.

I don't have any footage of this skit because it only shows up if I'm on the "fuckup" track. If someone with an EU copy wants to provide a video here I'll edit it in. It's called "Odd Poster".
Skit Video: Odd Poster
: Damn that Lloyd! He played us!
: I know! And what's the deal with those stupid masks?!
: I am more curious about that odd poster. Is it something Lloyd drew himself?
: But Lloyd always hated those portraits of himself. I wonder what happened.
: He did?
: Yes. The image resembles wanted posters of Lloyd that were circulating during our previous journey. It always made him angry to see them.
: But people change!
: That's the sort of change I can do without.

Video Record

BTW it's totally possible to get this mask without letting Lloyd have the core. It's a later one where you can't.

: Raine, did you hear that?!
: That sounded like a Rheiard.
: That's the flying thing Lloyd uses, right?
: Correct. That was the sound of it taking off. It seems he's already gotten away. If only we hadn't returned the ones we had before...
: You mean Lloyd's not the only one with a Rheiard?
: We had them too, but we gave them back to their owner once the journey of world regeneration ended. Though it looks like Lloyd's borrowed one again.
: Hmmmm.
: The fact that Lloyd can fly anywhere puts us at a big disadvantage in the race for the Centurions' cores.
: But if he knew the cores were at the same places as the summon spirits, he would be finding them much more quickly. He must not have realized it yet. That might work to our advantage.
: Lloyd, you big dummy.
: I won't lose to him.
: Emil, hold on. What happened in Palmacosta that's just not Lloyd.
: It's not just about what happened in Palmacosta.
: What do you mean?
: He wouldn't even explain himself to you. He's hurting his own friends. Genis, Raine, Colette, all of you are good and kind. Good people, who are worried about him. He should be honored just to have friends like you.
: Emil...
: Thanks for being concerned about us.
: Regardless, Lloyd was never the sort to turn his back on his friends.
: Yeah, something weird is going on. Has he been corrupted by Lumen's core or something dumb?
: Well technically he had no cores with him at the time of the Palmacosta Blood Purge.

Skit Video: Sighs Four
: Too small for me, I'm afraid.
: Huh?
: A "sighs four," that is.
: Raine!
: Ready when you are!
: Prismic Stars!
: Aaaahhh!!!
This is unfortunately the only appearance of Prism Stars in this game. I miss destroying things with it in ToS

It's petty, but how they walk in single-file perfectly here bugs me.
: It's stopped snowing.
: The Centurions' cores are as powerful as summon spirits.
: I wonder if this means the weather around here will return to normal.
: The snow will stop, but things won't truly return to their natural state until Lord Ratatosk awakens.
: Raine, can I ask you something?
: Certainly. What is it?
: Can you tell me where all the summon spirits are located?
: You're going to look for the Centurions' cores, then?
: The only way that we can stop the strange weather and avoid the destruction of the world is by hatching the Centurions and waking Ratatosk. The cores are the reason we were following Lloyd in the first place.
: The closest location is the cave where we found Celsius. It's near Flanoir. As for the others, here, I'll mark them on your map.
: Emil, is it all right with you if we go to Flanoir instead of following Lloyd?
: That's fine since in order to avenge everyone I'll need to get a lot stronger first.
: Raine, what about us? Are we going to leave Lloyd like that?
: Now that we're together, maybe it would be best to see what else we can find out about Lloyd.
: Okay. I'm with you, Raine.
: Then we'll accompany you to the port in Izoold. We can figure out our next move once we arrive there.
: Then let's head for Izoold together.
: Yep. Looks like you won't be rid of us just yet.

Skit Video: Izoold
: Hey Marta, what's Izoold like?
: It's a small seaside town that thrives on fishing. They have the second largest yearly catch in all of Sylvarant. The different seafood products they make there are known the world over, and everyone who visits buys Izoold's most famous souvenir, red blowfish cakes. Wait. Why do I know all this stuff, anyway?
: Lady Marta, you have discovered one of the Centurion of Darkness' seven hidden talents. I call it "midnight hypno-study." It would appear my hours of whispering random facts in your ear as you sleep have finally paid off.
: Isn't that sort of a useless "hidden talent?"
: Seriously! Brainwash me into knowing something useful next time!

Skit Video: Being Popular
: Izoold...
: What's wrong, Raine? You look sort of pale.
: It's nothing. I just have some bad memories of it.
: It may not be much, but I'll do what I can to protect you!
: Thank you. Though some things you can't really protect against.
: Calm down Marta. Count to ten.
: Marta? Are you okay?
: I'm fine. I made up my mind. Things are different between us now. So I'll just--
: Being popular is no cakewalk, huh?

Video Record

: Good idea. Come to think of it, I'm pretty hungry.
: Okay, I'll fix us some food.
: Perhaps I could help?
: I'll help, too.
: Um... Maybe it'd be best if you two sat this one out. People are going to eat this food, after all.
: What did you say?
: Just what do you mean by that?!
: I'd say it, but I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. Hey, Emil, can you get some firewood?
: Sure.

: Emil...
: Richter!

: Huh?!

: Stay on your guard, you fool! It's coming!

Tidal Wave has problems with enemies that are too far from the center of the fight. AGAIN.

: That was scary.
: So that's Ratatosk's power?
: Uh... Yes.

: What?
: It's not attacking us. What's the harm in letting it live?
: Ungh...
: Please!
: You're so naive.

: Richter! Ratatosk isn't a demon lord! If you'd just listen to what Marta and Tenebrae have to say, you'd--
: Ratatosk is my enemy.
Hilarious typo in the game script, that line is written as RATATOSK: Ratatosk is my enemy. Which means that the game script wasn't generated automatically, but by a sperglord who cared enough about this game to type it all in.
: Why? I--

: What is this? What is--
: Emil?!

: I don't know. I've been having these strange visions. Memories.
: Memories?
: Where you're trying to kill me and-- ungh...
: Easy. Don't try to talk.
: Gasps It's going away.
: You should hurry back to Marta and get some rest. I'll let the two of you go for today.
: Why are you being so nice to me?
: I don't recall being nice. Now get out of my sight before I change my mind.
: Okay.
: And don't worry about those visions. It was probably a dream. They say dreams where you die are good luck.
: Richter...

: Wait, is Richter in love with Emil?
: Don't go updating your shipping grid yet.
: Go, already!
: R-Right!

: Took you long enough!
: Y-Yeah. I got attacked by this monster.
: Oh, are you hurt?
: No. Sorry if I made you worry.
: So, where's the firewood?
: Uh... I'm sorry.

If you have too many "points" and don't get to the core fast enough, you get this scene instead when Lloyd enters.

Game Script posted:

<The party didn't reach the core fast enough>
???: Demon Fang!
(Suddenly, a blast of energy blows Marta off the altar. The others look up in
surprise. Lloyd now stands at the altar, clutching the core and another of his
The mysterious jewel hunter, Lloyd Irving, is here.
(Lloyd tosses his mask and somersaults over the others.)
I'll be taking Centurion Ignis' core with me.
(Lloyd spatters several stupid posters up on the wall like silly string)
: (Gasps angrily) Who do you think you are?!
(Lloyd keeps walking, silent. Emil angrily draws his sword)
: Wait Emil!
(Emil hesitates. Marta looks at Lloyd)
: Lloyd Irving tell us! Why are you collecting the Centurions' cores?
(Lloyd backs away, facing them)
: Marta and I are doing all of this in order to save this world. We have to find all of the Centurions' cores and wake up Ratatosk.
: Please! Give us Ignis' core!
(Lloyd draws his twin swords. Genis and Raine look shocked)
No, you hand over Ventus' core to me.
: Marta, let's just take back the Centurion's core by force! Why even try to reason with this murderous man who killed innocent people in Palmacosta in cold-blood?!

It also changes part of the Richter scene later, when he talks about the visions.

Game Script posted:

<If Lloyd took Ignis's core>
: [Um...] There's something I want to ask you about.
: Too bad.
: But...
: [Ungh...] ...
: [Hunh] ...
: (Turns around, angrily) Damn it! Don't give me that pitiful look! Fine, I'll listen. What is it?
: [Th-]Thank you. You see, I've been having these strange visions lately.
: Visions?
: They feel like memories and you're trying to kill me in them. But nothing like that's ever happened.
: Maybe you're seeing the future, where someday I do actually kill you.
: (Flustered) [N-]No, that can't be it! You saved my life just now!
: [Hmmph.] Things change. You never know.
: [Ungh...] ...
: Are you afraid now? Then hurry back to Marta and get some rest. (Turns around) I'll let the two of you go for today.

Next time: Chapter Four, and some ultra-blatant retreading of the first game.