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Part 20: Update 20

Update 20

Video Record

: Oh man. I gotta admit I haven't seen too many massacres, but that sure seems like one.

Injured Man: Lloyd, he...
: Did you say Lloyd?!
: Did Lloyd Irving do this to you?!
Injured Man: Yes, it was Lloyd. He came and attacked the city...
: Hang on! Stay with me!
: He's gone.
: Th-This is horrible.
: I must find out what happened here.

Skit Video: Where is Lloyd?
: It's just like at Palmacosta. How could he do something so horrible?
: Emil...
: Damn it, Lloyd! Where are you?!
: He couldn't have gotten far. Let's track him down before he can leave town.

: But you heard what those people said! They said that Lloyd did this!
: That is true, but...

I posted in the thread that the game is fond of afterimages, here's a particularly blatant one.
: Face the facts! Lloyd did all this, just like he destroyed Palmacosta and Luin!

: Lloyd? Holy shit!

: Lloyd, wait!

: I can't believe it. You despised this kind of cruelty--you more than anyone! Answer me, Lloyd!
I'm in a hurry.
: If I'd been there, Lloyd would have found himself with a sudden neck wound.
: You don't really seem like the violent type. I mean, you didn't...
: I could take Lloyd. Plus that fucking comment, and his fucking behavior here.
: Hey, don't tell me you have a mode where you get red eyed and angrier.
: *AHEM* No, something else happens when I get really angry. Let's continue, sorry for the interruption.
: You bastard!

You've improved.
: What?!
Looks like I'll have to speed things up.

I think they forgot to animate something.

I don't really like Lloyd's escape animation either.
: Come back, you coward!
: So that's what Lloyd's become.
: Yes. He's like that every time we see him. Why does he keep doing these horrible things?!
: So Regal, what's it gonna be? We're gonna pay that bastard back for all this. You still wanna come with us?
: If I recall correctly, your objective is to get all of the Centurions' cores.
: It's the same thing.
: Not quite. Doesn't locating the cores take priority?
: But would you be able to fight against Lloyd, if it comes down to that?
: If necessary, yes. That wasn't the Lloyd that I know. I want to know why he's changed so drastically. And then, I want to save him, just like Lloyd saved me. I don't want to burden you, but I hope you would allow me to travel with you a while longer.
: I... I trust you, Regal. You treat a kid like me as if I were an adult, an equal. I haven't met too many people like that before.
: And you're no burden at all. We'd be happy to have you along.
: Thank you.
: So how should we proceed? Shall we follow Lloyd?
: Like Regal said, the most important thing isn't revenge--it's the Centurions' cores.
: There's supposed to be a Centurion's core around here, it's where Celsius used to be, right?
: Hmm... In that case, I'll show you the way. But first, I think we should do whatever we can to help the people of this city.
: Yes! I was going to say the same thing.
: Me too! Heh... I think you're rubbing off on me, Emil. Now when I see someone in need, my first instinct is to help them.
: Then let's split up for now--we can help more people that way. We'll meet back here once things have settled down.
: Right! Emil, you take the church!

: Oh, Emil. The city was hit hard, but they should be able to get back on their feet with the right help. I'll need to contact my company's disaster recovery division for assistance.
: Why does he have his prison uniform with him again?
: I don't like to dwell on it.
: Anyway, disaster recovery division?
: Lezareno's disaster recovery division was formed after the Kingdom of Tethe'alla decided to have contractors handle it rather than a government agency. George was able to manage the assets involved to ensure that they were able to be used when there wasn't a disaster and returned to disaster relief service quickly when there was.
: How do you know all that?
: What's the point of being eight millennia old if you're not a lorekeeper?
: Your clothes.
: I gave them to one of the injured. It gets pretty cold here at night. They're thin, but they're better than nothing. And...
: And?
: We're going after Lloyd. There's no telling what may happen. Those clothes are not appropriate for fighting. For my friend I shall endure these clothes, this humiliation for a while.

BTW if you didn't watch the Video Record above, here's a link to this scene directly.

: Please make her crazy about me.
: The smell's coming from this guy.
: And then, make her say she likes me, and she'll hold my hand, and give me a long, passionate kiss, and she'll say "Decus, I could never live without you!" and then she'll plead with me and say "Marry me, I love you!"

: That guy is the skeeziest guy I've ever met.
: What does that even mean?
: It's sort of a portmanteau of sketchy and sleazy.
: Ah. Just another reminder I'm not exactly young and hip.
: Uh, Nothing.

: What?

: Huh?!

: No, I don't--

: Ok does this guy have a medical disorder of some kind? Is he having a seizure? The way he moves is creeping me out.
: Well he's a bit subnormal but not really otherwise. Some people are just that messed up through their own actions.
: But perhaps this little rendezvous was meant to happen. I shall leave you with a gift of some of my ever-fragrant "Eau de Seduction."

: Farewell!
: What was that guy?

: Yes!

I'm gonna leave this here:

The guy that did the Game Script posted:

*TRANSCRIBER'S NOTE: Amazing. Within the thirty seconds since we met him, this guy has managed to completely out-gay Zelos.

: It looks like things have started to calm down.
: I'm glad we could help. Though I wish they weren't needed in the first place.
: By the way, did you see Raine or Genis?
: No.
: I see.
: That worries me. They should have gotten here before us.
: Do you think they got caught in the attack?
: Fretting over that now won't accomplish anything. Shall we depart to retrieve the Centurion's core?
: Tenebrae, you can be so cold-hearted.
: Why would you say that?

Citizen: Hey wait a moment!

: You're--
Citizen: Thanks a lot for helping out. Because of that foul-smelling guy, people were avoiding the church area, but you stepped right in to help.
: Oh, it was nothing.
Citizen: Anyway, I wanted you to have this. I bought it from a merchant that just came back from Mizuho.
: What is it?
Citizen: He said it allows you to walk on water! I have no use for it, so I want you to have it. Come on take it. It's a show of our appreciation. Well, thanks again!
: So, he just gave us something he doesn't want? He could've given us something better.
: True.
: Mizuho? Is this some kind of setup for something?

Skit Video: Previous Discussion
: If I may bring up our previous discussion.
: Huh? Which one?
: You mentioned that I was "so cold-hearted." Though it may seem that way, in actuality I am quite kind.
: Oh, that.
: Yes. For example, if a monster is near death and suffering, I do not hesitate to use my powers to bring them under my control. And in battle, I always make sure to finish off an opponent, no matter how much they beg, before they have a chance to regret fighting me.
: And that's being kind?
: Yes. Among Centurions, I am known for my moderation.

Skit Video: Lloyd of the Past
: How could Lloyd not answer me?
: You still want to save him somehow, don't you?
: He is my friend.
: What kind of person was Lloyd before?
: Well, he was an optimistic, straightforward, and compassionate young man. He followed his heart, so he tended to act without thinking through his actions, but I found that innocence to be a positive trait.
: That doesn't sound anything like the Lloyd I know.
: That may be. I wish I could somehow introduce you to the Lloyd I once knew. Maybe then you'd understand how confused I am at this situation.
: The flow of time cannot be reversed. No, there are those who can manage the task, but for humans it's exceedingly difficult.
: It's not THAT hard.
: Hey, you had some pretty impressive help. Besides, I recall you being more of a time travel passenger.
: Indeed. And as much as I long to see the Lloyd of old, we must deal with him as he is now. My apologies for having broached such a topic.

Video Record

: Is it normally much colder here?
: Yes. This whole area used to be covered in snow and ice.

: Hi guys!
: You're all right!
: Did something happen?
: It was terrible. When we got to Flanoir...
: As always, skipping explanation of stuff you just heard.
: No way. All those poor townspeople.
: This is very strange. Flanoir has never opposed the Church of Martel.
: Raine, is that all you have to say?!
: This is important. Why would Lloyd attack Flanoir?
: Maybe he just wanted to kill more people.
: No, that doesn't make sense. You fought Lloyd before, but he chose not to kill you.
: I see what you mean. All the cities attacked up until now had been opposed to the Church of Martel, or at least suspected of it.
: Come to think of it, why did you two come this way?
: Oh, right! We discovered something terrible, too! We came to look for the Centurion's core, but--
: Lloyd got to it first?!
: Not Lloyd. An accessory seller has it.
: What?!
: We ran into the owner of an accessory shop just as we arrived. He was carrying the Centurion's core. When we asked him to hand it over, he said he couldn't possibly part with such a valuable item.
: Most unfortunate. That man is in danger.
: You're right. The core will warp the soul of any normal person who handles it.
: Affected parties are typically consumed with the desire to destroy everything in sight. He may become violent, or even murderous.
: I'm struck by the fact that nobody has considered that maybe these things aren't so good.
: The only one who really does adult-level reasoning about that kind of stuff is Raine, and she's hypnotized by their ancientness.
: If that's true, wouldn't that explain Lloyd's attack on Flanoir?
: You mean it's the Centurion's core that's making him act this way?
: We have to go after Lloyd! Which way was his Rheiard headed?
: Um... To the south, I think.
: South from here. He could be headed for Meltokio.
: We'll leave Lloyd to you two. The rest of us will go after the Centurion's core.
: Yeah send the squishy spellcasters to confront a sword-wielding maniac by themselves. Great plan.
: Regal, are you sure?
: I'm the one who requested to come along, remember?
: Then that means we'll be parting ways with you two again.
: You guys will go after the Centurions' cores, and we'll go after Lloyd.
: The odds are good that our paths will cross again soon. Until then, be careful.
: Right!
: Well then, farewell.
: Oh Raine, about that letter... I read every word.
: Wait, does that mean that you two are?
: Thanks, Regal. Okay, Genis, let's go.

: Ah, The passion of love. It makes my heart race!
: Anyway, we should find that accessory shop in town. Let's go.
: Aww, He was embarrassed, how cute! Emil, if you wrote me a letter, I'd read every word of it, too.<3 Oops, I'm not supposed to say things like that, right? Sorry.
: No, it's fine.

Skit Video: Mature Relationship
: I'm so jealous.
: Why is that, Marta?
: I was just thinking what it would be like to be in a mature relationship like Regal and Raine. I mean it's so exciting.
: A mature relationship? You mean like having meddling in-laws, being so poor you have to share a tiny piece of bread between the two of you, huddling under a single blanket to ward off the cold at night.
: Agh! That's so romantic!
: I was trying to be funny.

Skit Video: History of Mana
: It's so cold.
: Yes. Though it's much warmer here than it was before.
: It's hard to believe things like this happen just because Ratatosk is asleep.
: Lord Ratatosk brought us, the Centurions, together to command the monsters and restore balance to the mana flow. It's the only way to maintain stability in a world where mana didn't originally exist.
: Wait, what? Martel, that's not what you told us.
: What do you mean by that?
: Isn't mana the source of all life?
: According to Lord Ratatosk, initially this world was without mana. As the mana from the comet Derris-Kharlan accumulated here, the Giant Kharlan Tree took root, and forever changed the environment of this world.
: How long ago did that happen?
: Let's see. About 10,000 years ago, at the very least.
: That long ago. It boggles the mind to think about it.

: What the fuck. If Mana isn't the source of all life then what the hell was the point of what the Seraphim and Party of Regeneration did? Or for that matter, the stuff I was involved in?
: It's difficult to explain. To answer Regal's question about Mana being the source of all life, it's not. There's many types of life. How much do you know about cosmology?
: Nothing whatsoever.
: WHAT? And somebody taught you the Black Hole and Big Bang spells?
: Yeah, books taught them to me.
: Who the hell leaves tomes of Black Hole and Big Bang lying around?!?!? Anyway. In this dimension, Mana-based life is the norm. Other dimensions can have more exotic kinds of life, like Fonon-based life or Quark-based life. Before the advent of the Giant Kharlan tree this place was like the surface of one of the moons.
: So there wasn't any life here?
: Well, a little. Mostly microbes and stuff that had come over from Niflheim. I didn't say there was no non-Mana life here after all.
: ...
: Anyway, it's possible to transition a life form from one kind of being to another.
: Huh?
: Yeah. It's not normally a good idea, but it's happened a few times - Abyssion became a Demon when he revived Nebillim, for example.

Old Man: Hmm... Something I can help you with?
: ?
: Umm, Yes. We heard the owner of this shop brought back a strange jewel with him.
Old Man: Oh, that. My son couldn't find any buyers for it, so he figured he might as well dump it back where he found it.
: Man, he got discouraged fast. Raine was actually reasonably well off at that point IIRC. You'd think he'd go back and take her offer.
: We must have just missed him.
: Let's hurry after him!
: Excuse me, what happened to the previous owner of this shop?
Old Man: Hmm? I've always been the owner here. Perhaps you're mistaken?
: Really.
: Regal, let's get going.
: Right.
: Ooooh shit.

Skit Video: Quick-Jump?
: Are you serious? The Temple of Ice again?
: I know. If we'd just hung out there a bit, we might've caught the accessory shop owner in the first place.
: This sort of inconvenience is not uncommon. Anyway, I'm afraid we don't have much choice.
: It just seems like a waste of time.
: Hopefully we'll get an option to just quick-jump there.
: "Quick-jump?"
: Ah, Never mind.

Next Time: Hey I think there are bad guys that haven't kicked puppies recently.