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Part 36: Update 36

Update 36
Due to the obscene amount of images, this update got split in two.

Anyway the gimmick of the dungeon is getting your pass rank increased.

Also a quick digression on Unison Attacks. What's funny is that third-movement attacks are in general MUCH STRONGER than the silly and time-consuming Ars Nova love-love attack, despite the fact that Ars Nova has probably more onerous requirements and takes longer to play out.

This is the earth-elemental one, for the big tree. Notice how they don't really look like much of anything.

I'm not gonna complain about the damage though.

: Okay.

This is the dark-elemental one.

Slightly less damage, IIRC the vanguard here are frequently wind-elemental and thus take extra earth damage.

This room is dumb, you have to search until you hit the right spot to trigger the cutscene.

Video Record

: Yes, it seems that way, but I feel her presence coming from this floor. I am sure of it.
: Maybe there's a hidden door, like how we found you, Emil.
: I wonder what we should do.

: Huh, slow that down.

: Ok where'd Sheena's momentum go?
: Remember that parachute I mentioned?
: The "not appearing in this view" parachute?
: Yeah, it's completely transparent and silent.
: You are kidding me. If you say you are not I will be pissed.
: Ninjas.
: My brain hurts again.

: Sheena!
: Whoa, Jubblies! You're all right!

: I'll smack you!
: Oww! I think you meant that to be past tense!
: What the heck are you guys doing here?
: Uhhh... Well you see...
: Wait, wait, just tell me later. But I'm glad you're here! You can help me out. We need to rescue Marta.
Sheena's really going up in points here. She prevented them from doing a fadeout/explain bit.
: Marta's here?!
: Yep, I was looking for Regal and I just happened to stumble upon Marta. It took me completely by surprise since I thought I sent her out of the city. She's in the stockroom, just past this well. You can get in through a crawlspace above the ceiling. Follow me!
: Oh man, she expects us to jump up there?
: I'll carry you.

: You don't seem fazed at all.
: Yeah. Well, it's Colette.
: Emil says something smart? What is this madness?

: Really?

: The Church of Martel's riling Tethe'allans and trying to destroy the Sylvaranti. Or have you already forgotten? And let us not forget they are also responsible for the death of your mother! Now is the time for us to revive the Sylvarant Dynasty and to restore the pride of the Sylvaranti!
: It's true that some of the people in the Church have done some horrible things. But so have you! You attacked Palmacosta and blamed it on the Church! If you have a problem with the Church or the Tethe'allan people, then you should've found some other way to resolve it!
: Means and methods are insignificant in the eyes of justice.
: Justice? What justice?! You aren't interested in saving the people of Sylvarant! The only thing you want is to become king!

Holy shit this dude is cracked out.

That was not a cue to look even more cracked out.
: Then together we will crush the Church of Martel and the Tethe'allans!
: No, Daddy! You're the one who's infected! Solum's core is warping your mind! Please wake up! Please stop doing all of these terrible things.

: Marta...
: Oh yeah, he's gone! Good luck trying to reason with that guy.
: All we need to do is somehow incapacitate him and retrieve Solum's core. Once Lady Marta has hatched it, most of the harmful effects should dissipate.
: Either way, we still need to rescue Marta first. We should be able to get down from the vent up ahead. Let's hurry.

: The great Zelos Wilder, and his hunnies!
: Get serious!
Vanguard Soldier: Shut up!
: Give Marta back!

: They put only ONE guard on Marta's room?

: Emil! You came for me!
: I'm sorry. I never should have believed Alice.
: No, it's my fault for letting my guard down.

: Colette. And Sheena and Zelos, too!
: I'm here as well.
: I would never forget you. Thank you, Tenebrae.
: So then, what's next?
: Like Tenebie was saying, we should get Solum's core back from Marta's father. Then Brute will return to his senses, right?
: Yeah. At this point, I think that's the only way I can get Daddy to listen to reason.
: I wonder where he went.
: He said he was staying in the president's office.
: Then it's time to raid the president's office.

Skit Video: Get Your Words Straight
: Dearest Marta, am I glad to see you safe and sound! If we lost you, I'm not sure the people of this world would ever be the same.
: That's a bit over the top.
: No, Marta dear. You simply don't know your own value. You are far more lovely than any blossom. You sparkle more brightly than any diamond.
: U-um...
: Sorry, Marta. Looks like the last of his screws finally came loose.
: Was I talking to you, Sheena? You don't have anything going for you but your chest.
: I'm gonna smack you for that!
: OW! Ouch! H-Hold on, that was a kick! Get your words straight!

Skit Video: Army of Spies
: Man, what is with this building? It's more like a fortress than an office. Is Lezareno making stuff that really needs this much protection?
: I know Regal would never make anything dangerous. I'll bet whatever they make here is really fun!
: What makes you say that? The security in this place is pretty extreme.
: Hmm... I've got it! They must be for training spires.
: Spies?
: Yeah, that has to be it! I'll bet they're training an army of spies to hide in cardboard boxes and steal top secret info from rival companies.
: Why cardboard boxes?
: On the battlefield, you must make use of everything around you.
: Why'd you have a gruff male voice just now?
: Slow down, Colette. Wouldn't that make Regal some sort of nefarious corporate overlord?
: Oh, I guess you're right. Then they're training an army of spies to save the world from evil companies everywhere.
: Maybe we should move away from the "army of spies."

Skit Video: Sheena's Feelings
: You said you met Lloyd, right?
: Yes.
: Did he say anything to you?
: Hmm... Oh, he did ask if you were doing okay.
: Really?! Wha... nuh... Now why would he--
: You know, you fell in that hole back at the Vanguard base, and he wanted to make sure you weren't hurt. He may have changed, but he hasn't stopped caring about his close friends.
: Well I'm made of sterner stuff than that. No reason to worry about little old Sheena, no sir.
: Wait, so does Sheena like Lloyd?
: I think that's pretty obvious.

Skit Video: Public Displays of Affection
: Emil!
: What's with the grabbing all of a sudden?
: I was just so happy you came for me!
: Oh, w-well, yeah, I-I'm glad you're okay.
: Emil...
: Y-Yes?
: Why won't you hug me back?
: That's I...
: Meanie.
: I would argue that forcing others to watch your public displays of affection is considerably more cruel.
: Sorry.

: Genis! Raine! Presea!
: I'm so glad you're all right.
: Emil! You're still here?! And what are you doing with Zelos, Colette and Sheena?
How surprised they are seems to lend support to the theory that they expected Emil and co to get owned providing a distraction for them.
: Hah! Lots of things happened on this side, too.
: Marta was captured for like 5 minutes because we trusted Alice, which is the dumbest thing.
: I see. So it seems we still don't know where Regal is.
: Yeah, by the time I came back to save him, he was gone.
: Regal has a tremendous influence within the world of Tethe'alla. I doubt the Vanguard would simply kill him.
: If we can restore Brute's sanity, perhaps we can get the Vanguard out of Altamira and save Regal as well.
: Right. Marta, are you ready for what we're about to do?
: Yes. I'm going to get my Daddy back! I'm sorry for dragging you all into this, but I'll need your help just a little bit longer.
: We're glad too! Isn't that right?
: Thank you.
: All right, here we go!

Video Record

: Let's start a countdown until some improbable event rescues him.

: Uh, how exactly is Alice going to kill Regal with a TOY RAPIER? It doesn't even have a point on the end.

: I would guess cervical dislocation.
: Isn't that relatively painless? I'd figure Alice would object to that.
: Stop it!
: You coward!
: It's obvious that you don't understand. Means and methods are insignificant in the eyes of justice!

: Eyah!

Now, Emil!

And now we're actually fighting Brute for real.

Like many caster enemies from ToS1...

...he can teleport.

Unfortunately the "caster" part of "caster enemy" is a real problem.

Usually in ToS1 caster enemies that came at you by themselves were very difficult to interrupt. Even some that had friends were. But just slapping Brute a bit will stop him from casting spells. And he likes to cast spells a lot SOOOOOOO...

He does have a few non-spell attacks.

He doesn't have THAT much HP. I honestly think fighting Decus again would be harder, even with my increased level.

Actually got off a spell there and it's not doing much.

Wolfdale is some kind of knockback Arte that he uses (note the 1 damage) that I never really got a good look at because the only time he used it he was getting Photoned). It seems to also apply a can't-be-comboed effect to him.

And he has a Mystic Arte oh shit this will be bad.

This attack deals Dark damage in a cone.

I think this is the only reprise of ToS1's Gravity Well in the entire series.

Another "dark cone" attack.

He uses Ragnarok twice like every other Mania-difficulty fight with a Mystic Arte. Also, Rest the Spirit is a Sync ability (I think it's on the dark mermaid caster but I don't recall right now), which can apparently trigger from enemy Mystic Artes as well as my own.

Unfortunately he follows Ragnarok up with casting rather than attacking, allowing me to heal up again.

Nithafioll (incidentally I can't seem to find anything googling this, I figured it'd be some norse legend repurposed stupidly) fires dark projectiles from his staff. Unfortunately the origin point is too high for most of them to hit.

I need to check and see if the reason I get these ludicrous bonuses is from Mania difficulty. I don't think I'm that much higher level than I should be for this fight, it's just not very threatening.

: Idiot. He's going to get up and choke you or something. There's no way restoring his sanity after all that will be easy.

: Or that.

: Looks like you don't get to reconcile with him Marta. Sorry.

: So what, now Decus does a Dark Ascension as some kind of murder-god?

: Oh thank M... goodness. It would be impossible to take that seriously.

: But Daddy... Daddy's gonna die!

: Quickly now!
: Yes!

: Decus! Over here!

: Marta dear...
: Daddy! Hold on!
: Muhhh... What... What have I been doing?
: Oh come on, it's that easy to restore his sanity after all that shit?
: Don't worry Daddy! I'll use my healing artes right now.
: Marta, agh... I did, your daddy did some very bad things. When did all this begin? I can't even remember anymore. We have to stop the Vanguard.
: Maybe it'll help you avoid the noose Tethe'alla has ready for you.
: Please you mustn't try to talk. It'll only make things worse.
: Tell Richter that I'm dissolving the Vanguard.
: Richter? Why?
: Richter was the one who told me. He said that we could free the Sylvaranti people with the mana cannon. H'agh... He told me to become their king. Heh... It sounds so ridiculous now.
: Oh shit. Richter is the man behind the man.
: Why did I agree? Ever since he handed me Solum's core, my memory, it's all so hazy.

: Yes!
: I'll come with you!

: I will accompany Emil and Marta. You and Colette should stay here.
: You want us to protect Professor Sage, right? Leave it to us!
: Thank you.

Skit Video: Let's Hurry
: I hope Daddy's okay.
: Marta...
: Don't worry. Raine and the others are with him. The best thing we can do for him now is to find a doctor.
: Yeah!
: Let's hurry!

Skit Video: Confusion
: Why? I just don't understand.
: What's wrong?
: I don't get it. Why would Richter want to make an organization like the Vanguard? He's a half-elf. Why would he care about the struggles between Sylvarant and Tethe'alla? It just doesn't make sense.
: I'm guessing to get the Mana Cannon built to take revenge on Ratatosk somehow.
: Emil... I'm sorry. I was in the Vanguard myself, but I didn't know anything. How could I have been so foolish?
: No. I'm the one who was foolish. I hurt your father. I was only thinking of myself.
: It was the only way for you to stop him. Rather than regret what's already been done, let's do everything we can to help him.
: You're right.

Skit Video: Marta's Tears
: Marta. Are you okay?
: I'm sorry. I don't mean to cry. It's just I've been afraid for so long. I was prepared to fight Daddy. But I was so scared.
: He's the only family I have. I know he's committed terrible crimes and that he'll be paying for them the rest of his life. But I'm so glad he's alive.
: I'm glad, too. I really am.
: Thank you, Emil.

Sorry to stop here but that was just too many goddamn images. Next Time: The Terrible Secret of Emil.