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Part 46: Update 46

Update 46

Video Record

: But I had no idea it led to the demonic realm. I mean, before the world regeneration, it was the causeway between the two separated worlds.
: The Giant Kharlan Tree stretched to where the World Tree is now, and spread its roots to the Ginnungagap beyond here. The tree is a bridge that connects worlds. Perhaps that is why you were able to use it as a door between your two separated worlds.
: I sealed away Ratatosk's personality and became Ratatosk myself. I will close the door.
: Understood. Now then, are we ready to go in?
You actually get a choice here, but it doesn't really matter at all, you can leave if you go inside.
: Yes.
: The gate will respond to your will. Lord Emil, concentrate on the Sorcerer's Ring and use it to shoot the ground.

: We can travel to the Ginnungagap from here.
: Let's go.

: So this is the path to the Ginnungagap...
: Richter and the others must be here, too.
: Yes. I sense many humans, and the presence of demons is strong as well. It's very dangerous. Please be careful.
: I understand. Let's go.

Skit Video: Demonic Realm
: Wow, there're a lot more enemies than I expected.
: Yes. Also, it may be my imagination, but my head feels heavy.
: No, you are not mistaken. That is energy flowing outward from the demonic realm. It would seem you are sensitive to the forces of demons.
: Presea, are you okay?!
: Please don't worry about me.
: Lord Ratatosk is currently preventing the energy and inhabitants of the demonic realm from invading this world. However, it won't be too long before the door is opened completely. Unless my lord's power is fully restored, that is.
: Right. We've got to hurry up and get that door shut! Let's go!

Skit Video: Richter's Objective
: Richter, what's he trying to do?
: Good question. He used the Vanguard to create a distraction and buy him time to open the door, but why?
: Would he really sacrifice the entire world to get at me?
: You still trust him, don't you?
: I wouldn't call it trust. It might only be because I look like Aster, but he's always been kind to me. And I think he was sincere. He's not the type of person who would destroy the world. That's what I want to believe.
: Then it's about time we find out whether or not you're right.
: Yeah, who knows, Richter might be willing to talk with you.
: Yeah!

Skit Video: Take My Hand
: I can't lose. No matter what. Even if it means I have to fight Richter.
: Time to say you-know-what.
: Yeah. Courage is the magic that turns dreams into reality.
: Give me your hand. I want to give you whatever power I can.
: Thank you.
: All right! Take my hand as well!
: Mine too!
: And mine.
: Me too.
: Take my power too.
: I may not have much to offer, but--
: Wow, Regal. Your hand is huge!
: Of all the--What are you guys doing? You remember what we're here for, right?
: You guys are killing the mood!

Dungeon Video

This elevator can't take us to the bottom because of eight elemental seals.

A seal is a glowing tree root with a monster in front of it. I guess in theory you're supposed to fight the monster then shoot the tree root.

Except we can aim the Sorcerer's Ring with the Wiimote PAST the monster.

Not pictured: 7 other roots arranged in 2 levels of 4.

: Aahhh!

: Whaaa?! What?!

: What's going on?

: Aaah!

: No way!

: Don't worry about us!

: Ah.

: The Derris Emblem!

: Lloyd! Everyone!
: W-What just happened?
: Amazing. The others must have had the Derris Emblem.
: What's the Derris Emblem? What does it mean if they had it?
: The Derris Emblem was created on the world of Derris-Kharlan. It utilizes any mana surrounding it to protect its owners.
: Protects its owners? But they weren't protected at all!
: That is because you, as Lord Ratatosk, were purposefully avoiding a visit from the owner of the Derris Emblem.
: I was?
: Yes. Long ago, you gave the Derris Emblem to a young half-elf boy and his companions. But you were betrayed by them.
Uh, no this was covered in the previous game, Mithos made it with Origin's help. Honestly this game is trying too hard to fit in with the other games in the same world, and it's just making it stand out more.
: So Ratatosk set a trap in case the owner of the Derris Emblem ever came here?
: Man, I'm surprised Mithos didn't fall for it.
: Mithos never really gave a shit about Ratatosk, and also left the Derris Emblem to protect Welgaia anyway. Ratatosk's face would have been awful red in that event.
: Correct. The others are imprisoned somewhere within this place. The only one who can save them is Lord Ratatosk... that is to say, you, Lord Emil.
: I understand. Let's hurry and look for them!
: Right. They've saved us so many times. Now it's our turn to repay the favor.

Very Cathartic But Annoying Video Record

: Welcome everyone to the Monster Graveyard.
: So you came all the way here, kid.
: Decus...
: There's no reason to do this, Alice. You two were just being controlled by the power of the Centurion's Core. Can't you see that?!
: Who said anything about me being controlled?

: What?
: I was perfectly sane, when I fought you. Because, after all Martmart, I totally despise you.<3
: But why?

: You can't solve anything by yourself. You're so pathetic it makes me sick.<3

: Yeah this isn't the kind of thing that you solve with words.
: I hate hypocrites like you. I couldn't wait to rub your cute little nose in the sad truth of what you really are. I knew if I stayed close to Richter, you'd come to me eventually.
: Decus, the entire Blood Purge incident in Palmacosta, you're the one who's responsible for it, aren't you?!
: Yeah
: Why?! Even if you wanted to save the people of Sylvarant, how could you do that?
: The only one I fight for is Alice! If she were to ask me. All she'd have to do is say the word. I'd sell my soul to the devil for her and never look back.
: I'm going to gain unyielding power! That's what's needed to survive this world. If Richter calls upon demons, I'll use them as well.

: How can you hurt others so easily? How can you hurt Marta?

: You think you're some kind of knight in shining armor, kid? I won't let you hurt Alice!

: I don't care if you hate me, Alice! Why can't you realize it's wrong to turn the world into a demonic realm just so you can gain power?

: Why is it wrong if the world is turned into the demonic realm? No matter what the world turns into, I will survive and persevere with my own powers.
: And I will stand right by Alice!
: Then I'll stop you! Those who rely on power will be doomed BECAUSE of power!
: Marta's actually right here. Those who rely too much on power have a tendency to set themselves up as targets, either for those seeking to prove their own power, or treachery.
: Hah! As if you would know what having power entails! You're nothing but a powerless spoiled brat!
: The only reason you're obsessed with power is because you're powerless yourself!
: Don't be ridiculous! I'm not gonna lose to anyone! Not to you, OR to demons! I will best anyone that mistreats us with my OWN powers!
: The time for chit-chat is over! Taste the combined forces of our power!

Mid-battle dialog done, Alice has a lot of attacks with names that are supposed to combine her cuteness and her craziness. I have no idea what half these do because I annihilated her. Keep in mind I'm at the minimal level to do an optional side dungeon that will go away before this point on normal, and this is set to mania. Also keep in mind that almost everything she does is interruptible by damage.

I can't wait to get rid of this fucker too.

Decus doesn't actually have any new tricks.

Marta gained many fewer levels than Emil did there because she's using that weapon that reduces XP.

I reloaded to try to capture a few more of Alice's moves. I appear to be incorrect about Gravity Well not appearing again.

Alice's attacks have weird names.

She seemed really reluctant to use her Mystic Arte.
Click here to see her Mystic Arte.

One other thing to point out is that not only can Alice cast First Aid, but she seemed to be trying to resurrect Decus after I'd knocked him off. It sure sounded like she was casting it anyway, it never finished.

: Unhhh... eh... uhhhh... agh...


: No don't feel sorry for her you retard!
: Martmart, agh... I... I--

: Oh hey you got fooled by Alice again. Is it too much to hope for that demons killed everyone and then someone dropped a rock over the exit to trap them?

: No no no no. SHANK HER!

: Now you're getting beaten up by a little girl who you just defeated in battle. WTF.


: Du-haaaaagh...

: Alice... GASP you always said that that I disgust you, but I...

1/4 annoying torsos dead.

: Uh, you really should have said that sooner. BTW if you cast those healing spells you have there's still a slim chance to save him.

: Uh, you were, like, trying to kill him. That kind of thing happens.

: Agh... Ma... unnn... Martmart... Agh...
: Go ahead. You can hate me all you want, but I... I won't ever let you hurt Emil.
: Aghhh... I never thought that... that you'd actually do it. Agh... Who would have known that you'd be the one to kill me.

: Decus, agh... don't worry. I'll be with you again soon. Soon, we'll be together.

2/4 annoying torsos dead.

: but I know one thing the Vanguard wasn't responsible for it. I think Alice lived the way she wanted to live. She was exactly who she wanted to be. Wishing we could have saved her is just ego on our part.
: Yes, that's exactly correct. Some people can't be saved.
: Wanting to save everyone is nice, but you gotta be realistic sometimes. Why do you seem so sad, anyway?
: It's not for Alice or Decus I can assure you.
: Even so, I just hate all of this.
: I know. Believe me, I wanted to save Decus and Alice as well. And that's why I want to save Richter, too.
: Emil...
: I was the one who started all of this, so I'm sure this is just my own ego talking, but... Richter was the very first person who gave me courage when I was still weak.
: Emil, I wish for Richter to live through this as well. But I have my own reasons for that. Not for altruistic ones like yours. I want him to take responsibility for what the Vanguard did along with Daddy.
: Yes I know. Come on, Marta. Let's go. Let's go and finish our journey.
: Yeah.

Skit Video: What Is Love? Part 2
: I guess I'm no better than Alice. When she attacked Emil like that, I didn't even hesitate. I had no problem hurting someone for my own petty reasons.
: Do you think so? I see the situation somewhat differently.
: Hmm?
: You fought out of love for another person. Alice fought out of love for herself. To me, the motivations are as different as night and day.
: I...
: That is not to say what you did was right. But regardless of whether it was right or wrong, is that not love?
: Uhm...

Next Time: More boss fight, more love.