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Part 15: Update 13

Update 13

Sorry for this update being a bit short. I miscalculated how much footage I had/need.

Skit #182: Mystery of the Imposters

: I suppose that would make their ignoble leader Lloyd.
: Ahahahaha. Yeah he's just like him!

: And that girl would be Colette, and the magic-user would be me.
: Oh, then...that one that looks like a big ape is...
: Genis?
: No! It's gotta be Kratos!
: ...

Sidequest! Kratos trains Lloyd! I'm not sure I can complete this on Hard Path, but I'll give it a shot.

: ...Maybe I should train some, too....
: If you're serious, I will train you. Well?
: Kratos's training? This should be good.
: Please.
: Very well.

: You're wide open.
: What?! How?
: Fighting with two swords deviates from the way in which swords were originally intended to be used. The difficulty increases your vulnerability.
: That's weird. If one sword has a power of 100, then using two will make it 200, right?
: ...Are you telling me that's the reason you chose to fight with two swords?
: Yeah.
: ...
: Wh..what? Why do you look at me with pity?!
: ...I'm sorry.

I try to go get the statue for Koton, but then I get interrupted.

: What is it?
: I have a message from Dorr. He would like you to temporarily cease the journey of regeneration.
: What is this about?
: A Church of Martel pilgrimage tour guide has been kidnapped by the Desians. In light of this, Dorr has decided that this is the time to gather Palmacosta's forces and launch an attack on the human ranch controlled by Magnius.
: How is that related?
: We would like you to rescue the kidnapped tour guide in concert with our attack.
: Who is this kidnapped tour guide?
: Her name is Chocolat.
: Chocolat?!
: ...Oh, no.
: Chose One, please help us.
: Lloyd. Let's help them.
: Yeah. A woman's been kidnapped. If you're a real man, you have to rescue her!
: Releasing the seals comes first.
We get a choice here, but it doesn't matter except for relationship points. I chose this primarily to knock down some relationship totals that are too high.
: ...That's not the answer I would have expected from you.
: I can't believe you, Lloyd! What about the Dwarven Vow?
: ...You're an elf, remember? Oh well, fine. We'll do it.
: Thank you! Neil will inform you of the details once you reach the ranch.

: Neil! We heard Chocolat's been kidnapped!
: ...Yes. I wish to speak with you regarding that. Please, come this way...
: ...It doesn't sound like you have very good news for us.
: I would like you all to just go ahead and leave the Palmacosta region.
: But if we do that, what will happen to Chocolat?
: Yeah! We're supposed to work in conjunction with the Palmacosta army to save Chocolat, right?
: No, that's...
: is a trap.
: ...Of the several possibilities, it looks like the worst one came true.
: Kratos and Professor! What are you talking about?
: It was a mystery that the Desians would simply leave a city with an army alone.
: Yes, exactly. Choosing not to crush the seeds of rebellion must mean they are not a threat... They are left alone simply because they have no real power, or perhaps, because they are in fact beneficial...
: ...It is as you say. Dorr is working with the Desians to lead the Chosen into a trap.
: Why would he do such a thing?
: He didn't used to be like this... He always thought of the well-being of the people of the city. Even five years ago, when he lost his wife, Clara, he swore to fight against the Desians.
: Then why...
: I don't know. At any rate, entering the ranch now will put the Chosen in danger. Leave Chocolat to me and please, go on your way. Please regenerate the world as soon as possible.
: ...Indeed. It would be best to abandon the situation here for world regeneration.
: No! I can't just ignore this!
: Colette's right. If we leave things as they are now, Palmacosta may be destroyed just like Iselia. You think so, too, don't you, Lloyd?!
: Yes, what you say is true. But I still wish to side with Kratos. If you don't want to see cities destroyed, you should avoid contact with the Desians.
: No, that's not right. Regenerating the world and saving the people in front of us are not exclusive of each other. That's what I think.
: If that is how you feel, Colette, then we do not have any right to stop you. The only one who has the right to make decisions on this journey is you, the Chosen One. Is that all right with you, Lloyd?
: That was my intention from the beginning. Remember what I said? I'm going to destroy them all.
: Still...
: It's all right. Colette is saying this is what she wants.
: Now, then, we have two courses we can take. The first one is to go on ahead and infiltrate the ranch and rescue Chocolat and the other captives. Now that things have come to this, if we leave the ranch alone, it will surely result in a second Iselia. Our second option is to confirm Door's true motives. If he has planned a trap, then he knows the layout of the ranch well. ...Let's let him talk for a bit.
: What are you going to do to Dorr?
: ...You'd better not ask that. Raine's punishment is painful.
: *Slap*
: Thinking logically, dealing with Dorr first is the correct choice.
: What do you think, Lloyd?
: Let's return to Palmacosta. We'll hear what Dorr has to say first.
Another choice here. I'm opting to boost my Raine relationship a bit, because she is TOTALLY AWESOME. This one actually does affect the order of events.
: Yeah.
: But let's save Chocolat as soon as we can. I'm sure she's scared and lonely by herself.
: My, even Lloyd makes rational decisions sometimes.
: So it seems. Well then...let's go.
: What should I...
: Stay here. We're going to put the squeeze on your commander. ...It's better if you don't see it.
: Please watch over the status of the ranch from here.
: ...All right.

I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation for all this.
Youtube backup.

: I think I hear voices from below.
: ...Really? I don't hear anything.
: There's no one here. We should head down to the basement.
: Yeah.

: Not yet. You still haven't paid us enough Gald. You've been paying us less and less.
: This is the best I can do! The tolls, the municipal taxes, the offerings to the Church of Martel...there's nowhere left to squeeze more money from!
: Well, I suppose this will do...for today. I'm sure Lord Magnius will remove the demon seed depending on your next contribution.
: Father...
: Just a little while longer. Just a little more an...and Clara will be back to normal. I'll raise the fees on the pilgrimages and...
: What's the meaning of this?!

: What's the matter? You look like you just saw a ghost.
: Um, Lloyd, that's a really cliched line.
There's supposed to be a mark on the 'e' there, but I couldn't get it to show up right.
: Shut up, Genis!
: What are you doing here?! Neil! Where's Neil?!
: I'm afraid Neil's not here.
: So...Neil betrayed me!
: What's wrong with your wife? Has she been taken hostage or something?
: Hostage?...Don't make me laugh. If you want to see my wife...
: She's right here!

: !!
: Ahh! Wh...what's that monster?
: She's crying...she's crying out in pain... You mustn't call her a monster...
: You don't mean...
: That's right. This is what's become of my wife, Clara!
: So that's why you told everyone she passed away.
: My father, the previous Governor-General, was a fool. Because of his defiant stance against the Desians, they killed him, then planted the demon seed in my wife as a warning. If I cooperate with them, they will give me the medicine to save her.
: But...that means you're betraying the people in this city!
: What do I care? We'll never escape the rule of the Desians anyway.
: Colette will...the Chosen will save the world!
: The Chosen's journey of world regeneration is not absolute. Don't forget that the last one ended in failure! Besides, the people of this city are satisfied with my way. They just don't know I'm working for the Desians.
: Shut up! What do you mean, your "way"?! I'm sorry about your wife. But think of all those people who believed in you, only to be sent off to the ranch! Any of them may have wound up just like your wife!
: Silence boy! Stop acting like your justice is absolute!
: Where do you get off? Don't even start spewing the word, "justice"! I hate that word! If you wanted to save your wife, you should have resigned your position as Governor-General and searched for a cure, or help, or whatever! You're a worthless jerk who couldn't give up his social status even for his own wife!
: Lloyd, please stop! Not everyone's strong enough to stand up against the Desians. Please, stop this!...
: Not everybody is strong enough to fight back. That's always one of the problems.
: Colette...
: What if we go and get the medicine you mentioned? Then you wouldn't have to side with the Desians anymore.
: You...forgive me for what I've done?
: It's not our place to forgive you. That's up to the people of this city. But I know Martel will forgive you. The Goddess Martel is always within you, awaiting your own, personal regeneration.
: Within me?
: Absurd!

: The Goddess Martel would never lend her aid to an inferior human being!
: Damn, this might actually cross the threshold on top twenty most fucked up things I've ever seen.
: What are you doing?!
: How could you do that to your own father?!
: That's a laugh.

: I was merely assigned to observe the new human cultivation technique, developed by Magnius. There's no way that a superior half-elf such as I, could have a fool of a father like this!
: That's a rather silly statement. Where do you think a HALF-elf comes from, after all?
: A...fool of a father?...
: Just look at him! He didn't even notice that his own daughter was dead...because he was too busy chasing after medicine that doesn't order to save his monster wife! Hahahaha!
: You!...
: How could you!

Bitch needs to die.
Youtube backup.

Acid Rain debuffs your def. Other than that, it's fairly straightforward and rather underwhelming after the hard path, even on Mania difficulty. Just a lot of HP to knock off, more than the sword dancer even.

: Fine...then, I'll set this monster free and let it kill you!

: No, not again...! Do I have to kill another innocent victim?

: W...wait!
: ...Is Kilia safe?
: Kilia is...
: Don't worry. It seems your real daughter is fine.
: Lloyd...
: I see. You...your name's Lloyd?
: Yeah...
: Professor Sage, please, help him!

: Please...please save Chocolat. That poor girl...she was just used as a tool to lure you out. The passcode is...3341.
: Got it.
: And...I know this is a selfish request, but...if you somehow find a way to save my wife, please, help her return to her human form. When my daughter comes back, I don't want her to be all alone...
: Okay. I promise.
: Thank you...
: ...Let's get going.
: Kratos! How can you just say that?!
: Settle down, Lloyd. What is it that we must do now?
: ...Rescue Chocolat, then defeat Magnius, the leader of this region.
: Exactly.
: ...Yeah, I know. You're right. I'm sorry.
: Let's go, Lloyd. Let's defeat the Desians.
: ...My healing arts cannot even save one single life?
: They're not really that reliable if the guy's already bled out.
: Professor Sage? Did you say something?
:'s nothing.

Skit #075: He's a Father

: I guess I felt sorry for him. I couldn't tell someone about to die that his daughter was no longer alive, you know?
: ...Yes, I know what you mean. But I wonder if maybe he realized it anyway.
: What? Then why would he ask me?
: I think it's...because he's a father.
: A father...
: There's no parent that doesn't wish for the well-being of their children.
: I wonder if my parents were the same way?...
: Of course.

Skit #074: Parental Love

: So it would seem.
: I wonder if...Mom died protecting me from Desians.
: You don't have any memory of when your mother died?
: I was only three. I hardly remember anything.
: I see...Then the only thing you can do is to live her share as well.
: ...Yeah.

Skit #073: Mystery of the Desians

: Yeah, why?
: I'm more curious about the how rather than the why.
: How? Hmmm...
: The truth may very well be something we're better off not knowing.

If you try to talk to Kilia before you do the ranch subplot, she says this. I didn't want to increase the game's really heavy foreshadowing.

: Oh, uh, Chosen One! Please show me your angel wings again sometime. I can't wait to tell all my friends.
: Kilia! I apologize for my daughter's rudeness....
: Your name's Kilia? Hehe, sure. I'll show them to you again.
Yay! Thank you, Chosen One!