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Part 28: Update 25

Update 25

: Hey, isn't he a Renegade?
: Relax. He's one of our people who've infiltrated the Renegades. It's the easiest way to investigate the declining world of Sylvarant.
: Wow! So you guys even keep tabs on Sylvarant!
: I'm the guard on duty at the moment. Please go in through the entrance now.
: Well then, it's time for us to get in there and get those Rheairds.
: Aren't we in a hurry, Lloyd?
: Yeah, let's go.

: You're right. I wonder what happened to him.
: Ah, hey, sorry to keep you waiting, my cute hunnies. Were you lonely?
: What were you doing? Everyone was worried about you.
: I was just taking a quick look around the area. We wouldn't want to walk into a trap, now, would we? Well, now it's time to start the adventure of the Great Zelos and his cute hunnies!
: I'll explain the infiltration procedure. Please come this way.

: The Rheaird Hangar is in the deepest part of this facility. There's only one passage to the hangar.
: Sounds like a piece of cake.
: I'm not done. Even if you get to the hangar, the door will be shut.
: So it's locked.
: Yes. In order to open that lock, you must enter a pass code.
: Okay, tell us the pass code, then.
: I'm sorry. We did our best, but we weren't able to get the pass code. But we did find out that there are three pass codes, and each code is in the possession of a different Desian.
: R-E-N-E-G-A-D-E. There's a difference.
: In other words, we need to catch those three and get them to tell us the pass codes?
: Yes. I'll remain here and support you. If you need something, come talk to me. One last thing. Even if you acquire the Rheairds, it's highly unlikely they'll be able to make the transfer to Sylvarant in their current condition.
: Why?
: The Rheaird dimensional transfer system functions by procuring energy from the Renegade bases in the two worlds. Flying is not a problem as long as you have Volt, but without the energy charge from the base...
: Then the reason we were able to go from Sylvarant to Tethe'alla was...
: They must have already been charged with energy. We were lucky.
: There's no choice. Right now, we need the ability to fly.
: Indeed. Let's hurry.

I can buy Miracle Gels here, which are pretty awesome.

Another dungeon video. This one should be much less boring to watch, since I was actually planning to do it before I started.
Yes I know I missed those two chests.

: The pass codes you've learned so far are... THE LIFE OF MANA IS THE FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD. The door will open now. Head for the hangar! Good luck.

Skit #306: Tingles

: ...It is big. This is true.
: And we've already done this tingling thing with the Sorcerer's Ring once before in Sylvarant.
: Really?
: want to try it?
: Ah, okay...
: Ah, itttttt tingllllessssss.
: Ah! Presea, don't point it at yourself!
: Oh, okkkk...
: Don't point it over here eitherrrrrrrr...

So we're having a showdown with Yuan.
Youtube backup

: Do you ever say anything original?
: You gotta admit...that line is seriously clichéd.
: I see your attitudes haven't changed! But your impudence ends here! Prepare to die!
: No! NO! I don't want any of you to die! At least, not yet.

Yuan has a line if you lose to him.
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First order of business is to defeat Botta, since he's the weaker of the two. His attacks haven't really changed since the first time we fight him.

Yuan has regular attacks, Thunder Blade (this is fairly common it seems) and THIS.

He's not nearly as hard as Kratos, even with Botta helping.

: Phew.

: Lloyd, your think that it's really evolving...
: My Exsphere?
Rumble Rumble.
: What's this shaking?!
: Lloyd! Now's our chance! Let's take the Rheairds, now!
: A...all right.

: Possibly. Investigate the cause of this earthquake immediately!
: What shall we do about the Rheairds?
: It doesn't matter. Let them go. Our little friend can tell us where they are at any time.

Skit #133: Pray for Colette's Safety

: I wonder if Colette is all right.
: The only thing we can do is pray that she is safe.
: I...swear I will rescue Colette. It was my fault that Rodyle took her away.
: ...Yes. We cannot change the past. We must do what we can do. Earnestly, and sincerely.
: Yes....

Skit #228: Small Hope

: If Kratos' words are true, Colette hasn't been taken to Derris- Kharlan. There's still hope.
: Yeah. If Colette becomes Martel, there's nothing we can do, but right now, all we have to do is get her back from Rodyle.
: Eh, her becoming Martel wouldn't be that bad, if she could do it successfully.
: Why does all of this have to keep happening to Colette? To hell with this whole "Chosen" thing!

So, we can search the skies of the entire world for Colette. Fortunately I know where the stupid thing is.
Youtube backup

: Colette!

: What?...

: You will pay for using me! Let Colette go!

: An illusion?...

: Now I understand why lord Yggdrasill left her alone.
: Worthless?!
: Absolutely. A sinful Chosen like that is completely useless for my Mana Cannon. She can't even save the world. She can't merge with Martel. She even puts her friends in danger. What a pathetic Chosen.
: Stop blaming Colette for things she did not do!
: Indeed. It is enough that I alone bear the weight of sin. You and I are the epitome of sin! I'll drag you down to hell with me!
: Take me to hell? You inferior beings and your silly jokes.
: Hell isn't very funny.
: Everyone, please, run!
: Now, my darling pets! Feed on the flesh of these wretched beings!

: Don't try to fight them! Run!
: Winged dragon, a subspecies of dragon. Carnivorous. Excels at the pursuit and capture of prey. The probability of successful evasion on this small platform is one percent.
: Give me a break! I'll pass on dying, thanks!
: All we have to do is defeat them before they can kill us!
: Indeed. I have no intention of becoming a part of the food chain without a fight.

So we're fighting the winged dragons and their mommy.

Baby winged dragons attack with some kind of air vortex that isn't named and standard attacks.

Mommy has Nest Crack...

...and this unnamed slam attack.

It's a little tricky on Mania but not too bad if you're a decent level and remember your items; kind of cheap on the XP considering Yuan+Botta was almost twice as much and a lot weaker.

: That mana flow... NO! DAMMIT!
: No, it's too late!
: What is this ominous light that threatens to engulf us?
: Arrgh...I can't move!
: It's Colette! The mana from Colette's body is flowing out towards us!
: It's caused by that magic circle beneath her!
: Colette! Get out of there!

: I'm sorry. I'm just a Chosen who couldn't even save her friends, much less the world. Maybe I'm just like Rodyle said, "a pathetic Chosen"...
: ...No, Colette, don't delude yourself. You haven't done anything wrong. What's wrong is this system that demands the sacrifice of the Chosen!

: Presea!...Thank you...
: Whoa, what's up with the ground?!
: We have to get out of here!
: Lloyd, I...
: Colette! You have to live!
: ...I...I know.

: I'm still alive!
: It looks like everyone's all right.
: ...But for what purpose did that Rodyle character kidnap Colette?
: He said he needed a Cruxis Crystal in order to control the Mana Cannon. But apparently, mine didn't work.
: Mana Cannon?...
: That doesn't seem right.
: Pietro, the man we saved in Hima, also spoke of this Mana Cannon.
: Presea's waking up!
: Colette...are you okay?
: Yes, thanks to you.
: ...

: ...She resembles her, just as I thought.
: Okay then, now that my cute little Presea smiled, it's a good time to start thinking about the next step.
: Yeah. We got Colette back, so what now?
: What else? We're going to separate the two worlds!
: So we're gonna form pacts with the Summon Spirits of both worlds.
: This is where I come in, right? How about we start with the Summon Spirit, Gnome? He should be near here.
: All right, that sounds good. Professor? Is that okay with you?
: ...What? Um, y...yes sure. That's fine.
: Professor?... Is something wrong?
: It's nothing. Anyway, let's get going.

Gnome's temple is that structure on the right, but we're not going there this update.

Skit #066: Looks Can Be Deceiving

: What're studying?
: Oh, I see how it is. You're ignoring me, huh? Huh?
: That's fiiiine with me, guys. I made this delicious meal myself, and I'll just eat the whole thing.
: Whatever, just be quiet and go away.
: ....Hey, brat.
: I told you stop calling me that!
: You've got the third answer wrong.
: I said, shut up! To begin with, Zelos, you're...
: ...Oh? Ah! You're right!
: Ahaha. Like they say, the skilled hawk lets himself fly free.
: Wow, he even knows proverbs!
: Except he's got it wrong...

Skit #067: Top of the Class

: What?! This guy?!
: How can he possibly teach us?!
: Hey, hey, hey! Don't underestimate me! I graduated at the top of my class at the Imperial Research Academy.
: way...I can't believe Zelos is smarter than me...
: Ahahaha! From now on, you're to call me Professor Zelos.
: This is a nightmare!

While we were buying supplies, we met this guy...

: Hmm? Colette, Raine, sounds like someone's calling you.
: You don't have to rub it in that I'm not pretty!
: Why are you mad, Sheena?
: I'm not mad!
: I have a ring that will perfectly suit the sexy lady with the black hair.
: Say, that's pretty.
: Wow, it's a pink pearl! I think it'd look good on you, Sheena.
: R...really?
: I believe the phrase for that is "pearls before...."
: Hey!
: I'll sell it to you for 100 Gald.
: Really?!
: You sure it's not a fake?
: ...No, it looks real.
: So you know jewelry. Fascinating. Who are you Mr Regal?
: Why are you selling it for that kind of a price?
: It's...something I gave to my ex-girlfriend a long time ago. She gave it back to me.
: ...Oh.
: I was...she lied to me. Rosa...she chose a rich noble over a poor student like me.
: Cheer up. Money doesn't make the man.
: Thank you.... You're not just pretty, but kind as well. I'll give you this ring.
: But...
: It's all right. As long as I keep it, I can't stop thinking about her. And I don't even have the guts to throw it away, so please take it.
: ...All right. I'll take good care of it.
: Thank you...

Skit #245: Kendama Competition

: Uh? You?! Don't tell me you're going to fight with a kendama, too?
: Ah, nah, it's not that, but it's just, it looks kind of fun, so...
: I'd be happy to show you, but I doubt you can do it.
: Hey! Don't make fun of me!
: I'll show you what my dwarven-trained nimble hands can do!
: Hiyah, yah, augh...
: This is pretty difficult.
: Just like I thought. I knew it'd be too hard for you, Lloyd.
: Hmm? What are you two up to?
: Kendama. It's pretty difficult.
: Lemme see. Lemme try it for a minute.
: Hiyah, yah, ah, grrrr?...
: Dammit, that's not supposed to happen...
: Oh, come on, what are you doing? Let me see it for a minute.
: Oh, ah,
: grr...Th...that's strange...
: Sheesh... None of you can do it at all....
: What?! Lemme have that. Hiyahhh!!
: ...Oops.

: Who just threw this kendama at my head?!
: Run away!!
: Run away!!
: Run away!!
: Run away!!

Skit #243: Time Does Not Go Back

: Who is going to give me back my time? ...I want to go back.

Skit #027: I Can't Tell Anyone

: Huh? Did you say something?
: No, it's nothing.
: If you're concerned about something, tell us. It's not good to worry all by yourself.
: Heh heh...thanks.
Lloyd exits
: Thank you, Lloyd. Really.
: But this...I can't tell anyone.
: I can't tell anyone about this body....

Skit #239: Smile and Forgive

: ...For what?...
: For rescuing me.
: ...But it was my fault you were kidnapped. So...
: No it wasn't. It was Rodyle's fault.
: You mustn't worry about it, okay?
: ...I...want to become like you.
: Huh?
: ...I want to become someone who can smile and forgive everything.

Skit #204: Zelos' Power of Observation

: Hehehehe! Lately, I don't even need them. I can tell with just a glance!
: Oh, there's a nice-bodied lass right now!
: Yeah, yeah, whatever.
: Lloyd, have you been hitting the sweets lately? You're getting a belly.
: What?! How do you?!