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Part 29: Update 26

Update 26

Welcome back folks! To make up for my tardiness, we're having a great big update today!

Click here for dungeon video!

: What is it this time?

: Whoa!
: That was startling!
: That was a big one.
: An earthquake this big might be enough to change the shape of the dungeon.

You use the ring to knock down things that don't look like the background.

Except that crack in the wall there. It's a bit hard to see due to the worm dropping on my head. Oh yeah, if you use the ring too much where there isn't a trigger for it it'll knock random encounters off the ceiling or something.

: What's this thing?
: Who you callin' a thing?! You wanna fight? Huh?

: We have business further on ahead. Will you please let us through?
: Well, Big Brother came back and all. Yeah, sure, go on.
: Thank you!
: Aww, you don't have to thank me, hunny. You're making me blush.
: Hmm, that sounds like someone we know...
: What? That's what I'm like? Talk about a shock...
: Let's go.
: H...hey, isn't anyone going to say something?
: Zelos. I think you and that small child are different.
: Oh, Presea! ?
: Presea, not all questions require a response. In this case, it is fine to ignore Zelos.
: I see.
: You're one to talk...

: Are they all like this?
: I see they're still complete pains in the ass.
: They must have had a poor upbringing.
: Just like you.
: Ouch! Sheen! That's harsh!
: What are you babbling about? What're you here for?
: We wish to go further in. Would you mind letting us through?
: You want me to let you through for free? The world don't work that way, kid.
: Not again...You and your brothers look and act way too much alike...So what is it you want?
: What is "spicy" like? Does "spicy" taste good? Gimme something spicy to eat!
: He wants to eat something spicy? Maybe like curry?
: Oh! Yeah! That's good! Feed me that!
: Then, let's take a break here.
: Who will cook?
: Hmm...

: Professor, how about you make some?
: What? I'm going to make it?
: I can't believe you picked Raine...
: Oh, I get it! You're going to find out if the Gnomelette can really taste or n--

: And what is that supposed to mean? I'd be happy to make it, Lloyd.
: Thanks.

: Oh! So this is "spicy"!
: What do you think? Give it a try.
: Oh! Spicy! Spicy!
: He probably doesn't understand what spicy is.
: I guess it's a good thing he can't tell the taste.
: I worked really hard on it, you know. Would you like to try some, Lloyd?
: But this guy's already eaten all of it.
: Oh. That's too bad...
Remind me to do a miniupdate on the other options you can pick

You can actually see this next guy behind the first guy.

: Their reactions are identical to the point that it's just silly... No, we don't have any business with you.
: Hmm? Your faces says, "We want to go further in, but there's a big chasm and we can't go any further. I wonder if there was some other place we haven't been yet? Well, I guess we'll go here." Right?
: ...What kind of face is that?
: You want me to help you?

: What?!
: What do you want this time?!
: What? Nothin'. Don't need nothin'.
: This one is nice.
: Please help us.
: Okay then, I'll be waiting at the secret passage ahead, so hurry up.

: This must be Big Brother.
: They all look the same, so it's hard to tell.
: Do you want to go back up? Then use this hole. It's a secret passage that only Gnomelettes uses.
: Thanks, Big Brother.

: We have to drop the path above down onto it to get past it. I'll go on over there.
: What do we do there?
: I'll tell you when we get there.
: All right.
: Okay, I'm going now, but do something about those monsters along the way. It's really annoying when one of them touches me.
: So I need to make sure no enemies touch you, right?
: Yeah. I'll raise a big fuss if they do.
He's not fucking kidding. If a monster touches him, he won't continue until you give him a potion or pay him.

That's not enough money. I have no idea what is because at that point I flew back to Mizuho and got a potion. Remind me to do a miniupdate on the miniquest there.

Skit #244: Cute and Strong Ribbon

: Looks good?...
: Yeah, it's really cute.
: Is that...a compliment?
: Of course.
: Th...thank you.
: You think so too, don't you Genis?
: Of course! That ribbon will stop any monster's attack!
Ribbons actually are the Head Slot Armor item for Presea and all other female characters (they can use Circlets too but those are usually only good for Raine).
: ...
Presea exits.
: Presea?

Skit #225: I'm Not a Kid

: Uh? Wh...where?
: I'll...fix it.
: Th...thanks.
: ...You're...still a child, it seems.
: What? I...I'm not a child! I'm grown up, too!
: ...Ah? Oh...right. You're an adult. Okay, Genis. We can call you that.
: Hey, you're treating me like a kid again! It's not like you're any older than I am!
: Ah...right...

: So what do we do now?
: You and I are going to cause an earthquake at the same time. Then, this path will fall down, okay?
: I get it. We're going to increase the strength of the shock.
: I'll say, "1, 2, 3," so match your timing with mine and use the Sorcerer's Ring. If we do it a few times, it'll fall.
: Gotcha.
: Want to hear that again?
: No, thanks.
: Okay then, here we go.

: Oh!

: Hey! You almost got us killed!
: Oh! I didn't think about what would happen after it fell.
: If we didn't have these Exspheres, we'd be dead.
: Everybody makes mistakes. Hahahaha. Well, I'm going now.
: Yeah. Thanks.

Gnome is the best summon spirit. Not for combat, mind you, but because he's (she's?) awesome.
Youtube backup.

: Since Volt was Undine's opposite, Gnome's is--
: Efreet! If we wake up Efreet, that'll sever their mana flow, right?
: No, it's Sylph! ...Honestly, how many times do I have to tell you before you actually remember it?
: I see that the level of education in Sylvarant matches the status of the world.
: Yeah, I guess you could say that!
: Lloyd, that was not a compliment.
: All right, here we go!
:, you're a summoner, huh? Well, look, sorry, but I've already got a pact with Mithos, 'k?
: There's Mithos' name again. He must have been amazing!
: Yeah.
: I am Sheena! I seek a pact with Gnome. I ask that thou annulst thy pact with Mithos, and establish a new pact with me.
: Man, you sure use some stuffy language. Bleh.
: Uh, well...I mean, this is how I was taught to do it.
: Really? Oh yeah well, whatever. All right, show me whatcha got. Bring it on! Come on! Heh!

Sorry, I wanted people who were silly enough to not watch the video to see the full glory of Gnome's intro.

Unfortunately they used up all Gnome's originality on his personality, appearance, and entrances.

You can actually see how much TP it costs him to cast spells here. I thought it was kinda cool I managed to catch that.

Unfortunately as cool as he was I obliterated him. Not through being overleveled (crazy ass purists might bitch at me for using double XP with mania difficulty but fuck them) but through Sheena's compound EX skills.

Notice how the Unison Attack meter is still full? I have a chance for it to not deplete when I hit the attack.

Unfortunately it didn't let me take THIRD UA but eh.

If I didn't already have them already I think this would have given me every possible combo title for Lloyd.

Not bad damage either.

In addition to attacking with spells Gnome belly flops on you.

There's Ground Dasher. Watch the video, the VA saying it is great.

He also flips on his belly and uses his Ribbon like the propeller in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Lloyd has a hell of a lot more HP than that Nazi though.

That's actually not the XP we got, it was in the middle of factoring in bonuses. Total XP was 12074.

: Dammit Gnome talk more! They have a right to know this stuff rather than walk blindly into it!
: Oh yeah? Well, whatever. Make your vow already!
: Augh! This guy is hard to deal with... For the sake of creating a place in which the two worlds no longer must sacrifice one another, gimme your power!
: Hmm...well, all right. I'll go ahead and lend my power to you guys.

: Whoa, Sylph! Hehe, it's been, like, what, uh, four thousand years? How's it goin'? Lookin' good!
: It has been a long time, hasn't it? It seems that the mana flow between us has been severed.
: Yep, there's gonna be an earthquake here in a bit. After all, we just basically ripped out the mana link. Hello.
: Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.
: Take care, everyone! See ya all later!
: Okay, later!

: All right! Just like we planned!
: But you know, I've been thinking...if the worlds are separated from each other, we're not gonna be able to see each other again, are we?
: Why not? We can just go back and forth with the Rheairds.
: Right now, we can move in between the worlds because they're connected by the flow of mana. But if the worlds are split apart, we don't know what will happen.
: So the instant the flow of mana is severed, the two worlds may part ways forever.
: Will that mean that when we form the pact with the final Summon Spirit, we'll all have to say goodbye?
: ...We don't know if that's really the case, so there's no point in worrying about it right now.
: ...True.
: ...Where shall we go next?
: I've heard that the Summon Spirit, Celsius, resides near Flanoir.
: Okay then, let's go have a look.

Skit #378: Ribbon

: Cute? Really?
: Just look at that ribbon on his head, the way it spins and spins and spins.
: If we're talking about ribbons, Presea's is cute, too!
: My ribbon...does not spin.
Presea exits.
: Presea? wait!
Genis exits.
: ...Seriously, though. I don't think that thing on Gnome is a ribbon.

: It's just like Gnome said.
: It's the proof that the flow of mana has been severed. The earthquake at the Renegade base may have been caused by it as well.
: Splitting apart worlds is no minor task. One can expect the land to react to these unforeseen events with at least an earthquake or two.
: This earthquake was less than 36 minutes and more than 1.7 minute after the mana link was severed. Ok, that allows me to discard two lines of thought based on assumptions that have now been proven wrong. If my hunch is right, this is definitely not what I want at all. There's still one good possibility tho... HAHAHAHAHAHA

: THAT MAN. Yes.... I remember.
: Are you all right?!
: ...Augh.
: Please, hang on!
: I'm sorry. It seems I've been struck by evil energy.
: Evil energy?
: Do you by any chance possess the Devil's Arms?
: Devil's Arms?
: The Evil Eye that you possess is one of the Devil's Arms.
: He can recognize it then. That settles it.
: Who are you?
: My apologies. My name is Abyssion. I am the last surviving member of a family of demon hunters.
: I'm Lloyd. I'm on a journey with my companions.
: What does a family of demon hunters do?
: There was once a man named Nebilim who attempted to conquer Tethe'alla. Nebilim was eventually defeated by a single swordsman, but his lingering hatred fused itself into the swordsman's nine pieces of arms and cursed the swordsman's descendants.
: That's pretty good history knowledge for a human.
: Wow, that's pretty scary....
: The family of demon hunters are the descendants of the swordsman who defeated Nebilim. Every member of my family lost their lives to the curse of the Devil's Arms.
: That's terrible.... Can anything be done?
: If all nine items are gathered and sealed, the family curse will be lifted.
: Then why didn't this swordsman do it when they were cursed in the first place? Heh.
: So that's why you asked us about the Devil's Arms.
: Yes. However, the curse has progressed more quickly than I expected, and I, too, have been struck by Nebilim's evil energy.... I think it will be difficult for me to continue gathering the Devil's Arms in my condition.
: Let's help him, Lloyd!
: That was predictable.
: Yeah. After all, we already have some Devil's Arms. Let's find the rest ourselves!
: Are you sure? It is not a minor task.
: Dwarven Vow #2: Never abandon someone in need.
: Then, please take this sword and key. The Devil's Arms carry the will of Nebilim, and the pieces respond to each other. When this sword reacts, you will surely find Devil's Arms in that area. When you have collected all of the arms, please return to Flanoir.
: ...Does the curse of the Devil's Arms affect anyone besides members of your family?
: ...Hmm? No, it shouldn't....
: What is it, Presea?
:'s nothing.
: If I ruled the world, I'd impose some kind of harsh penalty on anyone who ever said that.
: Okay, then, we'll be back soon, Abyssion!
: You shouldn't talk while you're panting.
: Thank you, I am in your debt.

Also in Flanoir are ice sculptures.

Common enemy in these areas and apparently in Namco games in general.

Guy you learn cooking recipes from.

It's fukkin Pac Man, what do you want me to say?

Click here for dungeon video!

: I bet you can use the ring's cold power to freeze anything.
: Okay, then let's test it on you.
: Lloyd!
: I'm kidding, I'm kidding.

: It must be. Now we just need to use the Penguinist Gloves.
: Yeah.
I didn't want to show you the Penguinist Gloves sidequest because it's a boring-as-shit fetchquest. I will however show you what a penguinist is.

Yeah they're furries that wear penguin costumes. This is apparently a species, presumably using the definition of species based off breeding compatability, as no other humans would ever ever touch them. They are pretty fukkin creepy.

Along the way you can see this. It's a pretty blatant hint for a puzzle to come.

: The coldness of Celsius' Tear might be able to freeze this lake.

Bonus pic of bigfoot.

If you think this sliding puzzle is annoying then you haven't seen anything yet.

: The answer lies in the place with a view?
: It must be a clue to opening this door.
: Where's this place with a view?
Remember four pictures ago? Yeah, that's the solution to this puzzle.

I got 99 problems and the Ice Boss is one.
Youtube backup.

: I seek a pact with Celsius. I ask that thou annulst thy pact with Mithos, and establish a new pact with me.
: You seek a pact with me? How amusing. Let's see if you can handle me.

In a surprise twist, this summon spirit fights with a partner. This partner is actually weak to an element. Two, in fact! It's also strong to water (some Tales games conflate Water and Ice IIRC).

Lightning Vulnerability you say? This ended up being about 5k damage by itself.

Ice Spear isn't particularly deadly.

She also does Swallow Dance, which I think is one of Regal's attacks (I don't use Regal much ).

Fenrir does Beast, which is shared between Lloyd and Presea and is a knockdown. This shot also showcases how I got a bit sloppy at times. I hadn't saved in a while so I was sweating.

Another shot of me sweating. In the lower left Genis's Explosion is getting the kill shot on Fenrir.

I'm not 100% on why the DPS was split so badly (maybe the fact that Sheena was using fire-elemental weapons to offtank the fire-weak boss while Genis tossed fire-elemental AOEs.

Oh and she also casts some of Genis's ice spells. ZZZZZZ.

: Now, speak your vow. A vow worthy of my power!
: For the sake of creating a place in which the two worlds no longer must sacrifice one another, I ask that thou grant me thy power!
: Understood. Use my power well.

: ...I never thought I'd have to see your face again.
: While we may be opposing forces, must you avoid me so earnestly?
: What choice do we have? We are harmful to one another.
: Then perhaps we should be joyous that our mana has been severed.
: ...Who knows. What is clear, though, is that this situation will affect the entire world.
: Indeed.
: All we can do now is trust in the pact-maker.
: Yes. We leave everything in your hands.

: Just one more to go...
: Do you really think Sylvarant and Tethe'alla will be cut off from each other forever?
: We're gonna do this regardless, right?
: ...Yeah.
: But if the Rheairds stop working after we form the last pact, we're going to be stuck in one world or the other.
: The people of Mizuho wish to move to Sylvarant. There has to be something we can do...
: Hmm. I suggest we do some investigation on the effects of separating the worlds before we form the pact with the final Summon Spirit.
: It seems as though the shaking has increased in magnitude.
: The time between the severing of the mana flow and the resulting earthquake has decreased as well.
: I guess the worlds are struggling to split apart.
: OH FUCK. This is the worst possible result. I need some way to tell them to stop, or everything will be ruined. EVERYTHING. I need someone to come down and slap them around a bit.

Skit #379: Zelos' True Nature

: ...As long as it has a female body, that's good enough for you, isn't it?
: Yeah, this guy's a walking libido.
: What's that supposed to mean?
: Exactly what it sounds like.
: Hmm, wait, I get it. In other words, you mean to say that I exude masculine sexiness.
: What "sexiness," you philanderer!
: Oh, stop, you flatter me. Ah ha ha.
: Professor, what's a philanderer? Is it something to eat?
: I don't think you'd want to eat one...
: Philanderer... an insincere man who plays around with many women.
: Oh, so, in other words, Zelos.
: ...It's not fun at all when you put it like that.

Something WTF this way comes.
Youtube backup.

: That is _NOT_ what I wanted.

: That's...the direction of Ozette...
: ...Yes.
: What could it be? There's a staggering amount of mana flowing from that lightning...
: I have a bad feeling about this.
: Let's go!

: This is so fucked up. Stay calm, focus on logic.

: This clearly isn't the worst thing I've ever seen, let's analyze it rationally.
: What happened here?!
: Look!
: Lloyd! Look!
: Casualty count alone would put it at approximately the 30th worst thing I've ever seen, but the deliberate targeting of noncombatants and especially children has to qualify for a higher rank. I'd say this rates around 17th. Let's go with that. 17th. If I put a number on it, I can understand it logically and blunt the emotional impact. OK.
: Look out!!

: We have to get out of here!

: What the hell happened here?

: Angels?
: They had wings. Those with wings are angels...right?
: Dammit, it must have been the Cruxis!
: angels destroyed the village...
: Presea, are you okay?
: ...I'm fine. But...this unsettling this...anger?
: I'm impressed you survived. Are you the only survivor? What's your name?
: My name is Mithos. I lived by myself on the outskirts of the village, so...
: You have the same name as Mithos, the hero!
: ...Wait, are you a half-elf?...
: Relax. You can tell, can't you? We have the same blood flowing through our veins as you do.
: You're half-elves, too?! But you're with humans!
: It's okay, we're all friends.
: ...Humans and half-elves as friends? You're lying!
: No, it's true. My sister and I are part of this group.
: Relax.
: ...Y...yeah, but...
: Your reaction is understandable. I've heard that the village of Ozette is particularly known for its contempt for half-elves. If you lived an isolated life in this village, you must have suffered.

: You're Altessa, right? What are you doing here?
: I saw the lightning of judgment fall towards this village. But what in the world...
: It was the work of Cruxis angels...
: Presea! You've regained your true self?! How could they do this? Is this their punishment for failing the experiment?...
: What do you mean, punishment?...
: ...Nothing. It's nothing!
: Wait!
: Altessa is connected to Ozette?
: I'm...going to follow him.
: Yeah. Mithos, you should come with us.
: But I'm a half-elf and...
: That doesn't matter. Besides, what are you going to do if you stay here and the angels come back?
: Lloyd's right! Let's all go together!

: This can't possibly end well. But then again, it seems like nothing ever can.

Skit #030: Two Who Can't Return

: I suppose...I can't really tell you to cheer up. But, I don't have a place to return to, either. 'Cause Lloyd and I were chased out of our village.
: ...Really?
: Yeah, so, I understand what you're feeling a little. But you know, if we can just do something about this world, I have a feeling we can find a new land waiting for us.
: ...Yes. It's a big world, after all. Genis, you're small, but wise.
: What are you talking about? You're smaller than I am.
: ...Oh...right.

Skit #029: Kendama and Mithos

: Ah, we were just playing with Genis' kendama, but it's really hard...
: Could I try, too?
: Of course! Here you go.
: Thanks...Hiyah!
: Wow...Mithos, you're good!
: ...Was the kendama invented by half-elves or something?
: Is it okay if I try, too?
: Sure.
: Here I go...Hiyah! Yah! Tah!
: ...Ah!
: Uh oh, it's going to hit the Professor again!
: ...Look out!
: What?! The kendama just changed directions!
: ...Right toward Zelos'...
: ...Head.
: Owww! Why are kendamas raining on me?!
: That was strange.
: I wonder if it was Colette's power.
: Strange things happen sometimes, don't they? But I'm glad Raine wasn't hurt.
: What, so I don't matter? *Sob* *Sob*

Skit #365: Mystery Behind Zelos, the Valedictorian

: Hmm, what is it, my dear Colette?...
: Ugh... I'm not good at chemistry...
: Huh? But you graduated top of your class at the Imperial Research Academy, right?
: Well, yeah, I was good at math, but as for everything else...
: You were bad?
: What the? Then how did you manage to graduate at the top of your class?
: Ah, well, that was easy. My hunnies took notes for me, told me the answers to test questions, answered roll call in my place, etc, etc, you know.
: ...

Skit #248: Noishe and Mithos

: He's called Noishe.
: ...*Whine*
: ...Noishe. That's the same name as the first life born on this world.
: Really?
: That's how the story goes, anyway. Guided by mana, Noishe will eventually evolve into a human who fights evil.
: A human who fights evil... That'd be pretty cool if you became a human, Noishe.
: *Whine*
: Yeah that'd be useful right about... now.

BTW if you haven't played the game yet, you should probably totally avoid mousing over spoiler sections in people's posts. There's a bunch of stuff I can't really talk about without major omega-level spoilers.

Oh, and our bosses!