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Part 43: Update 38

Update 38

Hello folks! I think this is the biggest update yet, with 141 large images.

: At this rate, our escape route will be blocked.
: Here come some more!

: Lloyd! This way!
: Lloyd, let's go!

: Why are you helping us?
: Now that the truth about me is known to Yggdrasill, the only way left to save Martel is to work with you. Don't think that I want to be your friend or anything.
: Wait, weren't you planning to send me off? Although at this point that's probably an improvement worthy of the term "save".
: You have a real negative attitude, you know that? Well, whatever. Thanks for helping us. Let's go everyone!

There's vending machines here. I stock up on life bottles (Mania mode heh).

It is time.
Youtube version.

: Leave it to you? What are you gonna do?
: I figured something like this might happen, so I prepared a little something the last time we were here. Colette, come here for a second.

It's kicked Colette out of her costume, I'm not entirely sure why, I haven't seen costumes get kicked out before, even when it would make sense. Presumably it would mess up some upcoming model trickery or whatnot. Also I forgot to remove the Katz suit from Genis.

: Yes! Yes!!! YES!! YES!!!!!
: Now, bring her to me.
: Sure thing.

: Zelos!!
: What the hell are you doing?!
: Ahhh Zelos you magnificent quadruple agent.

: What you're trying to do is hopeless and meaningless. What's the big deal? Colette wanted to be a sacrifice, remember?
: Zelos! You traitor!
: Aw, give it a rest, Lloyd. Did you forget what I said in Flanoir? I side with the strongest.
: Betray you? How amusing. Zelos was our spy from the very beginning. Isn't that right, Zelos?
: Is that true?
: It's not true, is it? Please say that she's lying...
: I side with the strongest. It was a simple matter of weighing the Renegades, Cruxis, and all of you.
: You were leaking information to the Renegades, too?! I can't believe you! You were always a pervert, but I never doubted that you were a good person when it came down to it.
: Why, thank you, my sweet, voluptuous hunny. But in the end, I choose this side, because Mithos promised to release me from my fate as a Chosen of Mana.
: You hate being the Chosen so much that you would betray your friends?
: Oh, yeah, I do. It's because of that title that my life has been a total joke.

: ...You're lying! I still trust you, you hear me?! You're the one that told me I could trust you!
: What are you, stupid?
: Noooooo, really?
: ...Let's get going, Lady Pronyma! <3

: We'll explain later. Here they come!

Since Zelos and Colette suddenly leaving may have messed up your party configuration, you get the chance to fix it up. I use this opportunity to remove the Katz costume from Genis.

Angel Boss Battle
Youtube version.

This angel's face looks very feminine to me, but the voice is male. The torso looks vaguely feminine as well.


Hourglasses cast the "Time Stop" spell, and all spells named "Time Stop" are pretty much always guaranteed to own. Symphonia doesn't have the actual spell in the GC version, but some bosses in the PS2 version have it. I imagine it's incredibly nasty.

Hourglass lasts slightly longer than the item refresh timer so in theory you could chain them until you ran out. Since I could have up to 30 depending on how much time I wanted to spend having Zelos chat up women, you could in theory spam them until you completely annihilated a fight. That would be almost as cheap as using an invincibility hack or something though.

This time I actually used a magic lens.

The spell those angels were trying to cast back at Altessa's house a few updates back was apparently Ice Tornado.

Also we learn today that Tidal Wave is ineffective against flying targets. I still had it set as his sole offensive option from that worm fight.

I fix that by turning back on Genis's other spells but forget to turn it off

Sheena manages to bust out a summon.

The big Gatekeeper transgender angel only has one notable attack other than basic weapon-attack combos.

He dives down and then there's an explosion. Note that you can dodge this entirely by running under him.

This fight was slightly challenging, but only because there were more than one enemy. Fights with multiple foes are always more dangerous than single foes in the same context, and I'll prove that next update in a big way.

: Are you okay?
: Yes...
: Why are you all here?
: We received a message saying that you were about to head to the final battle. Right now, you must hurry and save Colette.
: Bad idea.
: Right. Be careful.
: And you as well.
: Is it...still active?
: ...Looks like it. Let's go!

Dungeon Video! This video contains most of the rest of the update's plot, but not the bonus stuff. So you still have to read it even if you watch this. If you don't want to watch this, you can watch the individual videos.

: Where am I? Who are you? What's going on?
: Hi. You're stuck between life and death with me, I'm the "Goddess" Martel and Mithos is about to suck out your soul and put mine in your body.
: Calm down. I don't actually have any control over any of this either.
: Are...are you a bad guy?
: No, I'm just a failure.
: Failure?
: I couldn't save the world right, I couldn't even stay alive. And now my brother...
: I'm confused.
: Well, here.
: What's this?
: It's a bit of my memories. Here, take a look. Touch it.
: You and Kratos?
: Yeah, before things went all bad. Take a look around, but don't go too far forwar--.
: Why is--
: Never mind that. Anyway. Do you trust me?
: ...

Skit #053: Zelos' Betrayal

: What? Are you saying we should have been suspicious of every single thing he said just in case they sounded like the words of a traitor?
: No, I mean, maybe we never realized the true feelings behind the way he joked around all the time.
: ...I see what you mean. It's too late now, though....
: Yeah, before it came to this, we should have paid a little more attention to him.

Skit #285: Hurry!

Skit #283: Priorities

: ...With me?
: It's because you look like the most rational member of this group.
: ...We're heading into great danger. We need to decide in advance on whose lives take priority.
: I see. That's the sort of discussion that would likely anger Lloyd.
: Lloyd...we must protect no matter what. The only force that can hope to challenge Mithos' inhuman powers is...
: You of all people should understand that "inhuman" is the wrong word to use there.
: Lloyd's special Exsphere.
: Yes. I don't know what kind of power it really holds, but we must bet on the course with the highest odds of winning.
: ...Understood. Let us do what we must to protect Lloyd.

Skit #282: Genis Apprehensive

: What's wrong?
: I guess I'm just...apprehensive. I don't know why. Everyone's here with me and all.
: Baseless apprehension is meaningless. Let's do our best, Genis.
: ...But it's true, after what just happened with Zelos... You do kinda have to worry a little.
: It'll be okay. When push comes to shove, we just have to work together.
: Yeah. Yeah, you're right.

Skit #123: Remnants of the Giant Tree

: Yeah, I'm getting tired of these things.
: Have you forgotten that this is where that Giant Tree was? These must be remnants of it.
: Ugh! Then these things...
: You don't need to worry. They don't have that kind of power left.
: But what if there's one with power left alive? Plants can be really hard to kill.
: Just leave that to me.
: Okay, we're counting on you!

This room looks suspicious.
Youtube version.

: Wh...what's going on?

: Here they come!

These things are weak in small numbers.

: They can't last long against so many. Each of those galleries has six angels in storage.
: Dammit, there's no end in sight.
: Make a break for that passage!
: All right!

: Regal!

: You know I can't leave you behind!
: There's no time. You know that. You're the only one who can save Colette.
: I know that! But I can't just leave my friend!
: That's not what you're doing, I...I once wasn't able to protect someone very important to me. So this time, I'm going to succeed. I'm going to protect my friends.
: Regal...
: Lloyd, save Colette.
: ...All right. Regal, don't die. Don't make me go through the same pain you did, you hear me?
: ...Heh. You sure don't make things easy, Lloyd. I'm sorry, Alicia. It looks like it's still going to be a while before I join you...

I noticed that Sheena appears to favor Efreet a lot.

This room too.
Youtube version.

It's hard to see in stills, but the tree just stabbed its roots down.
: This thing won't let us through!

: You of the Giant Tree's...
: Yep, no doubt about it. Just stand back and leave this to me! Disciple of everlasting ice!

: Whoa, what are you doing?
: My impression of the Mana Cannon. Well, it won't be nearly as powerful, but it should be enough to take care of this thing. Lloyd, when I give the signal, run underneath it. Got it?
: All right. But what about you?
: Don't worry, I'll be fine. Get ready, here we go!

: Now!

: Haaa!

: Sheena! Are you okay?

: That was amazing!
: Phew. Just don't ask me to do it again, okay? Phew. That drained all my mana, I'm going to rest for just a--

: Ahh!

: Hah...ahahahahahah!
: Wh...what's wrong with you? Why are you laughing?

: No, I was just remembering the time when we first met. It looks like I have a strong affinity for falling into holes.
: Just hang on. I'll be right there!
: Don't worry about me. Just hurry up and go rescue Colette.
: This is not the time to act all tough!
: I'm not acting. It's just like the last time when I climbed up from the bottom of that pit and I took you on. And this time...I won't miss the main event.
: ...You better be telling the truth.
: Of course! You better leave me a piece of the action!
: ...Okay, I'll be waiting for you, you got that?
: ...I'm so stupid. Stubborn to the very end... I really need to start acting more feminine at times like this and let him rescue me. ...Heh, that wouldn't be my style, now, would it?

: So, you know about the whole "Great Seed goes away if I'm alive" thing right?
: Uh, I think so.
: Anyway, in order to preserve the world, I need you to...

I don't like this trend.
Youtube version.

: Dammit, open!
: It looks like you can control it from here. Leave this to me.
: Professor Sage, hurry.
: Don't rush me...This is it.

: You did it!
: Whoa!
: Ahh!

: !!

: Professor Sage! Are you okay?

: Be careful, okay?
: It's okay now. I'm opening the next door.

: ...Another input error?
: No! Now hurry up and defeat it!

Needless to say fighting without Raine is a bit more dangerous.

: This is quite an intricate trap.
: Professor Sage, are you really making that many mistakes? Wait, are you...
: There's no time to worry about that! I'm opening the next one!
: Not again!

: What? Professor Sage! I knew it!...
: Lloyd, you need to focus on saving Colette right now. Don't get distracted!

: Professor Sage, it's okay now! Hurry up and come--

: Professor Sage!
: Lloyd, this room will soon collapse. Hurry up and go.
: No! I'm not leaving you behind! I don't want to sacrifice anyone anymore!
: Sacrifice? When did anyone become a sacrifice? I believe in your ideals. A world that would accept those of us caught in the middle. I believe in your vision of the world. It has become my hope. I came all the way here in order to realize that dream. I've no regrets.
: Saving the world won't mean anything if we lose you!
: My soul will live on in the world you create. But if your ideals die, then my hope dies as well. Living on without hope is worse than death, don't you think?
: I...I don't understand that at all!
: If you don't understand, then make use of your remaining life to think about what it means for a person to live. That's my final lesson to you as your teacher. Now, go. Do as your teacher says.

: The rest is in your hands, my precious student...

Place your death pool bets.
Youtube version.

: Lloyd, look up there.

: I may be able to enter the room from there. I'll give it a try.
: But it's too dangerous to go alone.
: I'll be all right. Besides, I'm the only one that can fit through there.
: ...Okay, but be careful.
: I will.

: Augh...I've almost got it!

: Ahh!

: Stay back! Don't come over here. Please, hurry! Go!
: No! I...I...

: But if you allow your kindness to interfere with your judgment, you're merely weak.

: ...Please go. If you don't, I'll lose my respect for you. I'll be fine. So please, hurry...
: I'm sorry, Presea!

: Lloyd...whatever happens, you mustn't give up. Stand and fight. I know you can do it.

: And I'll make a world where everyone can live freely...

This is just plain excessive, Tales Studio.
Youtube version.

: Another trap?!
: It's coming towards us!
: Whoa, run!

: We'll just have to attack it at the same time and smash our way through!
: Is that gonna work?
: Dwarven Vow #16: You can do anything if you try! We're dead anyway if we fail. Give it all you've got!
: Heh, that's just like you, Lloyd. Okay! Let's do it!

: ...Lloyd.
: Wh...what?
: ...Ah, nothing. I'm ready.
: Okay! One, two...

I should mention I'm a bit annoyed that you're hitting it as hard as you can with fireball and demon fang, your level 1 abilities. I guess determining the strongest attacks they had and animating them together would be too much work to get the timing right on.

: Now!

: See, look, it worked!
: It was pretty good for one of your plans, Lloyd. The only flaw was that you didn't take into account my lack of physical reflexes.

: You...did that to get me out?...
: Liar! You knew it would end up like this. Why did you do it?
: If you'd been in my place, you'd have done the same thing. You always jump in without thinking to save someone in trouble. But it was that Lloyd that I looked up to. I wanted to be like you.
: Genis...
: Now, hurry up! Before it's too late.
: No way! I can't leave you behind!
: I said, go!

Genis is shaking in fear here, although you can't see it too well in stills.
: When it comes down to it, my body starts shaking... I don't want you to see me looking pathetic in the end...
: Genis...
: Go! I said, go!!
: fool!

Skit #056: Sacrifices

: ...
: Is something wrong?
: Lloyd. Lloyd's all a...
: Did something happen to Lloyd? Is he ok? Tell me!
: No, Lloyd's fine. He's going to be ok.
: Oh, phew.
: ....

I gotta wonder what people who haven't played this game yet think of this part.