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Part 60: Fake Update 51

Fake Update 51

: Did I at least remember where the Derris Emblem was?
: Unfortunately...

Derris Emblem dialog
YouTube stream.

: Oh, no! It's a trap!
: Lloyd, help us!
: Forget about us! Find a way to evade this trap!
: Don't worry about me! Just take care of Mithos!
: This device is not life-threatening. Please...don't worry.
: Lloyd. As long as you're all right, we still haven't lost. You must get to the Great Seed!
: Lloyd! Find the Derris Emblem! With it, you can disarm this trap!...
: Guys!
: ...Damn! What the hell is going on?! What happened to everyone?...
: Everything is all right. I can feel the presence of your companions. They are somewhere in this city.
: All right. Let's go find them.

: I suppose that he ran into Colette and they rescued the others, like he and Raine did?
: Not quite. He ran into Raine first again...

Raine & Genis Mind Trap Scene - Now with video!
YouTube stream.

: Why is the Mayor?...
: ...Be careful. It's an illusion.
: You think I'm an illusion? This is exactly why everyone says half-elves are fools.
: Raine. My pitiful child... A tainted child who received only half her elven blood.
: ...M...mother?
: Half-elves have no place in this world.
: That's not true!
: It is because you are despicable halflings that I was chased out of Heimdall.
: ...Then why did you give birth to us?!
: There probably was no choice. That's why you were thrown away after you were born.
: Disappear from this world...
: Die. There is no meaning for you to live.
: Disappear...
: Die. Now!
: Humans and elves...neither side wants us!
: That's right. No one wants you!
: I didn't choose to be born like this...Yet...
: It can't he helped. It's your fault for not being a pureblood.
: No, you're wrong!
: No, they are not wrong. Half-elves are despised and discriminated against for merely being alive. Our existence is a crime.
: No! It's not the half-elves' fault!
: But...
: We...
: People who can't accept those who are different are the ones to blame! It's because of their weak hearts! Hey you two, I came to getcha.
: Lloyd...
: Now, let's go.
: It's hopeless, Raine. You'll just be abandoned again. As long as you are a half-elf, the world will continue to hate you.
: Lloyd...came for us, even though he could have left us behind and face Mithos.
: You'll just be betrayed again. Because you're a half-elf.
: ...You may be right. But then again, you may be wrong. It wasn't because of my blood that you abandoned me. It was because of the world that hates my blood and a mother who was too weak to stand up against it. I'm going to stop hating that weakness. My hatred never changed anything. In order to change the world, I must first...change myself. I'm glad I was born a half-elf. It was because of it that I met Lloyd and my other dear friends.
: Genis, do you feel the same? Are you happy that you were born a half-elf?
: That's ridiculous. There's no world for half-elves.
: ...Because humans hate us, I hate humans.
: Genis!
: But I like you, Lloyd. And I like everyone we traveled with. Because...I think they all like me.
: You're an idiot. You're deluding yourself!
: I'm the same. Just like those that hate half-elves, I get mad at humans and elves just for being who they are... That's just going to make them hate me more! My heart was weak, too.
: ...Is it a sin to be weak hearted? Not everyone's strong. Not everyone can stand being despised.
: ...Hey, you two!
: Lloyd! Thanks for coming!
: I'm sorry. I promise to make up for all the trouble we've caused.
: Don't worry about it! We're friends, right? Hey, what's this thing that just came floating down?
: They're fragments of the mirror.
: Maybe they're symbols of the weakness of our hearts.
: You should hang on to it. It's proof that you guys beat that weird mirror.
: Okay!
: Yes. It's a good idea.

: And then he went to get you and Sheena.
: Isn't that where Zelos was?
: Funny, that.
Sheena & Kratos Mind Trap Scene
YouTube stream.

: Is this...the location of the Derris Emblem Seal?
: Hang on a sec. Do you hear a strange sound?
: What's this?!

: We'll be sucked into the magic circle!
: We must run! No!
: this thing?
: ...Look below!

: What's the matter? You'll be caught unless you hurry up and run.
: Well, well, what a rare sight, Kratos!
: Wh...hy are Lloyd and Kuchinawa...
: Calm down. It's just an illusion.
: I'm not an illusion. You've spent so long turning a blind eye to Mithos that you've lost all ability to see.
: You grew up in Mizuho, yet you still can't tell if I'm real or an illusion? You really are a failure.
: You couldn't stop Mithos, and you couldn't protect Mom. And then you sank to the level of a traitor. You're absolutely pathetic, you know that?
: Neither of you should have been born. Everyone would have been so much happier had you not been born! You brought misfortune upon the people of Mizuho.
: I... haven't brought misfortune to...
: Can you really say you didn't? You, the coward who trembled before Volt and killed your comrades.
: The one who betrayed his friends and then shamelessly came back, and the one who killed the people of her village. What a fitting end.
: Now, if you think you can run, run! You'll be devoured by the darkness and die!
: ...At this rate, we'll be eaten by that thing.
: You've gotta be kidding!
: Want me to help you, Kratos?
: Beg for our forgiveness.
: Pledge loyalty to Cruxis with me.
: That monster will bestow eternal suffering upon you. If it devours you, you will neither live nor die. You will be trapped in true darkness, tormented in isolation forever.
: Forever...
: Allow me to save you. Just cooperate with us and turn over Colette. Then it will all be over.
: Lord Mithos has agreed to let the people of Mizuho live.
: You turned a blind eye to what Mithos did once. All you have to do is turn away one more time. Then the world will be saved. Mithos will save it.
: ...Mithos the world?
: Yeah! And he'll even forgive you for betraying him. You and me, Dad...let's build a peaceful world that Mithos envisions together.
: All you have to do is pledge your allegiance to me. As soon as you do that, you will be saved from the shadow's grasp.
: The people of Mizuho...
: This is absurd...
: Listen to me, both of you! Don't be fooled. The real me is down below.
: ...So it would seem.
: Then that one really is a fake.
: You fool. The real Lloyd is here. That voice is just an illusion.
: I'm not an illusion! Do you think it's better for the people of Mizuho to become part of the Age of Lifeless Beings? Besides, there's no way I'd go along with Mithos' ideals!
: ...Don't worry. That's just an illusion that lives in my heart. An illusion that tries to appease me for turning my back to reality and going along with Mithos.
: ...Then, that Kuchinawa an illusion inside me.
: Exactly! I believe in you! I know you two can beat those illusions and come back to me! You're here because you're needed in this world. Your lives have value just by existing!
: Just by being life has value?
: ...I...have value? Me?
: Of course not. No life has any value just by being alive. Humans and those who have betrayed me have no value!
: Shut up! There's a significance in being born. But if that's not good enough for you, I'll give them another value. They're both valuable because they're my friends!
: ...So you accept me?
: You'd betray me again?
: Dad, are you choosing that fake over me?!
: Be gone, illusions of Mithos and Lloyd! My son needs me. I...cannot run from the sins of my past. Lloyd, allow me to atone for the foolishness of overlooking Mithos' brutality!
: Looks like he beat me to it.
: Are you running away again?!
: I'll raze the entire village of Mizuho!
: I'm not running. The people of Mizuho are waiting for us to reunite the worlds. Betraying that trust would truly be running away! Damnation or salvation...guess there's only one way to find out.
: Welcome back, you two.
: It's not like I can really run away from the fact that I was born.
: I am ashamed for giving up and running away. I convinced myself that there was nothing I could do. I was able to reconfirm that thanks to that illusion.
: Yeah. Running won't solve anything.
: What value does one burdened to exist with cursed blood have? Sometimes running is the only way to save yourself. Humans arrogant.
: ...What is that?
: A spider figurine?
: But it's broken in half. It's kind of creepy.
: Maybe it's an admonition to not run away.
: ...Humph.
: Maybe it is. I'm gonna hang on to it as a reminder.

: Regal/Presea worked exactly the same in this version as well.
: There's something you're not telling me.

I'm not sure if this is a bug or what, but Lloyd ended up freeing Colette last and in a different place than normal.
YouTube stream.

: Get out of my body!
: Colette!
: Ugh...she's too strong...I can't...
: Mithos! Get away from her!
: ...How dare you, human! You...son of Kratos! ...How dare you give me orders!!
: Wh...what's going on?
: ...Martel!...How could you?!
: ...Human! Your kind must not be allowed to live!
: ...How far are you willing to go to take control of the mana?
: I'll never forgive you... You humans are all the same!
: Kratos? Why is Kratos?!...

: ...Dad!
: Lloyd, don't lose yourself! The truth is within you!
: What...was that?
: It's...Mithos' memory. After the Ancient War...when Martel was killed...
: Shut up! Shut up! Why do you interfere?! Both you and Kratos! We both want the same thing! I just wanted to save the world and my sister! To have a world where no one will be persecuted! Kratos knew that as well!
: Colette! Are you okay?!
: Lloyd! Yeah. I'm fine! I'm sorry. I'm always causing trouble for you.
: Don't worry about it.

Derris Emblem dialog again
YouTube stream.

: This is...
: ...This is the Derris Emblem.
: Derris Emblem?
: It's a seal Mithos created to block the path to his castle. He created it by linking his soul with the fabric of space by the power of the Eternal Sword.
: ...So that's why the trap didn't affect me.
: With this, the path to Mithos' castle is now open.
: Okay, let's go!

Skit #062: The Darkness in Mithos

: Mithos' darkness?
: He was oppressed as a half-elf, then praised as a hero, then betrayed. It is his hatred and resentment toward that.
: So that's what called forth the darkness inside us.
: And in so doing, it wards off intruders. That's how it works.
: Then we must thank Lloyd. It was his strength that saved us.
: No, it wasn't like that. It wasn't me, it was the power of the Eternal Sword.
: ...And the ability to use it is your power. ...Good job.
: ...Th...thanks.

: That's not what Ratatosk told me about the Derris Emblem.
: Look at it this way: Ratatosk is vengeful but not that bright.
: Well, I don't know about vengeful. He forgave Martel pretty quickly.
: He called her "daughter of fouled blood!" She's the one who needed to forgive him.

Skit #124: The Power that Transcends Time

: What's wrong, Lloyd? We've defeated our enemy, yet you look upset.
: The power of the Eternal Sword is more than a human can handle. I can feel it, the true power of this sword. If someone really wanted to, this sword might even be able to transcend time...
: Transcend time? You mean travel to the past or the future?
: Yeah...
: ...Lloyd...If I could use the power of that sword to travel to the past...I...
: No! Professor! No matter how painful the past is, we mustn't change it! It's because we can't redo life, we live it out the best we can! Just because you have the power, doesn't mean you should change the past for your own desires.
: Yes...You're right.
: Even without traveling through time, this sword has the power to save everyone. I'm going to use this sword to build tomorrow: not to change the past or to see the future. I'm sorry, Professor. But please understand.
: Lloyd...I'm the one that should apologize. I'm sorry.

: Can the Eternal Sword really do that?
: Time travel is more common than you'd expect, I mean, I can do it.
: Bull.
: No fooling. I can't change anything though.
: What?
: I can go back and forward in time, but only to places in time I was supposed to go to. If that makes any sense. And once I'm there, I can only do what I was supposed to do. Same with anyone I bring with.
: Then the eternal sword...
: Is different. It makes the impossible possible.
: Why didn't Mithos just...
: He couldn't. A human, elf, or half elf strong enough to do it safely hasn't been born yet.
: Will it ever be possible?
: Who knows. I don't go into the future much.

Dark Dragon fight if you care.
YouTube stream.

Pre-fight dialog
YouTube stream.

: Mithos is just ahead...
: And the Great Seed should be there, too.
: This is it, everyone... Are you ready?
: I'm ready. I'm prepared to accept whatever happens in the coming battle...and we will win!
: Yeah. We're gonna win...for Mizuho, Corrine...and for all of you who believed in a coward like me.
: And...for myself, too. I don't want anyone else to make the same mistake I did. No one should have to think that he has to sacrifice his own life...
: Everyone should be able to live freely, no matter who they are. Humans and elves and even us... It's okay for us to be here, in this world.
: Yes. That's why we must recover the Great Seed from Mithos and revive the Giant Tree. Without it, not only will we be unable to restore peace between the different races...
: The world itself will die. We can't let that happen. We must reunite the worlds. Afterwards we shall make a new promise to the new world.
: To atone for allowing this twisted world to exist, I will fight with everything I have. And win.
: ...All right! Let's go! We're going to restore a world where everyone can live freely!

: ...Home...I'm going home...
: Mithos...listen to me! We don't have to fight! Please return the Great Seed to us so that we can reunite the worlds.
: ...Home...I'm going home...
: ...Something's wrong. He sounds like a puppet...
: W...wha?...

: ...I need to thank you for going through all the trouble to bring me back here. I'm finally myself again.
: ...Damn! So that's what this was all about!
: Mithos...Martel is already dead...
: That's not true! Martel is alive, just as I lived on in the Cruxis Crystal.
: That's not living. That's just existing as a lifeless being.
: What's wrong with that?
: What?!
: After all, in our bodies flow the blood of humans and elves--the bloods of those that despise us. We're better off casting aside much filth and become lifeless beings.
: That's what you really want?
: Of course. Watch! When you become a lifeless being, you can even control your appearance and growth.
: Everyone should become lifeless beings. I told you before. The only way to eliminate discrimination is for everyone to become the same race.
: What you hope for is nothing but a dream, Mithos. Discrimination comes from the heart.
: He's right, Mithos. It's the weakness of people's hearts that causes discrimination. Looking down upon others while placing themselves too high...
: You do the same thing! You look down on humans and elves, treating them like cattle. That's the weakness of your heart.
: Even if people become lifeless beings, nothing will change. Discrimination will continue.
: ...Then where should the half-elves go? We aren't accepted anywhere. We opened our hearts, but no one took us in. Where should we live?
: You can live anywhere you like.
: ...Don't make me laugh.
: I'm serious. Anywhere is fine. If you aren't doing anything wrong, you should just live proudly in the open.
: ...It's because we couldn't do that...that I...that we wanted a place of our own!
: But that is not an excuse for the things we have done. It is merely a motive, not a justification.
: What you've done caused meaningless suffering and death to countless people. Can you feel their pain?
: People can change. Even if they don't change right away. Months, years--as time passes, change is inevitable.
: Maybe not everything can be forgiven. But one can try to atone for one's sins. Can't you feel it in your heart? The Goddess known as conscience...
: Do you think I'm going to beg for forgiveness? Ridiculous. There is no Goddess. So I will continue to pursue my ideals. If there is no place where I can live, and if I've been denied my Age of Lifeless Beings, then the only thing left for me is to build a new world on Derris-Kharlan. A world just for my sister and me!

Mithos vs Kratos & Friends, Stage 1
YouTube stream.

Mithos vs Kratos & Friends, Stage 2
YouTube stream.

So I decided to see what happened if you fought NO minibosses. The answer is FUCK YOU happens. Bastard has NINE resistances: all elements and PHYSICAL. So there's no way to not screw yourself over here if you forgot to kill them.

: On the whole, it seems pretty much identical, if briefer.
: Well, you always were direct if you got going on something. But there's one more thing...
: Hmmm?
: I don't think you'll like it.