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by Miketopus

Part 9: Chapter 10

Update desu!


Let's see how this trip into Harkyn's Playhouse goes.

There's four doors in the main hall. Each one is guarded by one of these happy golems.

All: Gahhh!

All Egad!

Costello: Hang on, let me get a light out...

Costello: Why does this keep happening to me?!

Fortunately, there's only one Jabberwock, and he's in the same place. Unfortunately, he's a pain in the neck with his electric breath weapon.

Left it dead, and with its head, He went galumphing back!

Kymas: Interesting... that creature was guarding this sword.

I love this red dragon. I shall call him Fluffy.

Nevermind, Storm Giant is all the rage now!

For obvious reasons. I shall call him Jeff. Jeff the Giant.

(Can someone make a drawing of that? I have a feeling it would be an awesome drawing)

I'm not sure what this does, but I've found like five of them so far.

And what a magnificent throne it is.

Skarn: Stand aside, this dwarf is sitting his arse down for a spell.

Warren: Wait-

Skarn: YARGH!

For those of us in the know...

Costello: I'll risk it, I guess. I've heard enough bard jokes involving painful asses to be immune, I'll wager.

Costello: Well now, this is interesting.

Leif: Eh...?

Leif: Hold, maybe we can talk about-

Leif: ...This.

I'm pointing this out because there's a spot in the bedroom that slowly raises spell points if you wait long enough. About 1 SP per minute.

Skarn: Away, sign, or you'll share the fate of your brother!

Leif: Signs can't talk, Skarn.

Skarn: But paladins can scream.

Leif: ...

Stairs going up? This ought to be fun...

New freakish enemy on the scene. Seekers hit pretty hard, and take a few themselves before going down. No crazy status ailments, at least.

Oh god what the hell is that go away

Flamesack: Great, Skarn forgot to bathe again.

Skarn: Great, Flamesack forgot to mind his manners around the dwarf who can break his kneecaps faster than he can chant his spell.

Costello: Great, you both forgot your funny jokes.

Fire giants sound scary, but they're not too terribly strong at this point in the game. At least, they hit for much less than the storm giant.


(Again, a drawing would be cool.)

Jeff, no!

That's okay, I've got a spare. And it's got more hit points.

Lesser Demons are not only freaky, they're a pain in the butt to fight. Well, when Jeff isn't smashing them to pieces in one turn.

Costello: Another riddle, eh? Okay.

Flamesack: Well, that's an easy one. Let's just sic Jeff on him.

Kymas: I would really rather not fight someone who looks like they could summon a red dragon. It feels bad, for some reason.

I forgot to take a screenshot of the answer, but it's Vampire.

Costello: Outstanding.

Weretigers are even tougher than werewolves, but that's about it.

Just beyond a teleporter next to the old man, we find this.

Leif: Skarn, that looks important. Try to keep it safe.

Skarn: What'm I going to do? Sit on it?

Leif: I figured you might hawk it for beer money.

Skarn: Hey, that's not a bad idea!

Leif: You're not hawking it for beer money.

Actually, the answer is shields.

Skarn: Great, I could use a loyal pack mule who understands common. Let's go grab some.

Costello: ...No, hell no.

How tough are Mangar's guards, you ask?

Tough enough to do that. And deflect spells. And wipe my party.

It's pretty cuckoo at Harkyn's Playhouse.

Stay tuned for the next update!


Bonus: I found a lot of unique treasure and I'm not sure what all of it does. So let's see some of the haul!

See you next time!