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Part 27: Chapter 6-05

Wow... It's been an entire month since I started this LP. The game is roughly half-over.

Chapter 6-05

The Bard studied the Jewelled Flute.

"I hope this is what Bodb said I needed from these tombs," the Bard said. "There doesn't seem to be too much else of interest here."

He summoned the new Fire Elemental, which sparked to life with a blast of hot air the Bard could feel from several feet away.

Having already explored the Royal Tomb area to his unsatisfaction and recovered what little loot there was to be had, the Bard headed back out to see about freeing Dolyn.

The Bard took a wrong turn and encountered the trio of frozen Draugr he'd seen earlier.

The Bard turned around to head the other way, when he heard an unpleasant cracking sound behind him. He looked and saw that the Ice around the Draugr was rapidly cracking. He started to say "What..?", but then stopped and turned slowly to see his new Fire Elemental.

"Oh no..." the Bard said.

After the Draugr were defeated, the Bard commanded the Fire Elemental to stand near the ice walls. The northern passage lead directly into the royal tombs, and the Bard clearly saw the evidence of the recent fight.

The southern passage led back into the antechamber and the door the Bard entered to reach the Burial Chambers.

The Bard remembered that his foray into the eastern hallway had been foiled by a wall of ice.

The Bard saw more frozen Draugr inside, but this time he was smarter, and unsummoned the Fire Elemental.

There were no further exits from the room, but there was a chest. The Bard narrowly dodged the swing of an axe from near the TRAPPED chest. Inside were some gems and an antique Kite Shield that still looked to be in serviceable condition.

The Bard returned to Dolyn. With the Fire Elmentals help, the Ice wall swiftly melted.

Dolyn is Freed - Nice

Dolyn is Freed - Snarky

This is the point where that last missing token can't be gotten - it's the "Ring of Tara" token (Rhythm +2). If you let Dolyn die, you get that, but lose out on two other tokens. If you let him live, you can't get the Ring of Tara.

: Yikes! I was expecting someone a little more... human, I guess.
Dolyn: Bah, you humans place too much emphasis on looks, we Firbolgs know what is best in life.
: And what is that?

Dolyn: To dig deep in the earth, uncover rich veins of ore, the satisfaction of a hard day's labor.
: I'll take looks, thank you very much.
: The grateful Firbolg handed over the keystone that he had found in his earlier exploration of the tombs.

Item Gained: Tree Stone
Experience: 2750[i]

[i]Level 11

Rhythm increased from 13 to 15
New Talent: Improved Critical Strike

At the other end of the passage was a large door, covered over with a thick sheet of ice.

Even after the Fire elemental melted the ice away, the door remained sealed, rusted shut for eternity.

"Well, looks like we need another way out," said the Bard, grandmaster of the obvious.

"Is it safe?" Dolyn asked, "I mean, can we return to my camp, there's a couple of things I left behind that I'd like to retrieve if possible."

"I don't see why not," the Bard said. "There's another wall of ice near there, as well as a door that looks like this tree stone might fit in."

So the Bard and Dolyn progressed through the tomb, searching for a way out.

The first Tree keystone door they tried didn't have an exit, it was a small room with a pair of chests. One contained adder stones and small gems, but as for the other...

Inside was an attractive golden coronet. The Bard slipped it on his head experimentally.

: What do you think?
: A symbol of power and leadership, the wearer of this crown found it easy to garner the respect of others. Once worn by kings and other men of great stature, This golden coronet was now worn by... The Bard. Talk about a step down.

If Dolyn dies, the keystone breaks and you can't get this token.

: With nowhere else to go, the Bard and Dolyn returned to the room where the Bard had plunged through the ice and chose the other tree-stone door, the only possible avenue of escape remaining. If there was no exit through there, the Bard and Dolyn would surely perish. It would be a great loss.
: I'm glad you see that?
: No, I was talking about Dolyn, not you.

At long last, they found an exit to the tombs. Sunlight could be streaming from around the bend, and fresh snow covered the floor.

Dolyn bids us farewell

Dolyn: I never thought I'd make it out of there alive, and I owe it all to you.
: Yes, you do.

Dolyn: Good luck my friend, if you should ever find yourself in Stromness, look me up. I owe you one.
: I'd prefer a more tangible reward right now, if you don't mind.
Dolyn: Ah you kidder! Farewell.
: Hey, I'm not kidding! You better have something for me or I'll drag you back here and stick you behind the ice!

Dolyn just chuckled and jogged out.

Experience: 1650

: The Bard journeyed through the tomb of the undead Jarl and emerged once again into the light.

: That was quite unpleasant. Last time I take vacation suggestions from a Trow.
Gower: Ye're un-pleasantries aren't over me lad. I see you have my sword, now hand it over.

: Speak of the devil.
Gower: Aye, its me, and must I remind you of me gesa... but as promised it will be lifed once you give me that sword!

Giving Gower his sword - the way he wants us to

Giving Gower his sword - the way WE want to

: Don't get your knickers in a bunch, a deal's a deal. Here's your precious sword. Now your end of the bargain if you please.
Gower: Oh at last! She's a beauty, isn't she? Thank you me friend. Sorry for the way I went about business, but it seemed the only way. As for my end of the deal, not only is the gesa no longer, but here is another token of my appreciation. Oh, and ye'll need a sword to defend yourself.

New Weapon: Quicksilver Broadsword
New Token: Badge of the Wind
Experience: 1925

: And so having broken the curse, our hero continued on his way to the mountain tower.

The Quicksilver Broadsword is a step down in damage from Casgair, but it's better then the one we had before entering the tombs.

The Bard stepped outside, blinking in the sunlight. He was high up in the mountains and had an excellent view. Heavy firbolg tracks headed south towards the city of Dounby. The tracks of the Trow could not be seen. But the Bard wasn't interested in following any tracks at the moment, for his destination lay in sight.

The Mountain tower.

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Dolyn - Nice

Dolyn - Snarky

Dolyn bids us Farewell

Giving Gower his sword - the way he wants us to

Giving Gower his sword - the way WE want to