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Part 28: Chapter 7-01

Chapter 7-01

: As the Bard strove to complete this quest and rescue the Princess, the enemy grew ever more desperate to put an end to his efforts.

Meet Lugh

Fionnaoch: Cathbad is faring poorly in his efforts. This... Bard has already evaded one of his traps and has reached the Mountain Tower alive. Lugh should be able to handle him, but take some of the Brothers and ensure he does not leave the tower alive.
Mackay: Yes, my lord.
Fionnaoch: See that you don't fail. Use any means necessary to stop him. You know what's at stake.
Mackay: We will do as you command.

Fionnaoch went and stood before the Mountain tower symbol, and summoned the avatar of Lugh.

Fionnaoch: Lugh.
Lugh: Herne has fallen.
Fionnaoch: I would disturb your vigil for no other reason.
Lugh: I always thought he was soft. So this man that defeated Herne, he's coming to pay me a visit next?
Fionnaoch: He's almost there now.

Lugh: It's been a long time since I've had a challenge, this should be amusing.
Fionnaoch: Do not underestimate this man, Lugh. He is... formidable.
Lugh: As formidable as me? I doubt that.
Fionnaoch: As unlikely as the possibility may be, I warn you once again to use caution. I'm sending some of my servants to aid you in case...
Lugh: Don't insult me. I'll take care of this problem and I will do it without your aid. I'll speak to you again once he's dead.

Lugh broke the connection.

Fionnaoch: Insufferable man.
Caleigh: Still, such men have their uses do they not, Fionnaoch?

Fionnaoch: I was wondering when you'd regain consciousness. I was rather hoping I'd be spared your company for a while longer.
Caleigh: You haven't changed much, you never did have anything resembling manners. My champion is going to free me Fionnaoch, I've finally found the right man.
Fionnaoch: That remains to be seen.
Caleigh: If he's too much for your men, perhaps you should do see to him personally.
Fionnaoch: Silence.

Caleigh: Or can it be that you must maintain proximity to this prison you have me in? That you're using much of your own power to keep me locked away? Do you have enough power left to defeat the Bard when he reaches you? I wonder...

Fionnaoch: Enough! I've more then enough power to deal with both of you, "princess". See that you remember this.

The Bard headed through a narrow pass in a series of ice canyons at the base of the Mountain Tower.

Ahead, he saw a single Druid in green waiting with a large group of Trow. The Bard sighed. They were obviously expecting him; there was no point in delaying the inevitable.

Cathbad Confrontation

Cathbad: To tell you the truth, I didn't expect to see you here. I congratulate you on making it this far, perhaps there is more to you then first meets the eye.

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Meet Lugh

Cathbad Confrontation