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Part 29: Chapter 7 - 02

You're right, there was no reason to be nice to the jerk, voting here is pretty pointless since no matter what, you must fight, but that was a good spot to stop the mini-update.

But even though fighting is required, being Snarky means you only have to fight one enemy instead of the whole group.

There won't be any more opportunities for votes in Chapter 7 - which is more entertaining then Chapter 5's tower. But at the start of Chapter 8, there will be a big vote on what the Bard should do next.

Chapter 7-02

Cathbard - Snarky

Cathbad Nice

The Bard didn't hesitate for a second.

: You have no idea how much it warms my heart to hear that from you. Give me a moment to write this down in my diary.
Cathbad: Ever the spirited one, eh? Ha ha ha! Your jibes won't help you now.

The Bard wasn't liking the odds, but with unusual cunning, he guessed a way to increase his chances. He unsummoned his bond servants, leaving just Bitey by his side.

: Tough talk from a man with a small army behind him. Are you that fearful of me?

Cathbad: We'll see how afraid I am. Leave the Bard to me! Prepare yourself!

As the Bard hoped, Cathbad was foolish enough to forget his mission, and arrogant enough to surrender his advantage of numbers.

Trow: Get him Cathbad.
Trow: Show him what for!

Trow: You fight like an old woman!

: Better'n fighting like a trow!

Trow: 4 to 1 odds against the Bard! Any takers?
: I'll take those odds!

Trow: Kill him! Smash him!

Trow: Ooooh I bet that hurt!

The Bard stood in the middle of the Trow and gestured for them to try his blade. The Trow stood uncertainly for a moment, then they broke and fled.

The Bard continued through the winding canyons. Therte were other Trow around, but they scattered and ran after seeing the Bard.

Not really, but this is the last level where we fight the Trow, they're not a challenge anymore.

He came to a sturdy looking wall, but there was nothing of interest about it.

Not yet, but this is our escape route later.

Finally the Bard reached the tower entrance. This resembled more of a human-built tower, unlike the bizarre plant structure that was the Forest Tower. Our hero summoned his Mercenary and prepared for battle.

Into the Mountain Tower

: The Bard had battled his way through ice and snow to reach the Mountain Tower. Inside awaited the most deadly adversary he would yet face, the bronze warrior Lugh, second of the tower guardians.

The Bard brought out the flute the Valkyrie had given him in the Frozen Tombs, hoping this would be the key.

The door swung open. The Bard strolled in.

The Bard continued forward into a square, dirt-floored arena. The Bard noted an iron gate, poised to block his exit. There were doors at all four corners of the room, and another barred gate opposite the one he entered from.

But it was the bronze man on the balcony that caught his attention. This must be the tower guardian.

Lugh's Challenge

Lugh: I was wondering when you would get here. I've been anticipating your arrival for some time now. I am of course Lugh, the guardian of the tower, and you are the man that did in old Herne? You seem a bit soft to me.
: Obviously a matter of opinion. Look, can we just get this over with? I've a princess to rescue and the sooner you'll do down, the sooner she'll... well, can we just get this over with?

Lugh: Princess? Hehe... I admire a man who dies for the woman he loves.
: Who said anything about love?
Lugh: Before we fight, there are a few formalities we must observe. First, would you care to turn back?
: Turn back? Not bloody likely. Not after everything I've been through. Turning back is not an option, my friend.
Lugh: I was hoping you'd say that.

There was a loud clanking slam from behind the Bard. He didn't bother turning around, he knew it was the iron gate above the entrance slamming firmly into place.

Lugh: Behold my arena! Impressive isn't it? Gets your blood flowing and ready to fight just being here.
: There are only two things that really get my blood flowing. One you can't afford, and the other would not be socially acceptable. Now, how shall we do this?
Lugh: Oh it isn't that easy my friend, remember those formalities I spoke of? You've got to prove yourself worthy before you have the honor of facing me.
: If there's any way we can forgo that whole worthy part I'd...

Lugh: Let's start with something easy. A real man would be able to defeat my lackeys before time expires.

One of the corner gates raised, and out poured eight small men in suits of armor.

The Bard swung his claymore with tremendous force, and the first of the foes shattered, spilling it's insides. To the Bard's surprise, it was not flesh and blood that covered the ground, but bits of clockwork gears.

"What's this? Clockwork soldiers?" the Bard laughed.

The Bard and the Mercenary took the metal men apart with ease.

Lugh Rates your performance

Lugh: Very good, but my youngest sister could have done the same. Now, let's make things more interesting, shall we?

From the second gate charged a group of mechanical boars. They proved to be noticeably more troublesome.

But still, the Bard turned the metal monstrosities into scrap metal.

Lugh: Now I'm starting to see why you defeated Herne. Let's see how good you really are.

The third gate released a group of Mechanical Men riding Mechanical Boars

: If only I had a bucket of water to throw on them.

Once they had all fallen Lugh gave a nod of respect to the Bard.

Lugh: Nicely done, very nicely done, not as good as my best time but adequate nonetheless. I wonder, how will you handle a more balanced attack?

The last gate opened and out poured a gang of Mechanical Boar Riders and Mechanical Infantry.

The Bard dispatched this group the same as the last.

Lugh: I can see that you are indeed dangerous. Perhaps a new sort of test is in order.

: What, no timer? Are your games over already? I was just staring to have fun.
Lugh: Oh, I have one game left, you'll like this one. The goal is simple: make it to the top of the tower alive.
: I'll see you there.
Lugh: I hope so. I'd love to deal with you myself, but I doubt you have what it takes.

With that, Lugh departed.

The Bard explored the holding rooms where the waves of enemies came from, and looted them.

In one he found a corpse, probably another failed Chosen One.

Looting a Corpse

: The Bard took a glimpse into his possible future. He knew that he would need to keep his wits as well as his sword sharp to avoid the fate of the skeletal remains at is feet.
: I love it when you state the obvious.

: I'll be sure to make better use of this then you did my friend.

Upgraded Light Fairy

Mana Cost: 50 -> 100
Health: 21 -> 23

The Upgraded Light Fairy is the weakest upgrade. You get 2 more points of health for an extra 50 mana. But it does cast its area-effect stun spell much more often, and it's practically invulnerable already, so it's not too bad a deal.

The Bard delayed no further and headed up into the tower's core.

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