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Part 32: Chapter 7-05 / Chapter 8-00

Chapter 7-05 / Chapter 8-00

The Bard was bound for Dounby, but first he had a dungeon to raid for treasure.

Sure enough, the map was accurate and lead him to a small cave entrance, difficult to see if you weren't looking. The Bard stepped inside the Cairn and summoned the Explorer.

The Explorer took a deep breath and spoke up, "What did you do lad... I feel... stronger, more like my old self again! I'm remembering things I didn't know I had forgotten! In fact... Look, I found something!"

The Explorer ran on ahead and began tapping the stones of an ordinary looking wall.

"What are you-" the Bard started.
"Shh!" the Explorer said.

Finally, the prodding worked. One ordinary stone sunk into the wall, which swung open with ease.

"How'd you know that was there?" the Bard demanded.
"I've always had knack for these things. I can't believe that I ever lost it!" the Exlorer said.

The Bard entered the passage. It was too narrow for his summons to follow, so the Bard had to deal with the two Draugr on his own.

There was some treasure of minor importance.

The main passage way branched off in three directions. The Bard took the rightmost route.

The Electric blade proved to be better then the old Claymore for handling the Draughr, for even the undead flinched and were momentarily stunned when the blade cleaved their dry flesh.

The passageway u-turned back towards the northern branch of the main tunnel, so the Bard explored the room off to the side. It was quite full of Draugr, but apparently little else - until the Explorer started tapping the walls.

There were no Draughr here, just a chest.

"Aha!" the Bard said, "so this is where all the treasures in these dusty ruins have been hiding!"

The Vitality +2 token is found much later on in a different dungeon. Since only the highest +Attribute Token counts for anything, that makes the +2 Vitality one do nothing for us. But I can now feel free to max out my vitality if I want.

The Bard retraced his steps to the central intersection and headed down the western route, leaving the middle path for later.

There were some Draughr.

And some traps.

And where the passage split in two directions, the Explorer offered a third option.

Explorer: Ahhh a secret door! They just don't make 'em like they used to!

This third secret passage seemed empty, but the Bard sensed danger. Mostly because there were floating swords coming towards him.

The Bard didn't dare retreat, so he swung out, hoping to hit something solid. He did, and the invisible Draugr fell eventually.

Invisible Draugr are nasty. They have the same Berserk ability as regular Vikings and Draugr, but you can't see the red aura to warn you.

The chest those creatures were guarding also had a useful item.

I'm not sure, but I think the Healing Shield means you have a 10% chance to get a portion of healed if you block an attack. The Benefit isn't too noticeable.

The Bard continued clearing out the cairn. The Knight fearlessly waded into battle, drawing all the attention, while the Bard outflanked the Draugr and cut them down.

Then there was 'the best part': The looting.

The Bard was about to head down the northern passage when he saw the tell-tale shimmering purpleness of a dampening field.

The Draugr in the magically-inert zone wouldn't come out, so the Bard drew his bow and sent his summons in after them.

The Bard discovered that a good flaming arrow lit up the invisible warriors as plain as day.

But finally, there was nothing for it but to go in and see if it was clear himself.

It wasn't.

The Bard had one passage left, the northern hall leading off the main route.

It connected with the eastern U-turn hallway before a door into a magically-dampened area. There was a Metal Mouth off to the side.

Metal Mouth - Cryptic Message

Metal Mouth:
Careful friend and be thou wary
Of tricks and traps and beasties hairy.
For in the chamber round the bend
Awaits a task, will be thine end
If too long you wait before you know
Or wrongly choose: red blood will flow.
But far from right your choice must be
As you approach the trinity.

The Bard puzzled over those words, but entered the door anyway.

There were three doors in the next room. The Bard thought carefully.

"Trnity..." the Bard mused, "that must mean these three doors, so hmmm... 'far from right...' the left door!"

The Bard approached the left door and prodded it open. No trap sprung.

He Bard peered inside. There was a chest.

"Piece of bread," the Bard said, "Next stop, Dounby."

If the game had formal acts, this is where Act 3 would start


Chapter 8 - 00

Welcome to Dounby

Fionnaoch: It's true then.
Mackay: Yes my lord, we have kept the northern passes under watch as you commanded. He will enter the city soon.
Fionnaoch: I don't know what game he plays by coming here, but he will regret it. Allow him to pass through the northern gate unmolested. When he's inside the city we will strike.

Fionnaoch dismissed his lieutenants and approached Caleigh.

Fionnaoch: What is this Bard of yours trying to accomplish woman? Why is he coming to my city? He can't hope to free you yet, the island tower still stands.

Caleigh: I'm sure I don't know what you're talking about, "lord" Fionnaoch.
Fionnaoch: He will fail Caleigh, and when he does I will reinforce the strength of your bonds a thousand times over. You will never be free.

The Bard entered Dounby and was met by two guards, who seemed surprised to see someone, much less someone who was human and alive.

Guard 1: You've come out of the north?
: Aye.
Guard 2: Not many do. How is it you've come through the mountains unscathed?

The Bard was wary of revealing his mission or skills to strangers of unknown allegiance.

: I don't see how that's any business of yours.
Guard 1: Just passing the time friend, no need to bristle. There isn't much work for us these days. Not since those thrice-damned Druids took over the city.

The Bard tried to keep his tone neutral, uninterested.

: Druids eh? When did this happen?

Guard 1: They come from that old tower in the middle o' town about a week ago, claimed the place for their Lord Fionnaoch. You'd do best to steer clear of them if you know what's good for you.
: Yeah... I think that's good advice, my thanks.

: The Bard ventured into the Lion's Den, unable to shake the eerie feeling that he was being watched.

Vote: Here the Bard has several choices. We'll be doing all of them before leaving Dounby (except possibly e), but you choose the order (please do choose the order you want to do these in)

oOting is closed

Should the Bard...

a) Get a shady job - Voted Fourth
b) Get a new weapon - Voted Second
c) Explore a dungeon - Voted Fifth
d) Enter a Talent Contest - Voted Third
e) Listen to a funny song (not a "Bad Luck" song) - Voted first

If we don't listen to the song now, we'll do it just before we continue on the main quest, but that's several updates away.

I won't update again until there are no tie votes - which means the minimum votes needed are 4 + 3 + 2 + 1 + 0.

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