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Part 48: Chapter 12 - 01a

I've finished recording the game. I now have most of the movies and screenshots (but not all)

Scaramouche posted:

Wow, reading this it seems I quit one chapter too soon. Hatcher the crazy butcher, some great narrator snark, the haggis monster, and crazy thorvald all would have awaited me had I played a few more hours. It's also obvious that some pretty impressive weapon upgrades occurred too. Maybe I gave up too soon, or, in my preferred interpretation, they should have paced the weapon/xp upgrades better.

There are a couple more weapons after Stromness, but that's the last place to buy them. And yeah, the weapon upgrades are paced erratically. Most notably is the fact that you can get into Finstown before you even reach Chapter 4.

But the weapons just really help you keep pace with the enemies, you never dominate enemies in the game.

Chapter 12-01a

Firbolg Mines Introduction

: The Bard found himself in a place where there was no night or day, no warmth of the sun, and air so foul every breath was an effort. Into these tunnels more suited to Firbolgs and Finfolk the Bard bravely strode, determined to complete his noble quest... certain death lurked around every corner... a violent messy death at the hands of some foul subterranean denizen.
: I certainly hope that you're exaggerating.

: More wishful thinking than anything else.
: Nice.

The Bard headed into the mine. He soon encountered a miner at work.

Talking to Miners

Firbolg Miner: We haven't heard from the villagers of Stromness in a while, I wonder if something happened to them.
: You could say that... the entire village has been razed by the undead.
Firbolg Miner: Oh my, that's terrible. Is there anything we can do to help?
: You could try digging graves, although I wouldn't recommend it. It's still quite nasty out there. You're best staying underground.

Firbolg Miner: We sent a messenger to ask the Vikings for help with the Finfolk, but he hasn't returned.
: You people don't get out of the mine much, do you?
Firbolg Miner: Why do you ask?
: The entire bleedin' town was razed by Draughr weeks ago!

The Bard continued through the mine. Soon he encountered hostile Finfolk, as the Firbolgs had mentioned

Dual Wield Combat

Once they were defeated, the Bard methodically continued exploring the passageways, and came across a sight that was quite familiar by now.

.: That Barrelmaker certainly sells a lot of these things.

The Bard paused and considered.

: Well, probably more if all those towns hadn't been burned down by the undead.

The Bard continued wandering, finding little of interest except Firbolgs and Finfolk.

The Bard came to a passageway that was partially blocked off by a recent-looking collapse. The smell and sound of an river came through gaps in the rock.

The Bard continued exploring until he realized he had been almost everywhere, and he hadn't yet found a way out.

The Bard headed down the only remaining passage, but soon the familiar shimmering purple lights filled the tunnel.

This tunnel hit a dead-end, but there were two Firbolgs frantically, yet methodically digging at a rock collapse.


: You seem to be in quite a hurry my friend, why all the hacking? Is the ore going somewhere?

Culainn: A group of us were working here, putting up support beams when we were attacked by a pack of Finfolk. During the fight, this tunnel collapsed and several of the other miners were trapped.

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Talking to Miners

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