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Part 7: Final

HiHo ChiRho posted:

I may have just missed it, but when did the hardware store owner give the letter to Thad? I wouldn't put it past this game that it would magically appear in your inventory without notice, but still.

Edit - I'm going to go over all the posts and fix little things like this after this post. You pick it up after tear gassing the dog, he just says "Hey, this guy left a note." and that is about it. Sorry about that.

Time to end this. This will show here the best and worst of The Dark Half.

So, with the doctor dead, you are supposed to aimlessly wander back to town instead of heading on home. Why? More cop related ends. Due to Thad burning most of his bridges in town, you are supposed to head out to the barber shop, tell the barber we are going to murder him, which makes him vanish from the screen and lets you pick up a very dull razor laying on the table. After that, you go to the college of course. I would give you a screen shot, but every two seconds the game would crash there and cause me to have to reboot dosbox. Trust me when I say it wasn't interesting.

Now we can't into the front door of the university. Thad will whine about cops being inside. How do we see our buddy? Why, climbing a tree with a rope and heading into the window, of course! That won't arouse suspension at all!

Uh, what are you talking about?

Gah! Also, this university sure loves daggers.

It doesn't really matter what order you pick these. Let's go with bottom to top.

Remember that screen above. It will be great for the ending.

I don't even know, man.

Now that Thad has some stylish digs, I guess he can avoid cops. That baseball cap and sunglasses sure looks like the same stuff that George was wearing in that photo when he killed people. Oh well! I am sure this disguise will work!

It sure was nice of Thad to take the rope from the tree. Anyway, let's head on home.

Oh no! The most worthless police of all time have been killed! R.I.P Black cop and white cop.

Oh, hello Liz. Let's take a closer look at her.

Dramatic/scary or pumpkin with a blanket? You make the call. Alright, now we have to use the scalpel we picked up on the ropes to free her. Freeing Liz, Thad says "Quick, leave the house Liz!" and Liz just badly animates past a wall out of the house.

She doesn't even go out the front and only door.

Well, we should confront George, but now it's time for the most dumb part of the game. Simple solution to this puzzle, really.

Step 1 - Go back to the bedroom and get that whiskey bottle.

Step 2 - Open up your first aid kid and get the gauze out of it.

Step 3 - Put gauze in bottle then light with lighter.

We are almost done. Let's head on in. No comment on above.

Oh, Hey George. What's up?

: Hmmm... how about Alexis Machine - A epic journey of a young man finding true love as he sucks every single known dick in the universe?

Oh shoot. We died. Let's try that again.

Ah hell, this writing shit is hard! Ok, time to show you guys how to beat this game and get the best possible ending ever done in video games.


Well, that's it people. Go home. Decent ending, I guess. It was kinda cool and not really what I was expecting.

One last update left with real ending and book comparison

Wait, why do we still have a dog whistle?