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Original Thread: Birds and bad puzzles - Let's play The Dark Half



The intro can be watched here!

What is up with the video? That's how it plays it my computer, too. Hey man, this game ain't that pretty.

What is this game? : It's a odd forgotten adventure game based off the book. You play as Thad (A really horrible name, sorry to all you Thads out there) who is an author that goes by the pen name of George Stark. As Stark, Thad writes all these crime thriller books about some dude who is a bad motherfucker named Alexis Machine that shoots people nonstop because he has issues with having a first name so girlish. Having a ton of money and love of wasting it, Thad and his wife stage a mock burial for his pen name after it becomes public knowledge. Shortly after, the murders start to happen... Thad also is an ex-alcoholic who suffered from a brain tumor as a child. The creepy thing? It wasn't a tumor, it was the remains of his DEAD TWIN BROTHER! Is there a connection? Well, it's King, so chances are it's hammy and involves some spiritual battle of good vs. evil.

Is this game good? : No, it's actually pretty awful. The music is one loop the whole game, the art is lame at best, and ending is just awkward. If you can get past that, it crashes nonstop and has a couple of bugs. While not a very good game, it does have some pretty interesting puzzles and dialog which can get a laugh now and then. It's abandonware, so go ahead and give it a shot if interested. Here is a review from Swedish reviewers Datormagazin.

Datormagazin posted:

The developers must have made ​​an effort to make a bad game as possible. This is so bad that I get nostalgic. How bad games do not anymore.

Owch. Talk about a brutal google translate, but also that review! I personally don't think it's that bad, but I guess you will have to see it and tell me what you think.

How is this LP going to work? : The Dark Half is a very short game. Each update will be one day or one night in game time. There is a total of four days in the game. That and I wanted to actually finish an LP instead of getting started then quitting due to whatever.

Is it like the book or movie? : No.

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