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Part 100: Chapter XC - In that moment you left behind something that will last for eternity.

In that moment you left behind something that will last for eternity.


Chapter VIII: Quit struggling and sit there like a good victim!

Anything interesting going on?
Pleasant Young Man: So, apparently there’s some mysterious lady looking for someone to help her with something. She seemed to have something important to ask. … That’s the story, anyway.
Bartender: I also have something to ask…
Pleasant Young Man: What?

Bartender: Welcome back, cutie!
Pleasant Young Man: Some girl’s been coming around here lately, all mysterious-like. She’s quite a stunner, too… Can’t compare to me, though!

It’s the Sidequests tutorial! This is mandatory, of course. Whenever someone has a red outline around their dialogue bubble, they’re important.

I have a dilemma. I need to deliver a letter to someone. Unfortunately, that person has gone away to a monster-infested region, leaving me behind… I would like someone to deliver this letter to him. Will you please help me?

Here we get an accept/decline choice. If you decline a sidequest, you’ll just have to ask again later, it doesn’t lock you out. The “decline” dialogue here isn’t interesting.

Sure, I’ll do it.
Thank you! I owe you so much! Here is the letter to deliver. The person I want you to give this to should be at the entrance of the Robelia Ruins. If you leave the Robelia Ruins, speak to me again. If you do not do so, the situation will change and you will lose sight of your original goal.

Obtained Letter from Home!
Accepted quest: A Day’s Beginning

Were you able to deliver the letter?
Yeah, no problem!
Thank you so much. Here is a little something for your trouble.
Reward: 100 G.
There are so many people in need of a helping hand out there. If you come across these people, please hear them out. Helping those in need will help you, too. You will gain so much from it.
The power to strengthen your will.
Friends who will risk their lives for you.
Hope, fear, hate.
You will experience many things, both good and bad, and they will help you grow as a person. I know you will take them to heart… and thus, I know you will be able to control your fate. We shall meet here again… someday.

… What the hell was all that about?

Rush Sykes, you’ve openly defied the God Emperor by crushing the Conqueror’s army, not only making you an enemy of him, but potentially every single lord on the continent. What are you gonna do now?!
I’m going to Undelwalt!

Music: Echoes of the Past (Undelwalt Theme)

Yep, we’re going right back to Undelwalt to face the consequences for farting in the face of the God Emperor. But mostly because there’s the final normal sidequest of the game here.

And that last quest belongs to Glenys.

The treasures from different lands bestowed upon the holy city have been stolen and are being sold on the black market. This is the talk of the town, my lady.
The black market? If they had come to me, I could have made them a much better offer.

It’s a fairly common rumor that treasures from many of the old kingdoms have begun circulating through the black market here.

Let’s go treasure hunting!
Thank you. We’d be looking for something called the Spear of Origin. My homeland’s good name, its history, its honor… I will not allow them to be swept away by this sea of corruption. I am certain someone with ties to this black market is here in the imperial city. It’s just a matter of finding the right man.

Accepted quest: History’s Boundary

Glenys wants us to find the Spear of Origin. Some shady guy in Undelwalt is selling old treasures, so I should try talking to him.

No fighting involved, we just walk around Undelwalt and talk to people. Simple.

Our first shady fellow is found in the guild.

Check it out – the treasure of the old floating city, the Tome of the Dragon God. The techniques in this baby’ll have you ripping through enemy formations like dragons through knights, dig?
I dig!
Yeahhh, I thought that’d get your ears perkin’ up. Dragons always grab the honeys, right?

I’m all about that!
Good doing business with ya!

Obtained Snakebite! You’ve learned a new formation!

Got the scroll Snakebite from a real shady vendor in the guild.

This isn’t what we want, but we need to establish our credibility as a buyer of black market stuff. We need to meet him again in Gefri, the market.

The treasure of the ancient mountain country: the Epigraph of the Hundred Sages. Just skimming through is like studying with the most powerful sorcerers of the empire.

It’s totally mine!
Good doing business with ya!

Obtained Shards Formula! Rush can now use Shards!

Got a shard formula from a real shady vendor in Gefyri.

I love “quit looking at my jib”. This is where you can first learn Shards. I remind you that this quest is only available after finishing the Holy Plains battle, and there’s basically nothing left but the final dungeon and boss(es?). Shards is not going to see much use on a first time playthrough. Or a second-time playthrough, actually, since it takes forever to unlock the insanely expensive components for sale. Now we’re going to the tavern.

I guess not.
The Phantom City was respected by even the Imperator. This is their greatest treasure: the blade Finsternis. The name means “darkness.”

Kinda pricey, but… okay.
Good choice.

A pretty good sword. On my first playthrough, this replaced Rush’s (by then very-badly-outdated) Olibaum +2.

Come back to give another “contribution” to Undelwalt’s upkeep, eh?

Got a Finsternis from a real shady vendor in the pub.

He says that, but he doesn’t leave the pub. There’s one more place we have to go. The very last place that you’d think Rush would want to go.

Right up to the God Emperor’s face.

Geez… okay.
Excellent. I remind you, once this transaction is complete, we shall be strangers. I trust you will keep this all in the highest confidence.
Then this is farewell. We shall not meet again.

And what has the God Emperor to say to Rush?

This goes for everyone. You have been warned.

So yeah, no consequences at all.

My long journey has finally come to an end… I finally feel right in saying that.

Obtained Spear of Origin!
Spear of Origin – A treasure of the Ancient Kingdom of Glenys. It has the power to vanquish phantoms.
Obtained Arch! You have learned a new formation!


Completed quest: History’s Boundary

The Spear of Origin was returned to Glenys's hometown. Even though the town doesn't exist anymore, its honor lives on.

The description of it, unsurprisingly, confirms that it is from the ancient kingdom of Glenys. Her precise nature remains a mystery.

That’s not true. There is always love and compassion.

The bartenders think that there are no more quests. But they are mistaken. Because we have now completed ALL sidequests available in the game, there’s now just one more. We have to go back to where it all began.

I like stories!

Thank you. You have met many people on your journey who have helped you grow. In return, you have given them something very valuable. Something they will treasure for always. It is hard to describe in words what exactly have bestowed upon others...

Allow me to try to explain myself...
The skies may gray,
the oceans may disappear,
and the earth may rot.
But not even the freest of birds,
The most hopeful of fish,
the wisest of men...

Something only you could have given them... And that is what will mold your destiny.
I must go now.
To my time, to my place.

Obtained Dream’s Edge!
Completed quest: Things Unchangeable

The mysterious lady disappeared. I wonder what she meant when she said that I had made a difference.

For completing all other sidequests, we get rewarded 1,000,000 G. It’s pretty sweet, although by this point there’s not a left to buy except consumables and maybe some more party members. That’s pretty much all for today, but there’s one more little piece of business to take care of before I forget.

At some point, it’s a good idea to go to the Southwest Road and enter and leave until there are ONLY Feral Fangs and Anthrovores there. Those are the trigger conditions for a certain rare monster to spawn.

learned Nimble Dragon Crush!

Its located near the very end of the Southwest Road on a narrow ledge between two canyons. There’s nothing special about the rare except that it is a Guild Task. It is one of only four guild tasks that I didn’t or was unable to complete as part of my BR 103 previous game which carried over into this one. The reason why I was unable to complete it will become clear in the future.

New Arts Summary
learned Nimble Dragon Crush III!

Next Time: Go get ‘em, tiger!