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Part 4: The Inheritance - results

Alright, Tommy won again. It remains to be seen if this is a coincidence or the beginning of an All-Tommy run.

Dan was our second choice so we'll go to his Literary Register magazine and see what we can do for him without the money.

You think you can pass a section of the Novelist without reading a journal? Think again!

Did y'all think I was kidding when I said we're a telepathic energy being? Nooooope.

Telepathic Light Manifestation: bending the will of men since 1948

Jeez, Tom-Tom, we get it. Also, don't you have a friend? Why are you still so worried about being alone?

Does anyone in this house just have normal dreams? Anyway, we whisper into Dan's ear and tell him how to spend the money like the ghost accountant we are.

Admittedly I didn't like that Tommy won twice in a row but this made it better. You guys know what you're doing.

So, even though we didn't get to buy a full page ad, we still got in the Literary Register! And it sounds like the added pressure is kinda helping Dan, I guess?

Dan not giving her money for the co-op really upset Linda. She's been painting pretty consistently but this managed to throw her off her game. It seems she didn't need the co-op as much as she needed the support of her husband.