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Part 16: The Funeral - results

Linda won because, despite the mountain of evidence to the contrary, goons aren't monsters.

Also, I'm very sorry but I forgot to take a screenshot of selecting Dan's pages because he got second place. So, uh, just assume I did that, okay? But, umm, let's move on to the ghost journals!

Remember, last time in the ghost journals, we read that an elderly widower was contemplating suicide. Now, we are going to find what happened.

And it ends with an open ended cliff hanger. This is the only journal this time. I can see how people can think this is a cop-out but it just feels pleasantly bittersweet to me.

Tommy, being 5, doesn't really understand what's happening with his parents.

It looks like even Dan isn't on board with the Dan option this time.

Dan can be a really stand up guy when we force him to be.

Dan managed to negotiate a way to get publicity while staying with Linda. Like he said, it's very unlikely that his publisher will be happy with this choice.

Tommy: The Shit Child.

I'll be posting the final voting section soon so hold on tight. But first, I'd like to leave you with a review/preview:

Get hype.