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Secret of Monkey Island

by Clavius

Part 28: Items & Trials

Feb 23, 2008

So about this here Monkey Head...

I bet there's a shitload of very specific items and trials I need to acquire and overcome to get to that thing.

This is going to be epic.

I can feel it.

Finally! things are looking up!


Guess i'll have to get someone to hold it down.

Hmm, we need to get to the other side of the island, but we can't walk over this beautiful, stunningly rendered mountain scene.

Aha! A rowboat, that'll work. But we have no oars.

Malicious throwing of oars into a chasm, eh.

Exciting new perspective!

Rule #1 of life: Rope is useful in any and every scenario.

It's always something else isn't it.

There's always some obstacle, puzzle even, hindering my progress...

Oh shit.

What are you talking about, that's one sharp suit.

He's lost weight. Never looked better.

See, even Mr Smells-Like-Rotting-Monkey-Bladders can see he's a smooth motherfucker in that suit.

What happened to him?

Oh, nasty accident. He was trying to put up a swing.

Uh, right.

We need that rope, corpse or no corpse.

But first! Another exciting episode of the Monkey Island memo drama, what will those wacky cannibals eat this time?!

"Please return our key to the Monkey Head."
"-- The Cannibals"

Well whatever, into the pile you go.

I'm sick of this island and it's endless suspiciously perfect and vaguely inconspicuous trials.

I want to blow some shit up!

Gunpowder: A welcome addition to any situation.

Now we just need a spark.

Now, faithful readers we come to a choice! We have to choose between the following combinations of items:

But who the fuck cares because they all do the same thing.

Oh god. Health and safety was all over our asses on this one.

Oh shit! RUNAWAY!

That was...

Fucking awesome! I wanna go again!

Oh hey, we can get this rope now.

So it's come to burglarising corpses has it. Whatever, at least he smells better than Toothrot.

Oars, here I come.

Oh you're no fun.

What kind of pirate are you anyway?

To the water!

Next time, we take to the water and head to.... The other side! (I'm scared)