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Part 20: Pergola - PYF Awkward, Ugly, and Gross: Escarpan Edition

20. Pergola - PYF Awkward, Ugly, and Gross: Escarpan Edition

The music...

Everyone in Escarpa said we should meet, but I never dared dream we would.
Everyone else was so short and hairy--I was always the ugly duckling. Too tall, too thin, hair only on top, but with you, I feel, I dunno, somehow normal.
Oh, I think you're anything but normal.

What? Torin!

Huh, what, no, what I meant was, you're far above normal. You're beautiful. Wonderful. Perfect.

Oh Torin, but my parents must be worried sick.
Well, yeah, they are. They really want you to return home--and my parents, they're still in danger.
I must go back
I must go on.
You're right! *giggle

But, will I see you again?
You must.

Excuse me, you two. Will you be staying for dinner? If so, I'd better send out several hunting parties.
No, we have to leave immediately. We have to begin our search for a phenocryst.
Oh, no need, I know right where one is. But it's pretty far away.
What? I cant believe it. Does it work?
Wellll, it might. You see, it hasn't been used in some time.
Somehow, I could've guessed that. Let's go, Leenah.

Attention everyone. This is Torin and his friend Leenah. Please give him your attention. They're all yours.

But, what do I do?
That's the problem. No one knows. The phenocryst hasn't been used in generations. Legend has it that when the ostiaries find perfect harmony the worlds will open unto them. But even when wearing these ancient sacred robes, they cannot find the way themselves. Can you help them?
Oh boy...

Alright, puzzle time. This is pretty much all we get to do in Pergola. Free Leenah, have a quick establishing romance scene, and some puzzles. Anywho, this one isn't too difficult. You'll notice there are a number of ostiaries with unique features: blue sleeves, red sashes, green hoods, yellow necklaces, and purple robes. Each unique feature has to be lined up in a row of four. We move the ostiaries one at a time to do this. Clicking on an ostiary will have them move to the center of the puzzle. Clicking on another ostiary will have them take the now vacant position on the pentagram.

Note: if you take too long to do anything, the ostiaries will get ansty and just start moving around randomly:

Again, once you know what to do, this puzzle shouldn't be too difficult to complete. The finished product looks like this:

Hurry Leena, jump up here!

(I bet that door hides a phenocryst.)

This puzzle is a little more difficult because it involves musical notes. But actually, it's not all that difficult because the puzzle is solved, again, by arranging the ostiaries in different orders. As you might be able to guess by the symbols on the doors, the left group needs to be arranged in ascending order, while the right group needs to be arranged in descending order. By using the conductor baton that has conveniently appeared, we can make the ostiaries sing:

Clicking on one ostiary will cause another two to switch places. This is where this puzzle can get frustrating. I don't want to relive the frustration. Basically, the ostiaries two pitches above switch places. So, if you click on ostiary 1, ostiaries 2 and 3 will switch places. If you click on ostiary 4, ostiaries 5 and 1 will switch places. As an aside, the female ostiaries control the door on the left and the male ostiaries control the door on the right. Anyways, the finish puzzle looks like this:

Oh Torin, I knew you could do it!
You did?!
But, now what?
Oh, this part I know. Stand over here. I'll throw enough of this powder for both of us, and off we'll go.
Don't forget me, Torin!
I couldn't, Leenah!
Be careful, this Lycentia sounds dangerous!
I will, now close your eyes.
They are closed.

Torin doesn't look too happy after being kissed by an Escarpan. Maybe they have sandpaper tongues, like cats?

Save enough powder for a trip to Escarpa.
I promise, I'll see you soon Leenah, somehow.
Goodbye Torin, and goodbye Boogle.

Note: we never gave Leenah back her knife. The design documents explain this:

Torin's Passage Design Documents posted:

With all the hormones raging through your loincloth, it's no wonder you forget to return her knife.