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Part 40: Multiplayer Tournament

ScotchDK did a wonderful titlecard and intro which I proceeded to test with and without it and then uploaded the wrong ones to youtube. I'm nearly out of data allowance for the month, so I will reupload them with the right ones when it rolls over this weekend. Sorry ScotchDK, I really do appreciate your hard work, it's not gone unnoticed.

Tournament Round 2 - Yukitsu vs Sydin

Battle 1

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Battle 2

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Battle 3

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Overall Winner - Yukitsu
Relegated to Losers Bracket - Sydin

Three electrifying battles from the resident thread superstars! Although both players demonstrated exceptional strategic understanding of their forces, the slightly superior placement and manoeuvring of Yukitsu ensured his victory against Sydin. Even in situations where Sydin had the superior army on paper, Yukitsu's exceptional pressure play that he is rapidly becoming known for forced Sydin into some key errors and made the match on Yukitsu's terms.

Sydin was betrayed a little bit by lack of familiarity with the units, at least that's how it felt to me. He only ever got 90% from his forces, where Yukitsu always managed to get the full 100%. Ability use was superb from both players, as you would expect for their skill level and both players demonstrated a complete mastery of cavalry. Given the skill with which Sydin has with cavalry, it seemed an odd move to not take any in the first match. In my opinion, he could have easily lost the Bow Attendants and perhaps downgraded a unit of Warrior Monks into Sword Attendants or Naginata Attendants so that he could fit in a Mounted Naginata unit, given the effectiveness and skill with which he uses them. His gamble in the second match to kill Yukitsu's general very nearly paid off and if his timings had been a little tighter would have almost certainly spelled doom for the favourite.

Some of the finest battles we have seen so far, Sydin might be down, but he is not out! We might yet see the clash of the titans again in the final, but now Sydin fights for his life!