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Part 46: Multiplayer Tournament

That's enough of that rather unexciting derail about a game that isn't even the one this LP is about!

Let's have some content before I go to bed. (The second video is uploading as I post this, so give it 2 hours to finish up.)

Tournament Grand Final - Yukitsu vs Sydin

Battle 1

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Yukitsu - 4 x Naginata Warrior Monks, 2 x Naginata Levy, 1 x Mounted Naginata, 1 x Mounted Samurai, 1 x Foot Samurai, 1 x Naginata Warrior Monk Hero
Sydin - 6 x Naginata Levy, 3 x Naginata Warrior Monks, 2 x Sword Attendants, 1 x Tetsubo Warrior Monks

Battle 2

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Yukitsu - 3 x Naginata Warrior Monks, 2 x Naginata Levy, 1 x Sword Attendants, 1 x Mounted Samurai, 1 x Naginata Warrior Monk Hero
Sydin - 4 x Bow Levy, 1 x Naginata Warrior Monk, 1 x Foot Samurai, 3 x Sword Attendants, 1 x TETSUBOOOOOOOOOO Warrior Monk

Grand Final Winner - Don't you want to know!
Second Place - There can be only one!

Absolutely unbelievable! I came in expecting a knockout performance from both players and all I can say is that they raised the bar well and above what I had expected. Given both player's spectacular performances, I shouldn't be surprised that every inch of these fights were nailbiters, quite possibly the finest matches I have ever seen. If I say that each week, it's because they just keep getting better!

Positioning and engagement were absolutely critical in that first match, with Sydin causing spectacular pressure on Yukitsu, but Yukitsu remained a class act throughout, able to take advantage of even the smallest mistakes of Sydin. The mistakes of Sydin were indeed small however, as he engaged Yukitsu on Sydin's terms, with a valiant attack that would have broken the will of lesser generals. Despite holding an early advantage, Sydin was unable to get the breakout he needed and Yukitsu's reinforcements were able to see off the attack. Bone crunching stuff from two titans!

The second match saw a totally different style and gameplan from Sydin to his earlier matches and it looked like Yukitsu's familiarity with his own army would give him a decisive early advantage as Sydin let a few early opportunities slip. Sydin quickly found his feet and pushed back with several well calculated plays, bringing the momentum back in his favour at the cost of sacrificing elements of his army. Yukitsu moved strongly to prevent the momentum shift and was able to stabilise the battle lines, albeit at the cost of a building being claimed by Sydin. Knowing that he held the advantage but seeing Sydin begin to re-gather his steam, Yukitsu launched a devastating offensive, crashing his lines in a powerful attempt to finish off Sydin. Sydin's Tetsubo warrior monks, however, had other plans. Unleashing a devestating Banzai counter-charge, they were able to deal enough damage to blunt Yukitsu's offensive. The defender and aggressor may have been swapped from the first battle, but the defender held true in a nailbiting fight to the last man!

Can Yukitsu recover his momentum and knock Sydin out of the race or will Sydin show Yukitsu that all you need to win is a really big stick?

Find out in the RotS Tournament Grand Final Tiebreaker!