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Original Thread: Tropico 3: Let's Run This Island into the Ground



So, some explanation. Tropico 3 is a true sequel to Tropico 1, with Tropico 2 going off and doing some odd sort of pirate thing instead. Tropico 3 is mainly just a 3D upgrade to the original game, although some aspects have been changed significantly. There are cars and garages, for instance, which help you keep the industrial sector away from the residential zone, plus El Presidente now has an avatar in-game who can run around and help out with stuff, like speeding construction time and raising service quality.

There’s also a campaign mode, but it’s basically 15 scenarios of the same game, so we’re not doing that. Instead, this will be a regular 50-year sandbox game with plenty of flat room to grow in and lots of resources to exploit. Having less may be harder, but it’s also more boring. With that in mind, I’m also turning “Rebel Yell” on, which makes rebels appear much more frequently.

In general, though, I’d like to actually encourage crazy ideas and bad planning. I’ve beaten the game so thoroughly that not even a single rebel appeared or soldier complained, even though there are so many different ways things can go horribly wrong. Want me to underpay the military? Done. Want me to build too many industries and not enough houses? Can do. There are tons of terrible things you can do in this game, so let’s try them all!

And for El Presidente: I’d show you all the possibilities, but that would take up even more room with more words than I’ve written already. There are almost 100 options, all told, and each one has a paragraph of its own. If you want to go with MAXIMUM __________, just pick his/her name off the list, and if you wanted to do some research, they’ve all got appropriate links in their names. If you want to pick the right set of traits and flaws, etc., then go ahead and read the entries. If you don’t care and want me to handle it, say that instead. I’ll show the entries for the traits we go with in the first real update.

Also, if you’re wondering, Juanito (and yes, he always says his name like that) is the in-game radio personality/status updater who chimes in with local (and occasionally international) news. He is the game’s narrator, in effect, and while a VLP of a city building sim would be far too dull to watch, he should not be missed out on; ergo, he is the SSLP’s narrator.

Now sign up, and adopt a citizen of Tropico today!

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