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by Jade Star

Part 31: Burn One Down

Update 28: Burn One Down

"April 28, Commander Vault reporting.

Our fight against the Biomass had hit a crawl. Our repulsors are working in Europe to repel and reclaim large amounts of land. This land however is almost entirely devastated as might be expected. No animal life remains and very little plant life. All of that can be repaired over time though. The worst of it is that our repulsors in east Russia have only halted the Biomass's advance.

While the repairs of Retribution were underway and are still ongoing, we put our research efforts into the Biomass. We have two autopsy reports of the transgenants found exclusively in the Biomass and they are listed here:

We also had a nice break in our fight with the Biomass as we were able to locate a Biomass node at long last. We didn't have good intel on this going into it, we had no idea what a node would really look like to the soldiers on the ground, or what it was made out of. Regardless of these unknowns Booya and his squad was up to the task.

Ice7: mère d'un dieu, why are we back here in this awful mass?
Booya: There is supposed to be some sort of vital Biomass node around here or something.
Sneaky: Node?
Booya: Yeah I don't know. We go find something we haven't seen before and kill it.
Sneaky: Simple enough.

Golden: Hostile! Floater, out a ways. Getting closer.
Sneaky: I'm moving with him.
Vallhallan: God damn heavy armor. Damn heavy ass turret. Wait for us.
Golden: Haha, slow ass.
Booya: Quit your bitchen. Just fire when you're within range.

Ackbar: It's dead sir.
Booya: Good work. Golden, Sneaky, move up and keep an eye open. Rest of you, at your own pace while sergeant slow ass gets the turret set up over there.
Vallhallan: Oh come on! ...wait, sergeant?
Booya: Yeah, you got promoted last week, didn't anyone tell you?
Vallhallan: No.
Golden: Haha.
Booya: What're you laughing at dead man, he out ranks you now.
Vallhallan: Ha!
Golden: God damn it.
Vallhallan: Alright, turret online.
Jimmy: Another alien coming from the left!

Ice7: Huurrghkkll... It shot me with ze red!
Booya: Calm down Frenchy, there is only one of them. Squad, open fire.

Jimmy: It's down. We're clear over here.
Golden: Is see one, it is way away though. Doesn't look like it's noticed us.
Vallhallan: I can't see it. Moving the turret up.

Jimmy: It's getting closer...

Vallhallan: I'm all set up.
Booya: Waste it as soon as you have a good shot.
Vallhallan: Roger.

Vallhallan: Booya!
Booya: What?
Vallhallan: Huh?
Booya: You said my name.
Vallhallan: What? No, i just meant booya, like, I killed it, booya!
Booya: Oh. I see... hey look over there!

Ackbar: It looks like a small Reticulan ship.
Golden: Way too small to be a real UFO though.
Booya: Well, it could be what we are looking for out there. You guys go check it out. I'll stay up here with sergeant turret.
Golden: Why do we have to go check it out?
Booya: Who's the Master Sergeant here?
Golden: You are...
Booya: And that's why you get to go scout the weird unknown alien ship looking thing.
Golden: Fuckberries...
Sneaky: Oh come on, what's the worst that could happen, just look at it.

Golden: I hate you rookie. You get to take point.

Sneaky: See, it's not so bad.
: It's worse then you think!
Sneaky: Ahh what the hell?! Hide me! I'm too good looking to die!
Golden: I hate you so much rookie.
Booya: What are you girls doing down there? Just blow the thing up and get back here.
Golden: Sneaky is hearing voices.
Sneaky: You could hear it too?
: Of course he can hear me.
Sneaky: Are..are you god?
: Yes! I am!
Ackbar: It is the voice of the devil! Do not listen to him Sneaky!
Golden: God damn it rookie. Toss your god damn grenade in there and lets go home.
Sneaky: But.. but.. It's god.
Golden: It is not god. It's a Psionic being or something. Now torch the ship before I put my alien armored boot up your ass.
Sneaky: Ahhh alright!

: Aaargh! What is it with you pricks and the fire all the time?
Booya: Haha, that sounds like mission accomplished to me! Get your asses out of there.
: I'll get you for this!

Golden: We missed one! Hurkkk...
Ackbar: Enemy watcher. Golden's paralyzed.

Jimmy: Target's dead.
Golden: I still can't move.
Jimmy: I got you Golden...

With the success of this mission we have seen the biomass around the mission area dying off quickly at the edges. It's still too early to tell how much this will set back the Biomass, but the satellite photos show how much land has been reclaimed in the ten hours since Booya returned.

Zoomed in.

And then ten hour later.

While it may not seem like a whole lot, the Biomass is retreating several miles an hour from all sides. The presence of our repulsors my also be speeding up the process. We aren't sure how much the loss of a node will set the Biomass back, but we're hoping this rate of retreat continues as long as possible.

We don't have any new weapons or armor to report on, as every one is busy repairing and refitting the spaceship. The estimated time on that is still over a week away. Although I've pulled two engineers away from that to work on a little project of mine. I'm hoping it will be done before the ship is ready."