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Part 32: Clearing The Vault

Update 29: Clearing The Vault

"Commander Vault recording, situation and preparation report.

The final hours of this war may be drawing near. The engineers have just sent me the report concerning the repairs to the alien space ship.

Apparently engineers are people of few words.

As are the council members...

Well, at least with the personal freed up from completing the repairs we were also able to develop a few more weapons and inventions centering around the warp technology.

While neither has been field tested yet, the medikits have been used in base to treat small injuries and everything looks good there. The resonators are another large scale weapon platform, requiring the user to wear heavy armor in order to operate them. While I can not claim to fully understand how they work, they have been used and demonstrated in lab conditions. They show a great ability to deal large amounts of damage to the hardest of targets with the only down side being limited ammo as they consume huge amounts of power and must be recharged at a base.

In the war for earth, things are looking better once again. In the days following the squads attack on a Biomass node all of the surrounding Biomass has died off. The whole of Europe is once again safe and Biomass free. Another node was taken out by Hero's squad in eastern China and has had similar results. A direct assault on these nodes coupled with a Biomass repulsor base nearby has shown to reclaim huge tracts of land in only a matter of weeks. We now have a method of attack capable of ridding earths surface of the Biomass once and for all. It will take a long time of course, but several squads have been reassigned to specialize in operations inside the Biomass and the removal of these nodes. The progress of the few nodes we have already killed can be seen clearly:

However it seems to be most effective on the edges of the Biomass where we suspect it isn't as strong as say in the middle of a continent.

Apparently the Council thought it was a good idea to establish a base in Volstock again. At least they didn't lose another squad doing so this time, but all we've gained there is a Biomass repulsor in the middle of the South Pole that isn't doing much. The Biomass appears to be too strong there to just drop a repulsor in the middle of and expect it to die off.

Now, for the fun news. After taking a few engineers away from the spaceship repairs I've secured myself a nice set of armaments for my self. The first piece of which is an enhanced suit of heavy armor. Unlike the blue stuff the squad has been using for some time now, we took the ablative properties of the heavy armor, took out all the heavy cumbersome hydraulics and power assisted gear, and then reinforced it with a layer of alien bio armor. The result is a greenish suit of enhanced heavy armor that generates its own shields capable of with standing more punishment then either a normal suit of bio armor or an enhanced heavy armor suit. All this done with out slowing down the user, allowing me to move at full speed. The only down side is with all the heavy gear pulled out this suit of armor isn't capable of stabilizing the heaviest kinds of weapons such as Booya's chain gun.

The loss of the ultra heavy weapon platforms isn't much of a loss due to some advanced weapons development. My team was able to develop three new weapons for me. The first is a new prototype for our laser pistols. Currently the one built for me is capable of incredible accuracy from up to 45 meters away and packs as much punch as our plasma rifles. The other two weapons are a type of hybrid plasma nuclear launcher. I'm not totally sure what the techs were talking about, they said it was based on some recovered MarSec data, or maybe the Martian Marine Corps weaponry. I don't remember. All three weapons are unfortunately very power intensive and can not be reloaded in the field.

I have included some of the video records of my field tests with Booya's squad and a few of my thoughts on them.

The mobility of the new power armor, combined with the light weight of the newest laser pistol makes for easy use and wouldn't slow a soldier down at all.

The pistol is also incredibly accurate.

The new MarSec gun is blue. Why?

But it delivers unmatched explosive power.

Wait, what the hell is that? Zoom in.

Is that what the projectile looks like? I'm not even going to comment.

At least it works great on car crabs.

Following the field test of my new gear, I've talked to Haggis about getting the best of the armory up and ready for the squads use. It's only a short matter of time before we assault the alien moon base. I'm going to talk to the team, and see who wants to volunteer for this mission. I'm giving Phoenix Company the week off to rest and prepare for this mission. If all goes well, the war against the Reticulans could be over within the week."