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Part 21: Continued Confrontation

Chapter 16 - Continued Confrontation

"Commanders log; May second 1200 hours.

Turns out we got that needed breathing time from the Wargots after all. In the last five days almost every member of Phoenix Company has undergone and completed at least one advanced training course, we have turned out enough medium armor to not only suit the whole of Phoenix but equip most of the other squads as well. Our labs have turned over some exciting new technologies. While it has not been turned into any blueprints or designs just yet, it will lead the way into new high powered weapons and advanced armor. Perhaps the most exciting news is that after a short campaign France has been totally secured once more and Canuck has arrived at the Laputa via shuttle.

For all this good news I would expect some sort of karmic counter, like a new alien race showing up, but so far that has not happened. In fact the only new problems currently facing the CoE are that we are chewing up lots of materials mass producing equipment and feeding our labs, and that we need to expand in order to secure more locations for advanced weapon factories and other high tech facilities. With all the other concerns the war has given me I'm content to settle for these as minor growing pains.

To alleviate the latter of these two problems, and strike a decisive blow to the cult I've ordered a strike against the former Detroit area. Detroit itself is in ruins. Ruins covered in Biomass to be more precise, but that's likely why the cult set up there. After giving our foes some breathing room to regroup ourselves I want to press the attack. Booya is finally up and ready to get back into combat, and will be taking lead on this one. The plan is pretty simple, our best men with a straight forward assault on the cultist compound. As long as the Wargots don't show up it should be pretty routine."

Booya: Ah it's a great day to be back on earth, sun in the sky, wind in my face, laser in my hands and cultists to shoot!
Vallhallan: And we all get the new heavier armor! This stuff is great, even got Haggis to install a custom ceramic crotch plate. Now this is protection in the line of fire!
Golden: Crotch concerns aside, it's about time we got some better protection.
Rabbit: Yeah, but now we're all in the same dark blue plate armor. Kind of miss the different camo patterns.
Ackbar: A small price to pay if it keeps us safe from the devils fire.
Hero: Right, well I'm sure you'll all have lots of time to field test the armor soon. So let's get going.
Booya: Hold up cupcake, we're missing someone.

Canuck: Error... Internal gyro stabilizers nonfunctional... Urg... You lied to me Booya.
Booya: Haha oh come on Canuck, you don't have the stomach for a little sphere ride?
Golden: I doubt he has much of a stomach at all.
Vallhallan: And whose fault is that dickweed?
Golden: Hey, he's still alive isn't he?
Booya: Cut it out sugar lumps. Soon as the ten million dollar man is ready we're heading out.
Rabbit: Isn't it the six million dollar man?
Booya: Yeah but Canucks Canadian, so you have to figure in the exchange rate.
Rabbit: Uh Booya, Canada was absorbed into the Greater United States decades before The Fall. Our dollar became their dollar.
Booya: Except for Quebec.
Golden: Yeah fuck those separatists. I'm glad we invaded them. Trying to have their own little country in the middle of the G.U.S.A..
Hero: Alright enough with the history lesson, Canuck you okay?
Canuck: Systems operational.
Hero: Okay then, lets go kill some cultists. Oh and good to see they worked out your melanin Canuck.

Golden: This is their base? All of Detroit and they picked some shitty shack on a pier thing over some Biomass?
Booya: Of course not Showers! This is just their front post, the rest of the city is miles beyond here. We're just the spear tip!
Golden: So then the other squads are coming to continue the attack once we're done here.
Booya: And the shaft, and the arm that thrusts that spear...
Golden: So we get to fight through all of Detroit... Great.
Ackbar: Not a lot of sniper positions for me if they hide inside. However they will have clear shots on us in the open.
Booya: Okay Golden, you get to scout ahead, take the ladder on the right. Ackbar and Canuck with me. You ladies head left.
Vallhallan: And me?
Booya: And you ladies head left.
Vallhallan: Cockbite. I hope you land back in sickbay.

Golden: In position.
Booya: Good. Okay Ackbar, get ready. May as well set up back here and keep an eye open.
Ackbar: As you command.

Ackbar: Ah my faithful Barrett, it has been long since we have slain infidels together.

Hero: In position on the left.
Rabbit: Strange, still no sign of the cult.
Booya: So much for a forward position eh? Okay Golden, you're up.
Golden: Huh?
Booya: Go scout dumbass. We sit back here, and you sneak up and find things for us to shoot.
Vallhallan: It's basic scouting tactics dirtbag.
Golden: Aw man, what happened to the days where I could just stick behind you all and just spot things first.
Booya: Move it dead man.

Golden: This sucks.
Rabbit: Everyone is set up to give you cover fire if you get spotted.
Golden: Cover fire? Unless that's some magical wall of fire which will protect me from bullets I don't feel any safer.

Golden: Lousy stup- wait I think I got something here.

Golden: Oh yeah, definitely one of the cult. Looks like a cyborg.
Booya: Good work coffin stuffer! Now keep moving, there has to be more than one.

Golden: Huh. Oh yeah, there's more alright.

Golden: Tally one human cultist.
Hero: Hey, he's actually getting good at this stealth and scout thing.
Vallhallan: Shh, don't let him hear you say that.

Golden: Damn it! Think they saw me. Add one psionic to the count.
Booya: Go go go, move up!

Golden: Wait... He's turned his back to me. How did he not see me?

Golden: Made it to the doorway in once piece. Don't think they saw me.
Booya: Golden, get on the roof there and look around from up there. You don't want to be by the door if we start a firefight right there.

Hero: Well they know we're here now.
Booya: Nothing says 'knock knock. who's there? CoE!' like a .50 cal to the face.
Ackbar: Too many beams and debris. I can not see the windows you are firing into.

Golden: I'm up top, taking a look...

Golden: Sniper!
Ackbar: I see this one my friend!
Golden: Yeah I think she sees you too.

Rabbit: Here they come, cyborgs piling out the door.
Hero: Bottle neck them. Drop them as they come out.

Golden: Haha, I think they're looking for me. Dumbasses.
Ackbar: Argh!
Booya: Quit clowning around, the sniper got the drop on Ackbar. Shoot her!
Ackbar: My head... They're all around! Look out! Ahhhh!

Golden: Yeah yeah, I'm on it. Keep the cyborgs off me then.

Rabbit: Not a problem sissy boy.
Hero: Yeah, us ladies' will keep you safe.

Booya: Too slow A-U.
Golden: A-U?
Canuck: The periodic symbol for gold.
Golden: Damn it, the man is half crazy, how does he know all this shit?

Rabbit: They're starting to pour out now.
Hero: With melee weapons?
Canuck: Enemy formation targeted.
Booya: Ackbar, how're you doing back there, you got a shot?

Ackbar: هم جميعا حوالي. توو مني. يستطيع لا يتوقّفهم ،
Booya: Oh hell, we've lost Ackbar.
Vallhallan: He looks pretty panicked Sir.

Hero: Sort him out later, he's not in any danger back there.

Booya: Oh how I've missed killing these guys. Xeno's are a fun challenge. But there is nothing like shooting down a bunch of delusional dick heads running around with knives.

Canuck: Grenade out!

Vallhallan: Hey, careful with those things man.
Canuck: Eh? Damn cross beams. I'll get them next time.
Vallhallan: Whatever, I ain't messing with Wargot explosive launchers.

Rabbit: These damn idiots keep rushing the ladder to go after Golden boy.
Hero: They must really hate him.
Vallhallan: Can you blame them?

Ackbar: Huh!? Ah... wh-what happened? I do not feel right.
Canuck: You seemed to panic and shouted several random things, some of it in Arabic.
Ackbar: My mind hurts... I think it was that psionic that attacked me. I am undamaged other than a minor laser burn.

Booya: Good to hear, now grab your side arm and get up here, we're having a turkey shoot!
Golden: These guys keep coming. How many were in there?
Vallhallan: More than you saw obviously.
Hero: Hey, wait a second. Major? Is that a knife on your gun?

Booya: Yup! With all these fool cultists rushing around with knives I thought I'd bring one along too!
Hero: But... Sir... It doesn't even reach past the barrel of your gun! And no one would ever use a bayonet on a machine gun! I've tried that thing at the firing range, it's like 20 kilos, just swinging that thing would be tough.
Booya: You got to give them a handicap Hero. Look at the little guys, running around in little to no armor wielding a knife and shouting about 'the masters' as they charge five heavily armed soldiers.
Rabbit: He's got a point.
Hero: Yeah...

Booya: Man overboard! Hahaha. Golden make sure he doesn't get up.
Canuck: Grenade out.

Canuck: Direct hit. Psionic down.
Booya: Huh, well I guess I got to give the other one some credit for a creative way of dodging a grenade.

Canuck: Whoops, misfire!
Vallhallan: What? You just took out the doorway, nice shot.
Canuck: Thank you, but I wasn't trying to fire. The device may have some issues.

Vallhallan: Whatever, your misfire just tagged a cyborg.
Ackbar: I am here again my friends.

Hero: How many more do they have?
Vallhallan: Seriously Golden, you only saw three of them?
Golden: Bite me. They must all have been playing twister in the back room or something.

Ackbar: At least I am not too late to lend a hand!
Vallhallan: Yeah, step up and grab a gun. I've been using my sidearm the entire time.
Hero: I'm not sure an assault rifle counts as a side arm.
Vallhallan: Compared to my primary weapon selections it does.
Booya: That's the spirit!

Vallhallan: Ha! Suck it cult! How do you like it when it's your turn!

Golden: Got a runner down below.

Golden: And he's down... And flying backwards... that doesn't even make sense. I shot him from behind, why is he flying towards me?
Booya: Maybe you weren't the one that killed him?
Golden: What? That's ridiculous, if I didn't shoot him then who did?
Booya: He could have been shot from the grassy knoll.
Golden: What?!? There isn't even grass here, just Biomass!

Hero: Psionic down, one target left. Almost done here.
Canuck: Uh oh-

Vallhallan: Ow the back of my head!
Booya: The front of my face!
Rabbit: The fuck was that for Canuck?!
Canuck: I told you this thing was having problems!
Hero: Ha, at least you guys get to appreciate the improvements in our armor now.

Hero: Aw crap. Nice work Trigger Happy, last one just ran back inside. Sigh, well none of you are hit badly. So get up, take a breath, and let's clear this place.
Rabbit: Okay, in after me. Let's get him!

Rabbit: Crap he's waiting for us! Grab cover!

Booya: Bunny Buns is hit!

Vallhallan: Whoa look out, Rabbit tumbling by.

Hero: Target is down. Rabbit, are you alright?
Rabbit: Yeah, bit dizzy. That one impacted on the helmet and knocked me over.

Ackbar: Hey a sniper scope? It is how you say, dibs!