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Part 22: Cultist Collaboration

Chapter 17 - Cultist Collaboration

"Commanders log: May fifth.

Good progress has been made in the last couple of days. The Detroit area has been secured and is already up and running with CoE facilities. We've turned the former cultist base into a series of hyper-energy labs to research new and more powerful energy weapons and so far the possibilities look promising. Ottawa is back under our control once more and we're establishing borders for a sustained conflict against the cult.

The problem with a prolonged ground front with the cult is the continued threat of Wargots striking where ever they please using their ship. We've been looking for a way to do something about the Wargot ship ever since it came here, and while we fought off their boarding party there isn't enough we can do to enhance the Laputas defense systems to prevent another one if the Wargots work up the guts to try again. Similarly we lack the ability to produce ship to ship weapons on any large scale to attack the Wargots ship directly.

All of this leads us to find another solution, and we might have one. The following reports should make our next plan of attack pretty clear.

>> Tasuki's Report
>> Plan Of Attack

It's a risky and involved plan, but it's possible. All we have to do is send Phoenix into the most guarded cult base yet, steal some sort of code or machinery, build ourselves a space ship and trick the Wargots into letting us dock with them. Simple...

Well one step at a time anyway. The first step is the communication device from the cults high priest. Once Tasuki knew what kind of signals to look for it was fairly easy to figure out its position. Our best figures put it somewhere in the center of the G.U.S.A., making the cultist compound in Dallas the most likely location. I'm giving Phoenix Company the day to get ready, look over the orbital images and plan their attack."