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UFO: Aftershock

by Jade Star

Part 23: Cultist Codex

Chapter 18 - Cultist Codex

"Commanders log; May seventh.

Major Booya and his team is currently speeding toward earth in a drop sphere where he will lead a raid on the cults temple there in hopes of recovering information or objects that will allow us to board the alien ship under disguise as a cultist ship. The need for the covert docking versus a simple assault and boarding party is made obvious after our first attempt at landing. I've included the abridged footage of the first landing attempt.

>>File Attached
>>Wargot Ship Probe

The crew was all mysteriously killed by an unknown force as soon as they got within a certain range. The Wargots must have some way of controlling this defense measure or else friendlies wouldn't be able to travel to and from the ship. So we disguise a craft as the cults high priests and attempt to board them again. We still have no idea what is on the inside of the Wargot craft yet, but if we are able to board the ship it should not be difficult to bring aboard enough explosives to insure a crippling blow."

Stone: Whoa... I'm tripping balls here.. haha, get it, balls? Cause of the sphere.
Vallhallan: Shut up rookie. Still don't believe they let you near the meds.
Turtle: So much Biomass... It's hard to focus here.
Booya: Don't worry about it little green lady. Lock and load, we're hitting them right at home and we're stealing their TV while we're at it. Expect a tough fight!
Anti-Cheese: You mean their communication data.
Booya: Same thing. They won't let us get in easily.

Booya: Then again they did let us land right on their front door...

Booya: I mean look at this, we're practically inside already. You think they'd have some sorta defense for shooting orbitally dropped spheres out of the sky or something.
Goatface: Uh, Major?
Booya: Right! Let's secure behind us first and avoid any nasty surprises. You guys, that a way. Granite with me this way. Val, watch the front and hit anything you see with a rocket.
Vallhallan: Check.
Stone: We got a new guy named Grant?
Draconic: He means you, dumbass.

Anti-Cheese: Couple of rooms here, sweep and clear.
Turtle: Wait...

Turtle: I see two of them. Inside, second room. They heard us coming.
Anti-Cheese: Okay, get ready for them then.

Goatface: Cyborg!
Anti-Cheese: I'm all over him.

Draconic: Dieee!

Goatface: Holy crap, you got him in one hit from a fucking sword.
Draconic: I hear the other one.

Draconic: Boo.

Draconic: Target down.
Anti-Cheese: Left flank secure Major. How's it going over there?

Booya: Problematic.
Stone: Sniper!

Stone: Ow my shoulder! And she burned a hole through my backpack! My vaporizer!

Booya: Well, looks like Marble can handle himself okay. Time to head inside. How's the approach looking Val?

Vallhallan: Bad, looks like we got two, maybe three coming towards us on the low ground.

Booya: I see 'em. Damn cultists and their heavy armor suits.

Booya: Ha! How do you feel now cult? Bet you wish you had the CoE crotch reinforced armor now!

Vallhallan: Rocket out! Making sure he doesn't get up.
Stone: I saw one... over here but I don't see them any more.

Vallhallan: Boom! Right on target. Got the psionic too.
Booya: Five down already, good start. Stone, quit chasing pink elephants and get back here!

Stone: Aaargh!

Vallhallan: Shit! Cultist got stone! What the hell is she carrying? Punched right through that sheet metal.
Booya: Goat! Get over here! You're the only other trained medic.
Goatface: On my way!
Booya: Rest of you dirtbags, move over and cover!

Booya: Target down. Goat hurry the hell up!

Goatface: I'm going as fast as I can run in armor Sir!
Anti-Cheese: Target spotted, probable sniper.

Anti-Cheese: Target deceased.

Goatface: Oh man, this is bad.
Booya: Damn it Goat! What's his condition?
Goatface: KIA Sir. Nothing I can do here. Looks like multiple high caliber AP rounds, his torso is swiss cheese.
Vallhallan: Fuck... Damn rookies.
Booya: Grab his gun and reform on Val, we need to keep moving.

Turtle: In a good position here. Nothing visible at the door.
Goatface: There's movement under us.
Vallhallan: Just scuttle bugs. See them a lot in the Biomass. Just stay up here and they can't do anything to you.
Anti-Cheese: Hey, Drac, not going in there with a sword are you?
Draconic: Negative. Got a pair of GK 33 sub-machine guns.
Booya: Good. All ready. Drac, you've got the best eyes and ears, you're on point.

Draconic: Target ahead.
Turtle: I see her. Another sniper. Get to the sides and give me a clear shot.

Turtle: Target down, but more just showed up.

Booya: Grab cover and open fire!

Anti-Cheese: Another psionic spotted. We woke the house up.

Draconic: That's the last of them.
Vallhallan: Two for two rockets today. Why is it Golden is never around for this? It's like just having him around throws off my aim.
Anti-Cheese: Reloading, going to be a minute.

Booya: Turtle, sit out here and keep a watch out. Minds eye and all that. Rest of you guys we're heading inside. Chaaarrge!

Draconic: Clear.
Anti-Cheese: Right side, clear.
Booya: Aww, that's disapointing. I was hoping for some close quarters combat! I haven't gotten to stab anyone with my bayonet yet.
Vallhallan: There is always Golden when we get back.
Booya: Good thinking!

Booya: Huh, what the hell is this?
Anti-Cheese: No idea, but it's got a power signature.
Booya: Well, it's orange and strange. I'm guessing it's Wargot related.

Booya: Huuuurgh... It's fucking heavy too. Definitely Wargot tech. Okay boys, mission acomplished, let's head home.
Vallhallan: Alright.
Draconic: Sounds good.

Booya: Oh yeah, Goat, while the area is clear you get to go grab Stone and get him back here. We don't leave 'em behind.