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UFO: Aftershock

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Part 24: The Long Grind

Chapter 19 - The Long Grind

"Commanders log; Situation report, May eleventh.

Four days ago Booya brought back some Wargot tech from the Cult's main base. It turned out to be some kind of Wargot 'black box' and we have finally decoded it. Dr. Tasuki tells me we can now replicate a Wargot signal to fool the mother ship into thinking a ship of ours is friendly long enough to land on the mother ship. The only problem is that we don't have a ship capable of space travel and carrying assault personnel and equipment. To this end we have expanded once more into the New Deli region and have tasked all available space to aeronautic facilities. Even with this expanded room finalized blueprints for an assault craft are a week away at best estimates.

Other concerns center around the lack of space for more advanced facilities as our technology level rapidly improves. More advanced buildings are becoming required to research or produce the most advanced pieces of technology. For now though the most important things have adequate factories, that being weapons, ammo, and armor plants. The powered armor designs are taking days per suit, but should be well worth it in keeping our men alive.

For personnel matters, I've preemptively drafted a few more soldiers into Phoenix's ranks. While I would like to be optimistic it is foolish to think we can board and disable the Wargot mother ship with out taking casualties. The newest recruits are training on the Laputa and taking part in routine ground missions for now and should be on par with the expected skill levels once Phoenix returns from the mother ship mission.

That is nearly all to be said at this point. All that is left is to defend ourselves until we have built and launched the ship. Focusing all our efforts on production, equipment manufacturing, and defending our territories will hopefully lead to slow and routine month. I'm looking forward to enjoying my falafel fridays."

>>Medical and Science Department Reports Attached
>>Dr. Tasuki on Wargot Physiology
>>Dr. Tasuki on Wargot Culture

"Supplemental. Wonderful, another religiously fanatical faction that will be on a 'righteous quest' to destroy us. Although we have not learned much of their culture it seems pretty obvious that as with the cult, negotiation with the Wargots will be impossible. Why can't we ever get invaded by some reasonable, diplomatic, atheistic aliens for a change? Oh and I need to find Haggis, our weapon labs have cooked up some blueprints that should make him very happy. Something about modified heavy armor, advanced projectile weapons, sonic oscillators, and something about magnetic fields."