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Part 25: 1/3 - Not Even Half Way There

Chapter 19.33 - Not Even Half Way There

"Commanders Log; May 13, 2086.

Operations continue to move forward and the conflict has almost hit a routine on the ground. Most squads are reporting record low casualties since we started the ground war. Troop supplies, weapons, and armor are at an all time high and top end gear is being distributed to all squads. We're still chewing through a massive amount of raw resources but so far the ground territories we have secured are barely keeping up with demand.

Today we finally made a breakthrough with the spaceship plans. Suffice to say we have the blueprints and need to actually build something I feel safe enough stuffing Phoenix Company into and sending over to the Wargot mothership.

>>File Attached
>>Engineering Team's Report

We tasked a lot of ground space for the aeronautics labs to research the designs for the ship so now we're going to convert those labs into production facilities. A little wasteful perhaps, but the labs and factories need a good deal of support facilities so they makes the conversion transition smoothly. We don't have any of the factories up yet, and we haven't come up with a final plan for the module layout so the engineers are not giving me an ETA yet. There is however little reason to expect such a complicated production job to be finished in under a week or two.

While we are busy building the ship ground fighting has been steady as always. Phoenix Company has been sent planet side at least once a day for the last week, and often times sending both Booya and Hero with full squads planet side within the same twenty four hour period. For all this fighting we have not suffered a fatality yet, and Private Shoehead has been the worst injured at one day spent in medical. The cult has begun near daily raids on our borders in America, worse still they seem to be trying to subvert the population loyal to the CoE by means of propaganda. Hero's squad picked up this broadcast on their last defense mission near Texas.

>>File Attached
>>Cultist Broadcast

The usual fanatical dribble. However it seems to being met with some measure of success as the cult never runs out of followers. Also worth noting is that the cultists, or at least their leader, can understand the Wargot language. Something we ourselves have not figured out.

Now we wait, for the battle for the skies looms ahead."

>>File Attached
>>Warning! Large File Detected Ahead!
>>Phoenix Company Progress Report Incoming!
>>All Disinterested Parties Are Advised To Change Course Immediately!

Major Booya
Leader lvl 3 Gunman lvl 2

Captain Hero
Leader lvl 3 Gunman lvl 2

Sergeant First Class Vallhallan
Trooper lvl 3

Sergeant Golden
Scout lvl 2 Stalker lvl 2

Sergeant Rabbit
Gunman lvl 1 Ranger lvl 1

Cyborg Faction Leader Jean-luc "Canuck" Roulot
Cybernetics lvl 3 Trooper lvl 2 Gunman lvl 1

Specialist Fastball
Trooper lvl 3

Sergeant / Samál Ackbar
Sniper lvl 3

Specialist Leaf
Medic lvl 3

Corporal Andrew Cheese
Cybernetics lvl 3 Gunman lvl 2

Private FC Pumpkin
Psionics lvl 2 Sniper lvl 2 Scout lvl 1

Private Johanssen
Scout lvl 2 Stalker lvl 2

Private Draconic
Cybernetics lvl 3 Ranger lvl 2 Commando lvl 2

Private Shoehead
Cybernetics lvl 2 Commando lvl 1

Private FC Turtle
Psionics lvl 3 Sniper lvl 3

Private Goatface
Medic lvl 2 Technician lvl 2
>>End of File
>>Closing Connection