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UFO: Aftershock

by Jade Star

Part 26: 2/3 - Something Purple This Way Comes

Chapter 19 2/3 - Something Purple This Way Comes

Golden: So what's the big deal? They sent a marine to my quarters to wake me up and drag me to the drop sphere.
Rabbit: Wait, wake you up? It's past noon Goldenboy.
Golden: So? And who is the new guy? We've got like sixteen in Phoenix already, the hell do we need him for?
Felix: Hey, fuck you buddy. At least I know how to check around corners!
Booya: God damn it dirtbag, why do you have to agitate the new guys? Now we can't send him around blind corners.
Alan: Well, that cheeky fellow cant be that good a scout I say! He hath not even noticed me.
Golden: Oh what the fuck, we have a limey now too?
Booya: Oh settle down you fruits.
Dr. Leaf: ...It's going to be a long day mission.
Rabbit: Uh huh.
Booya: Oh quit your griping sissies. Today is like any other day, sweep and clear the area. They're going to be building space ship parts here.

Golden: Whoa, what the fuck are those things?
Johanssen: Oh nice job scouting 'what the fuck are those things?'. You're a fucking recon specialist and that's what you come up with?
Golden: What do you want, a fucking autopsy report on something we've never seen before? They just came around the corner!
Felix: Ha! Corners still giving you trouble?
Golden: Okay, who told the new guys they can give me shit and live?

Booya: Okay time to shut up in the peanut gallery. Someone tell me what the fuck those things are! Leaf?
Dr. Leaf: Not a clue Sir.

Rabbit: They're coming right for us!
Booya: Alright, standard operating procedure from here on out! You see something you can't identify, you shoot it!

Booya: Huh... that was anti-climatic. I was expecting something a bit tougher or more deadly.
Rabbit: Yeah... What gives? A couple of floating star disk things that just buzz around and die?
Felix: Maybe they're a new Wargot scout drone?
Booya: Hey, an idea from the think tank that isn't completely retarded.

Dr. Leaf: I don't know, they look organic to me. I'll have to experiment on them tonight!
Rabbit: You're looking forward to that.
Dr. Leaf: You have to love what you do

Golden: More unknowns spotted! Different then last time but still no idea what the hell they are.

Booya: Great googly moogly, a whole hoard of unknown assailants! Open fire!

Alan: I say chaps, those finned ones go down rather quickly, but the other one is rather resilient.
Golden: God I hate limeys. It's like they're speaking some bastardized version of English.
Alan: You know it was our language long before-
Booya: Stuff it fog sucker, no one can understand you guys anyway.

Johanssen: He does have a point, it is soaking up a lot of fire.
Golden: It's just sitting there though, what the hell is up with the baddies today?

Booya: There it's dead!
Rabbit: Uh, major? How can you tell?
Booya: It stopped glowing!
Dr. Leaf: Well he does have a point.

Dr. Leaf: Well, it's not moving anymore.
Rabbit: Why is it still levitating off the ground then?
Golden: These new aliens suck. They're all purple and shiny, they don't do anything, and we can't tell what the hell they are.

Golden: Look out, over there!
Booya: Huh, what? I don't see anything!
Felix: Great, now he's seeing things that aren't there.
Rabbit: What a delightful change of pace from not seeing things that are there.
Golden: Shut up both of you and look!

Booya: Well I'll be, there is something there. Now what the hell is it?
Alan: Purple sparkles.
Booya: Don't make me bayonet you boy.

Booya: Well come on girl scouts, let's get a closer look.

Dr. Leaf: What was that?
Booya: Felix's down!
Golden: Ha, serves him right, thinking he can rip on original Phoenix's. Fucking new guys.

Johanssen: My face!
Rabbit: Johanssen's down too!
Golden: Meh, I never cared for him either.
Booya: Golden would you shut up, we're losing a fight to a cloud of glitter! Shoot the damn thing!

Alan: I say, our adversary has disappeared.
Booya: God damn it this one time I'm actually going to look forward to Leafy cutting something up and then talking about it for twenty minutes. I want to know what these things are and where their asses are so I can kick it! Leaf! We got two down, move move move! Rest of you, form up and eyes open!

Dr. Leaf: Hmm... Johanssen looks alright... No burn marks, guessing it was a psionic attack. Pulse is fine, he doesn't look hurt. Let's try a dose of stimulants.

Johanssen: Ohh my face...
Dr. Leaf: You're fine, looks like it was just a form of psionic incapacitation.

Dr. Leaf: Felix, you'll be alright too. Just give it a few minutes for the effects of the stims to pass.
Felix: Thanks doc, I was running with you guys and then it felt like I just blacked out.
Booya: Well if no ones actually hurt let's take a look around the area and then report back to HQ.