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UFO: Aftershock

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Part 27: 3/3 - Holy Fuck It's Finally Done

Chapter 19.99 - Holy Fuck It's Finally Done

"Commanders Log; May 28, 2086.

Our spaceship is finally complete. It took nearly a month, multiple base sites reconfigured to produce the necessary parts and materials, but it is finally done.

It features space enough for ten soldiers and two pilots, enough store room for a small armory, a command and control room for the pilots, and our own custom designed engines with enough fuel to make the trip and back, and an afterburner system for a rapid egress.

It's been a long time waiting for this moment so there isn't a lot more to say other than we're waiting for a few phoenix's to finish training or get finished with medical before I select the ten men and women to send on the mission. It should not take more than a day to fuel, test, and load the ship up with the soldiers gear. It is about time we showed these Wargots how it feels to be on the defensive. I'm sure everyone is looking forward to taking the fight to them. Over the last month the CoE defended over fifty Wargot incursions. An average just shy of two per day. Taking out the Wargot mothership will significantly reduce the amount stress put on our ground forces."