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UFO: Aftershock

by Jade Star

Part 28: Assault

Chapter 20 - Assault

The Approach

Booya: Whooo weeee, now that is traveling in style!
Vallhallan: Jesus my stomach... Can't the engineers come up with something that doesn't involved vital organs being puked out or squished inside my ribs?
Booya: Quit your bitching soft stuff. Mission of the hour is a sweep and clear then report findings back to HQ. Shields on boys!

Golden: Hey what the fuck? When did you guys get shield?
Rabbit: It's been a long time waiting for the damn ship to get built, the armory wasn't taking any time off.
Golden: And why the fuck didn't I get one?
Vallhallan: Because you're in the powered scout armor Eyeball, you get the suit thats stealthy because in theory you're supposed to be sneaky and warn us of shit in advance.
Golden: Yeah, well I'm warning you right now that you might end up with a bullet in your kneecap.

Booya: Shut it Ziegfried and Roy. Pillow plunderer there might be useful today.
Vallhallan: What, the Wargots built their ship with out corners?
Booya: No dirt ball, we're going in here blind with no idea how this place is laid out. Golden might actually have to scout ahead for us.
Dr. Leaf: We're actually relying on Golden? Gods help us all.

Anti-Cheese: Good news so far. The place is a bunch of corridors.
Rabbit: Unless Showers doesn't have a good sense of direction and we get lost.
Pumpkin: Not a problem, I can lock on to Hero and the others back at the ship if we need to find our way.
Booya: Perfect! A solution that doesn't rely on Elton John over there.

Rabbit: So what is this place? Bunch of tram looking things on rails.
Anti-Cheese: Looks like a loading area. Getting people and supplies on and off the ships.

Golden: Hey hold up. I hear something.
Turtle: I don't sense anything.
Golden: Psionics nothing, just listen. Around that corner, there's four of them.
Booya: Four what?

Golden: How the fuck should I know from hearing them walk around? It's not like a cultist in armor makes different footsteps then a Wargot. One of them does sound big though, and they're coming this way.
Booya: Maybe having him around is starting to pay off, aside from being a mobile bitching bullet shield. Take positions men!

Vallhallan: What the fuck man, that's a mech suit!
Golden: I said something big didn't I?
Vallhallan: You suck so much.
Booya: Would you two shut up and shoot that thing before it decides to turn around and blows us all to kingdom come!

Turtle: Wow, the new mason rifle really hurt that thing.

Vallhallan: Fuck, just missed the soldier.

Vallhallan: Boom! Never mind, splash damage got him.

Booya: Damn, that was the easiest Wargot heavy armor I've ever shot in the face.
Dr. Leaf: Maybe he didn't have a lot of experience taking it on the chin like that?
Booya: Har har Leafy. That was only three, where's the fourth Golden?
Golden: I'm a scout, not omniscient. Probably running away after his buddies all died.

Anti-Cheese: Four for four accounted for. How long do you figure till the alarm gets set off?
Booya: Who knows. We still haven't seen anything more than alien loading bays. Let's keep looking.

Rabbit: Hey, finally something that looks different.
Booya: Golden, you're not useless today, get up and there and look around.

Golden: Wait wait, hold up. Theres two around the right.
Booya: Okay, you three with me. Val, go around the left.

Vallhallan: Found something that looks like a control room or work station or hell I don't know, but it's got terminals here.
Golden: Heads up, red armored Wargot!

Rabbit: Nice, finally something in shotgun range.

Dr. Leaf: Target is down.
Booya: Find the other one Golden heard and let's check out what Vallhallan found.

Golden: Found him!

Golden: And dropped him. Man what's with the dock workers here? They're real pussies haha- whoa!

Booya: Scout drone!

Booya: Good job sergeant Showers, you said two not three.
Golden: I can't hear them walking around if they fucking levitate!
Booya: Yeah yeah. Val! What do you have for us!

Vallhallan: I can't tell, everything is in the Wargots language. It's all squiggly to me.
Turtle: Can't figure out how to jack anything into the terminals either, at least pull the info out for later study.

Vallhallan: Best thing I can tell you is that it doesn't look like any alarms were set off yet.
Booya: How can you tell?
Vallhallan: No red lights or sirens going off yet. Everything on the monitors is blue.
Booya: Well, that's a good sign I guess.
Anti-Cheese: Hey is this blood?
Booya: What the hell is he talking about? You guys kill something over there?
Vallhallan: No, in the middle of the room there is some weird altar pool looking thing with a big red gem or stone or something overhead with the Wargot symbol in it.
Booya: We're getting into some freaky shit fellows. If we haven't woken the hive let's get back to the ship and try to phone home.

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