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UFO: Aftershock

by Jade Star

Part 29: Three Pillars

Chapter 21 - Three Pillars


Hero: About time I get out of that damn docking bay. You guys have fun clearing the area?
Vallhallan: Kicking more ass then ever Hero!
Golden: Yeah, but something wrong with these guys. It's like they all have scurvy from staying on the ship too long.
Dr Leaf: When was the last time you had any vegetables Golden?
Golden: Huh? I'm on a diet. I only eat things that start with vowels, like Oreos, and ice cream, and eggnog.
Canuck: And to think I placed my life in your hands...
Golden: What, you're still alive. Sort of.
Hero: Walk and talk at the same time guys. So what have you seen out here?

Rabbit: A lot of hollowed out places that serve as their rooms for what ever purposes.
Ackbar: The invaders seem to like hexagons and geometric shapes.
Rabbit: Yeah, we've been noticing that. Haven't figured out if it's important yet.

Golden: Heads up, wargot at the end of the hall!
Ackbar: I will get the devil!
Hero: So Val, what's this i hear about Golden suddenly becoming good at his job?
Vallhallan: Yeah I know right? I'm as surprised as you.
Canuck: ...
Vallhallan: Oh yeah, sorry Canuck.

Ackbar: Bastard! He has hidden himself behind the walls.
Hero: Ackbar, keep watching for him. Rest of you move up till we spot the enemy.

Golden: Nothing! Keep moving!

Ackbar: Still watching the doorway captain.
Canuck: He wasn't full of shit after all, the Wargots here are acting strangely.
Rabbit: Yeah, normally they'd be flooding out at the sight of us with plasma and grenades.
Dr Leaf: And plasma grenades.
Hero: Huh, okay, Golden go-

Golden: Yeah yeah, way ahead of you. Still nothing up here.

Canuck: Side passage way clear as well.
Hero: God damn, when did Wargots turn into a boring ass game of hide and seek?
Ackbar: One should not look poorly on the gifts of an easy foe.
Hero: True enough.

Hero: Ha! There the fucker is!

Hero: What the hell? I barely even looked at him.
Golden: Told you, scurvy.
Dr Leaf: Shut up, it's not scurvy. They might not even need vitamin C.

Rabbit: Another one!

Canuck: They are dropping easy today. Strange that they would be weaker in their own ship.
Golden: Fine, if it's not scurvy maybe its like kyrptonite?
Vallhallan: What the fuck Golden?
Golden: It's like this is a hunk of their home world, but it keeps them at a normal strength. When they are free of it they become super strong in our yellow sun.
All: ...
Vallhallan: Showers, I'm going to beat you with this LAW if you ever say anything so stupid again.
Dr Leaf: Do you have to set conditions? Can't you just shoot him and claim a misfire?
Golden: Yeah, you used to suck with those rockets. Hahah- OW god my knee!
Vallhallan: Leaf, golden seems to have a blaster wound, might want to take a look at that.
Dr Leaf: Eh, fuck him. Rub some aloe vera lotion on it and you'll be fine.

Canuck: More Wargots detected ahead. As well as a huge power signature.

Hero: Looks like they still fly like normal.
Canuck: We ever figure out how lasers cause knock back?
Ackbar: It is the fist of Allah smiting these infidels from the stars!

Vallhallan: Uh oh, there he goes. That fall is going to hurt.
Rabbit: Think he was alive before he hit the floor?
Vallhallan: Good point.
Hero: Hey, when we're done watching Wargot pratfalls, you want to shoot the other ones?

Golden: Oh right. On it boss.

Golden: So I was thinking maybe we could let Ackbar get some field practice with his side arm. You know, give these pussies a chance?
Hero: Maybe next time, I'll take the nice casualty free missions while we can. And someone tell me what the hell that thing is!?

Hero: Anyone?
Vallhallan: Uh....
Dr Leaf: Didn't the report say something more like nerve stems?
Hero: Yeah...
Canuck: It's some kind of power source, or energy fountain. It could be a power source for this whole ship.
Golden: Or it could be a pretty light show for when they pray to whatever god it is they see when we kill them.
Canuck: Yeah. I don't really know.
Hero: Well then, whats the harm in blowing this thing up? Val, if you would.

Vallhallan: With pleasure!

Rabbit: Okay, that was sort of anticlimactic...
Dr Leaf: At least it didn't explode and kill us all.
Rabbit: Okay, good point. Still...
Hero: Let's get back to the ship and open a line to Vault. See if they've detected any changes from where they are, and ask Tasuki about these objectives we're supposed to blow up.