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Part 30: 1/2 - The Second Pillar

Chapter 21 1/2 - The Second Pillar

Booya: Laputa, come in! Laputa! This is Major Booya, do you read?!
Vallhallan: No luck yet huh?
Hero: What could we expect, we're in unknown territory here.
Golden: Would be nice to be able to radio the damn base and see if they have more of a clue than we do.
Booya: Hello, is this thing on? Can anyone here me? Can I here me? Hey dirtbag, am I coming in over the ships speakers?
Golden: I hate this place...

Vault: Come in Major, this is Laptua actual. Go ahead.
Booya: Sir! We're calling in a sit rep. We uhh...
Golden: We found something sparkly and made it stop sparkling.
Booya: Would you shut up! I'm talking to command here.
Vault: Sparkly?
Booya: Well it wasn't like miss Tasuki said it would be like. We didn't see any giant nerve stems or organic matter like that. But we found a kinda... fountain thing... that was emitting a lot of blue sparkly energy. So we shot some rockets at it and it just sort of stopped. Have there been any changes on your end?
Tasuki: Well the nerve stems were only a hypothesis really. It's a giant organic spaceship, it seemed fitting that its components would be too after all the bio engineering we've seen in the war. Perhaps I was wrong and it needs a more conventional power source. That may have what you destroyed.
Booya: So you are reading changes out there?
Vault: Yes, we picked up a major loss in its energy less then an hour ago.
Hero: Yeah, that was us alright.
Vault: Keep up the good work and destroy any targets of opportunity then, we're not sure what we're dealing with. And hold on... Johnson! Why haven't we established video feed with them yet?
Johnson: The alien ship starting putting up some sort of energy field after... well after whatever it is they destroyed went off line. Could just be a defense mechanism but we're lucky to have audio.
Golden: Great... 2086 and we still don't have working video phones...
Johnson: Hold on. I think I have something... The signal is very week but we might have video...

Vault: Is that the best you can do?
Johnson: No, just give me one more second... there!

Vault: Uh, Johnson?
Johnson: Yes sir?
Vault: The video quality... It looks a little dated...
Johnson: The bandwidth is incredibly tight sir, we're lucky to have anything at all.
Vault: Alright, we'll make do. Booya, good luck to you, we'll be monitoring your team from here.
Booya: Yes sir! Alright grunts, let's move out!
Anti-Cheese: Anyone else notice this part of the ship looks a lot different?
Rabbit: Yeah, far less hexagonal in design then the other parts.
Golden: Hey, there's only six us here. Where are the others?

Hero: We're here, the lifts split us up somewhere, but we're nearby.
Canuck: I feel so weird right now...
Anti-Cheese: Yeah, you and me both. Maybe theres some EM going around here, my head is kind of fuzzy.
Canuck: That does not even begin to describe how I feel right now. It's like my whole body is floating.

Hero: We'll start searching for anything important looking from down here.
Booya: Copy, keep your eyes open down there.
Turtle: So many minds... They already know we're here...
Booya: And uh.. your minds eye too...
Vallhallan: Hey Major, you might want to look to your right a little.

Booya: Black bony bastards! What the hell is that thing? Some sort of new Wargot ninja?

Booya: You wont sneak up on me you filthy xeno!

Booya: Alright! Off to a good start. Let's move up but stay low. There's new and strange things in the air boys.

Golden: Hostile spotted! What the hell is this place? Why haven't we seen these Wargots before?
Ackbar: It is a priest of their false space god!

Hero: Leaf! Look out!

Dr. Leaf: Oh god, my feet! I'm okay though! That shit ate right through the floor. Don't want to get hit by that stuff.
Hero: I'll check it out.

Hero: What the hell!? Some kind of new star ghost?
Dr. Leaf: Those gay bastards!

Hero: Don't worry Leaf, it won't threaten you any more.

Golden: I got hostiles! Looks like that star ghost hover thing only bigger and... less hovery.
Booya: A hover with out the hover, so what would it be then just a '.....' ?
Golden: Fuck off, it's not my job to name them.
Vallhallan: No it's your job to spot them, and you're not any good at that either.
Booya: Burn.
Golden: Whatever. There's another one in this big room, south east side. I can't get a clear shot. Val you want to nuke it?
Vallhallan: Wait, did you just say south east side of the room?
Golden: Yeah, what? I'm trying to make sure you blow the right thing up and not me.
Vallhallan: We're in space numb nuts, how the fuck would anything be to the south?
Golden: Look, are you going to shoot it or not? Cause sooner or later it's going to hear you bitching and then its going to start shooting at us. And you know what? I'm taking cover before that happens. So while you moan over space south, you can be the one getting shot at.

Vallhallan: Oh quit crying, I'll shot the damn thing.

Golden: You missed!
Vallhallan: Hey, something got in the way of the rocket!
Golden: Yeah sure man. Whatever you got to say to yourself.
Vallhallan: It's corpse is right there!

Golden: That corpse could have been there at any time.
Vallhallan: Oh you know what, fuck you. Next time you're looking at a strange new alien from the gay dimension I'm not bailing you out. I hope you get captured and anal probed.

Golden: You didn't even kill what you were aiming at!

Booya: Sometimes I envy Hero, she doesn't get stuck with you two bickering ladies. Hell Rabbit here has more balls than the two of you.
Rabbit: Uh, thanks? Sir?
Golden: Well more then sergeant scorched sack over there at least.
Vallhallan: Oh that is it!

Golden: Whoa whoa whoa! Buuudddy! Come on now!
Booya: Oh that would just be a waste of a rocket.

Golden: Hey, Ackbar! How are you, let's stick together and head this way, far, far from Vallhallan over there?
Ackbar: Do not drag into this! I will not be your human shield!
Golden: How could you say that? I just want to hang out and talk with you man. Share my love of falafels.
Ackbar: My word, this room certainly suffered a lot of damage from the explosion.
Golden: *cough* I guess smoke inhalation is better then being in line of sight from no nuts back there.
Vallhallan: I don't even need line of sight with this thing!
Golden: Damn it!

Turtle: I feel something very strong up ahead. Something is aiming at from the shadows.
Hero: Can you tell us where?
Turtle: At the end of this corridor, to the right.
Dr. Leaf: We can't see that far.
Canuck: I have a solution.

Canuck: What do you sense now Turtle?
Turtle: The presence is gone, you got it.

Booya: Oh good googly moogly!
Anti-Cheese: What is it now?

Booya: Wargot power armor suit! It's as tough and mean as ever!

Booya: Oooh! Right in the captain and two lieutenants.

Hero: We're pretty busy down here too. Haven't made it much farther than the lift we came in on. Leaf might not be able to get to you for a while.
Booya: I'm alright, ever since the aliens turned Val in to a soprano I've had extra armor plating installed in my suits of armor.
Dr. Leaf: Oh crap!
Booya: Oh don't worry son, I'm not going to make you examine it anyway just in case a little plasma got through.

Dr. Leaf: Not what I'm worried about sir!

Dr. Leaf: Oh thank god.

Dr. Leaf: You know Hero, I think I'll let you stay on point from now on.
Canuck: I'm going to see what I can do about your power suit problem Major.

Canuck: Did I get it?

Booya: No it's still there.
Canuck. Wonder what I hit then.

Vallhallan: Well since I can't shoot Golden with out killing people I actually care about in the blast too, I guess I'll take a shot at this thing.

Vallhallan: In your face aliens! Anything else left to shoot? I got more ammo and Golden is still breathing.

Booya: I see a pair of space ghosts!

Ackbar: Allow me to assist you with this one Major.

Hero: I think I see where you guys are. We're just around the corner from you.

Anti-Cheese: I think I have found something. Some sort of entrance or unnecessary hall way.

Booya: Okay, on the count of three we go up these floaty pads and blast anything we see. One... two... GERANIMO!!!

Booya: Great galloping gatsby! Three! Three! Get up here and help me shoot something already!

Booya: There's a whole room full of them!

Ackbar: Do not fear major, I am here to help you.
Booya: Dirty robed xenos! Laying in ambush for us! Rest of you, get up here!

Anti-Cheese: So this is what they were guarding?
Ackbar: Looks that way.
Booya: What the hell is that thing though?
Anti-Cheese: Some sort of power source I imagine... maybe a generator or giant battery? It's hard to tell from the limited scan I can take of it.
Booya: Well, it's unique looking and Vault said to take out any targets of opportunity so Val, hit the damn crystal and lets get back to rearm for the next mission. I think I got some cream back in the ship I could use for that plasma burn.

Vallhallan: Target obliterated.
Hero: Nothing to report down here with Leaf and Canuck, found some storage areas but nothing unusual.
Booya: Alright, looks like we are done here.
Vallhallan: Just a minute. I still have one more rocket.
Golden: I'll see you at the ship!