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Part 31: 2/2 - Ships End

What, me take over a week to write a simple update? Why I never! I didn't even write most of it. But we're done with the grindiest part of the game now yay!

Chapter 21 2/2 - Ships End

Booya: Well, well, well.
Vault: Uh, Booya? We're picking up your signal separated from everyone else. Are you alright?
Booya: Just fine commander, thought I'd give the boys a rest and take care of things myself today.

Booya: It'd be lonely in here, if it weren't for you, Maybeline. You're a good, trusty gun; you've taken me through a lotta shit.

Booya: Why...hello there.

Booya: I' Sir, no. I'm afraid you're going to have to speak up, I can't hear you over that freshly-cauterized laser-wound through your trachea. One.

Booya: And we just can't forget you. Two.

Booya: Jesus, you people can just never wait your fucking turns. You all have to rush me at once; I can't put holes in shit this fast! Fucking three.

Booya: A little known feature of the <<XC-425>> power armor's use in conjunction with personal damage shields, remembered really only by the engineers behind its conception, is the passive stealth package installed in all production models. The stealth module components, in addition to filtering noise from the ranges of the biometric, motion, thermal, and micro-vibration sensors, had an interesting side-effect of muffling the wearer's motions, breathing, and other activity with eerie effectiveness.
Vault: I wonder if he knows I left the com line open...


Booya: Log note: I enjoy the feeling of freshly-rended gore on my bayonet. Four.

Booya: Holy shit this is pathetically defended.

Booya: There's nothing stopping me from-


Booya: -from stepping right up and slitting this guy's throat, and taking one of these beauties.

Booya: ...damn, I've been putting my foot through Alien face for who knows how many years now, but lulls in battle always kinda spook me.

Booya: Nothing in this room; just the constant, nagging thought that something, somewhere, is going to jump out and start shooting at you.

Booya: These fears, though powerful even in the most seasoned veteran, are completely overridden when one gets the drop on someone else.
Vault: Haggis, get over here. He's narrating his own mission or something.


Booya: Six.

Booya: Sevennnnn.

Booya: Eight! Eight brain-splatters. Ah ah ah ah ah.

Booya: Wargots...they have such a hardon for hexagons and blue shit.

Booya: Haha, hey control. If you have any giant mallets, we could play a pretty bitchin' game of whack-a-mole in here.

Booya: Oooh! A user-interface thingy.

Booya: ...

Booya: I have no idea what any of this means. And it's been at least a minute since I killed something, time to move!

Booya: Since the dawn of sapience, existence has been driven entirely by the need for shiny things, the need to place shiny things in more important spots, and the need to destroy someone else's shiny thing.

Booya: I have no sympathy for anyone else's shiny crap. I don't care whose it is; if it ain't mine, it's toast.

Booya: Fuckin' blue smoke. Roast in blinky-thing hell.

Booya: Control, let's get my ass home. I hear that you ladies are cookin' up some chicken nuggets tonight.
Vault: Booya, you better haul ass back to the team and get out of there. We're not exactly sure what destroying all these things will do, but it's a safe bet you don't want to be around there when it happens.
Booya: Don't want the guys leaving my ass behind again.
Canuck: Ha! I'm already on the ship and prepped to go!

Johnson: Commander, the assault ship is away from the mothership. CoE team returning to base.
Vault: Good. Any readings on the Wargot ship?
Tasuki: Wild fluctuations in the readings... Hold on we're receiving a communication.
Vault: From Booya?
Tasuki: No... the earths surface. No CoE identifiers.
Vault: Put it on screen. I think I know who it is...
Tasuki: Roger. We're also following the Wargot ship on Laptua sensors. It's orbit is decaying.
>>Main screen on
>>Video feed active