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Part 32: New Arrivals

Chapter 22 - New Arrivals

"Situation report, May 28.

The Wargot ship is destroyed and our soldiers are back on base. The scientists are going through all the recorded data trying to understand everything that was over there. Tasuki has some theories about the ship itself and comparing it to Reticulan bioengineering. The full report can be found in the archive, but the gist of it is that she believes that the Wargots ship was not grown or created in a lab, but rather a natural occurring living being, a new kind of life form that can live in the vacuum of space.

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Other than that it is back to business as usual. Booya and half of the team are getting checked out by medical just in case and then are being given R&R time for a few days. I still have ten active Phoenix's even with everyone taking a break."

May 31 - live recording of the command room.

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Vault: What the hell? The Ethereal Empire again?
Tasuki: It does seem that way.
Vault: What the hell are they doing here? We don't have enough resources to fight off a renewed invasion by them again.
Johnson: They sounded more interested in the Reticulans. They probably recognized the Laputa as their technology.
Tasuki: Remember sir, we fought the Empire into leaving us alone. These sectoid rebels set a historic first by breaking the will of the Empire. They may seriously be here to clean up their mess.
Vault: We can only hope. I'm not trusting them that easily though. Get everyone on alert status and get the ground factories working overtime. Haggis says he has brand new gear for us and I want Phoenix using it ASAP.

June 1 - live recording of the command room.

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Vault: They want our help? Are they serious?
Tasuki: The damage to their ship is genuine at least. They will crash somewhere on earth.
Booya: Wait a minute sir. You said they contacted the Laputa yesterday talking about accepting the surrender of the squishes responsible for the bio-goo right?
Vault: Yeah.
Booya: And now they're going on about 'oh hay humans, uh we're crashing now please halp'?
Vault: Who knows. Maybe they were just posturing before.
Johnson: Maybe they really suck at navigating through the solar systems asteroid belt?
Booya: Let me guess sir, we're going to help them?
Vault: Trap or not, you see this as any harder then clearing a downed battleship from the last war?
Booya: No sir!
Vault: Didn't think so. Get the men ready, know what they're in for.

"Commanders log; June 2nd

Tasuki has just delivered more bad news to me. We've detected a second Wargot ship in the solar system. This one has just come around the sun and is speeding for Earth. Thankfully its eta is five days away so it will not arrive in time to interfere with the sectoid battleship in anyway. The enemies just keep piling up on earth. Transgenants, Reticulans, then the Cult, then the Wargots, the Star Ghosts, now Imperial Sectoids and more Wargots... This fight will never end."

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"Commanders log; June 3rd, 0200 hours.

This morning it was Johnson to deliver the news. The Star Ghosts are employing a new tactic. It wasn't as if we could tell what their plan was before, but now they're doing something different. From the little I've read while getting up it sounds like they've laid waste to Perth and the surrounding region of Australia and are building up a structure to do the same thing to Kiev now. Phoenix is going in right away to prevent them from devastating the area."

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