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Part 15: Despise & Destard

Despise & Destard

Double dungeon update! First, in the mountains west of Britain, we have...

Despise! Which is actually a little trickier than Deceit, which doesn't make a lot of sense but okay.

A series of Z-Down spells takes me to the 5th level, but no further. I believe you can't go up/down if there isn't a room above or below you, or else the dungeons sometimes arbitrarily prevent you from going up and down between floors. I don't know, but skipping all those levels is good enough, right?

While down here I run into these guys. I think they're gnomes, but they're so adorable that I almost feel bad about mowing them down with magic wands before they can get close enough to me to actually do something.

Sometimes things leave chests, or are chests, or a chest is just lying around. It's about as useful as an above-ground chest though.

The three rooms ahead of us all connect to each other, but not to the room with the stone altar, which is supposed to be just north of the middle room.

Which is this room. Gosh, if only that water weren't there, we could exit to the north... but wait, what's that next to Shamino?

A secret switch! But it didn't do anything! ...or did it? Can you see what changed?

Voila! Now there is a way north.

The yellow stone isn't too far down anyway, so I grab it and leave.

That didn't take too long, so why not another dungeon?

This one's in the mountains kinda near Jhelom, but also kinda not near Jhelom. The city of Valor, so it must be the dungeon...

Destard! Which means cowardice, by the way.

Destard isn't too hard to get down to the bottom of, but it's not quite that easy. You see...

...I have to go back up a few floors, then climb back down to L7... pick up the red stone. All we have left is Wrong, Covetous, and Shame. I don't need to go back into Hythloth, although I may want to briefly, for reasons not instantly apparent.